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Cedric Mixon, born in St. Louis, MO now residing in Philadelphia, PA is the executive producer of two feature films, one short film and a web series. He is the Writer, Director and Executive Producer of "Under the Cherry Tree", feature film and web series, which is available in Walmart stores nationwide and online.

Mixon is the author of "Under the Cherry Tree", "Lost Letters", "Boldly Walking Naked", and "Soul Mates". Poetry from "Lost Letters" has been featured in Essence Magazine. Mixon published an anthology book of poetry called, "The Univer-Soul Language vol. I", which was awarded Mahogany's Spoken-Word Book of the Year, for 2005, and "The Outspoken Word". He also published a line of Spiritual Journals and has published his debut novel, "Under the Cherry Tree".

“Under the Cherry Tree” is a Christian fictional story that follows the book of Job. In the book, Kevin must demonstrate faith but more importantly, forgiveness. He and his wife, Tonya, run a successful apartment building and share a wonderful life together. Tonya fights with ghosts of the past while Kevin’s brother, Redd, fights internal demons. Redd single-handedly destroys their future and their happiness when he accidentally sets the building on fire. Kevin races to find another source of income as the stress builds and ultimately causes him to turn away from the church. After losing it all, his job, his marriage and the only family that he knows, Kevin, finds himself in a lonely place where love can not be found and silence replaces God’s voice. His restoration is dependent upon his ability to pray for everyone around him when he is the one who has hit rock bottom.

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