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BOOK TOUR: Ebonee Monique

Nominated as the 2009 Break Out Author of the Year by the African American Literary Awards for her novel Suicide Diaries, author Ebonee Monique returns this summer with her 3rd book Blitz (Peace in the Storm Publishing) about successful Tampa entrepreneur and owner of Robinson Realty, Mia Robinson as she learns that money doesn’t fix everything, especially when it comes to family matters.

As a young wife and mother, Mia was the victim of constant domestic violence by the hand of her alcoholic husband Branson. Her abuse was painful and frequent enough that she was on a first name basis with the emergency room staff at the local hospital. After suffering through her last beating Mia takes her baby daughter Brandi and runs away to Tampa, Florida. A chance meeting with an infamous real estate tycoon opened the door for Mia to learn the industry and become a well-known powerhouse in the real estate business.

Described in a 5-star Amazon review, Ebonee Monique does a remarkable job of developing the characters and the plot in her books. Her writing style is descriptive and fluid.

Shades of Romance shares a 1-minute excerpt from Blitz

1-minute Excerpt from Blitz by Ebonee Monique (Peace in the Storm Publishing)

( Mia Robinson, main character)

At eighteen, I got married to the worst mistake in my life, my high school sweetheart, Branson. Branson was just as poor, if not poorer, than me and had no aspirations or goals in life. But what he did have was my heart and, at that time, that was all that mattered. He’d promised me the mansion, the cars and the beautiful clothes, but I knew it would never happen.

And just like that, I began to fall into a life of regret and, surprisingly, dead-end wishes.

As a married woman, I was back to skimming magazines and praying at night that God would somehow grant those wishes. But as I stared around my one-bedroom apartment and poverty stricken neighborhood, I wondered if I had any type of escape route.

Branson and I lived paycheck to paycheck and started the cycle that both of our parents had grown accustomed to: barely paying the bills. There were plenty of times when we’d have to decide between eating and staying warm; normally staying warm won. I always knew I wanted more than living in Houston and the broken down neighborhood Branson and I called home; so I started secretly taking real estate classes, thinking Branson would be thrilled when I brought the certificate home. Instead, the night I brought my license to his attention, he slapped me to the ground and cursed me for spending “hard earned money on a stupid dream”. From that day on, the abuse continued.

Sometimes he’d hit me for reasons, which he voiced, other times it would be out of the blue and unexpected. My guard was constantly up, even in my own house. A feeling that made me feel less than human. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he beat me or how many times he did it, I still didn’t have
the backbone or the courage to leave. This was my husband; my mother didn’t raise me to divorce. Plus I loved that man with everything I had.

So, after Branson convinced me that real estate wasn’t a viable or realistic option for income, I put my knowledge and license on the back burner and continued working as a waitress.

But the entire time, I wondered whether or not that little piece of paper could serve as my lottery ticket out of the life I was living.

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