Friday, June 03, 2011


Lovin' Blue
Zuri Day

Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 13; 978-0-7582-5999-8
Publish Date: April 2011

Rating: 4 Star -Excellent
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Eden Anderson and Jansen McKnight are opposites in every way imaginable. Eden and Jansen have a long history because she’s Jansen’s best friend’s sister. Each of them returns to the old neighborhood wearing battle scars from failed marriages.

Through a miscommunication both of them end up house sitting Eden’s brother’s house. They try to coexist under one roof despite being complete opposites, she’s a vegetarian, and he loves meat. She’s totally against violence and he’s a gun toting police officer. Although they’ve both been hurt in the past they decide to have some fun together and see where things lead.

Eden and Jansen is such a cute couple whose relationship is in constant conflict with their individual beliefs but the love they share is too strong to ignore. The characters in this book are portrayed so realistically that you feel like you can almost reach out and touch them. The couple was on my mind long after the book was over.

Passion’s Price
Gwynne Forster

Kimani Press
ISBN: 13: 978-0-373-86200-9
Publish Date: February 2011

Rating: 3 Stars -Good
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Darlene Cunningham, attorney of criminal law, walks right into the middle of an investigation while looking for a key witness. While she doesn’t find her witness, she does find instant attraction in detective Mike Raines who is staking out the house where the investigation takes place. Each of them recognized the immediate chemistry but is not quite sure how to handle it.

Darlene ends up on house arrest because Mike believes she may be a key person in his investigation. The couple is forced to work together to get to the bottom of the case. Sparks continue to fly and the couple decides to let their instincts lead them personally and professionally.

Darlene and Mike struggle to keep their professional identities while trying to become a couple with tons of miles between them. For all of us Gwynne Forster fans the book delivers the quirky, spunky and spicy characters we come to know and love from her.

A Silken Thread
Brenda Jackson
Kimani Press
ISBN -13: 9780373534265
Published: February 2011

Reviewed by: Vicki Brooks

Great characters, Great drama! If you enjoy a good soap opera, you’ll enjoy the twists and turns of A Silken Thread. This was definitely a modern day Peyton Place (and I’m giving away my age when I mention this movie). This story is about Brian and Erica, who met on a beach one summer day while vacationing. And a few months later are planning their dream wedding of which Erica’s Mom, Karen swears will never happen. The story, in my opinion revolves around Karen, who does every manipulative, undermining and deceitful thing to stop this wedding. She hires a private investigator to find dirt on Brian and when he can’t she tells him to make some dirt. Needless to say, while the private investigator is looking for dirt he finds it - - just not where Karen expects it to be. Unfortunately, while Karen is creating havoc for her daughter, her husband Wilson is creating a little somethin’ somethin’ with Rita, Brian’s Mom. While all of this is going on, Erica’s best friend, April is trying to find the love of her life after three failed marriages.

Several couples found love in this novel, check it out to find out who they are and whether or not their love was as strong as A Silken Thread.

P.S. I love a contemporary romance which includes the 50+ age bracket (thanks Brenda for looking out). Needless to say, my favorite characters were Rita and Wilson; they were just meant to be.

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