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BLOG TOUR: Life by Diana Strickland

About The Book

LIFE, is a poetry book of 50 poems about my life's journey as a Christian woman going through one of the most life changing experiences. I began to write this book while being homeless, living in a shelter, and continuing to go through as a woman of God. My book is about overcoming life's struggles. And God has defined what I went through with the title, LIFE. Keeping that relationship with Jesus.

About The Author

Born on April 6, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama, Diana Strickland had a gift of writing, speaking, and singing. She wrote her first book in elementary and was often the poet to represent her class. Her mother acknowledges that Diana was not a crying baby but she yelled. Her voice was very strong then and still is strong now. Her mother moved her family out of the projects to give them a better and healthier life. Diana Strickland no longer had her teachers to groom and support her so she became very fearful. Her fears paralyzed her and she didn’t speak or write until she was a full grown woman serving GOD.

In 2004 Diana Strickland was married and moved to New Jersey. When her marriage failed she cried out to Jesus in her bathtub. She was tired of a string of mistakes and lies. Her life was in circles like a rollercoaster ride that was not enjoyable. She threw up her hands and surrendered to Jesus. She rededicated her life to JESUS and became a true Christian. God had worked with her and given her another opportunity. She began to complete her first poetry book and created a ministry website called Believer To Believer. Things were finally looking really hopeful for her. She was committed and was taking her life’s choices seriously. However with all the new love and growth Diana Strickland would have her faith tested with disappointments and heartbreak not far.

In 2007 Diana Strickland was terminated from both of her jobs. Diana lost almost everything of value in her life except CHRIST JESUS. She moved around two different homes before settling down in a shelter. At this point Diana was homeless, living in a shelter, and struggling being poor. But her faith never wavered although it was tested. Diana began to write poems to her second book, LIFE, while going through this season. In Diana’s latest book, LIFE, she "provides an honest spiritual analysis of a woman who learns that throughout her greatest challenges, her ever-increasing faith holds the key to a future of unbelievable promise!”

Today Diana Strickland is a student at Abundant Life Bible Institute to obtain her Associates degree in Theology. She is employed with two published poetry books and a ministry website. She also ministers her poetry at different events. Diana Strickland has her hands full but by the grace of God she will accomplish all that God has planned. She proudly shares her testimony without looking down.

Book Excerpt



Your Past Is Your Present

don’t bring up what you did
but your present speaks loud and clear
what you use to do is what you do
you haven’t matured
my mom once said
there’s nothing like an old fool
Your Past Is Your Present
singing the same tune
this man hurt you
like the last one did
the tears even fall the same
you have no sympathy here
you haven’t learned a thing
Your Past Is Your Present
drama mama
confusion and strife
up and through your life
you can’t sit down
your world is crazy
and it’s been that way for years

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