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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

SORMAG's Online Conference 2013

This is a FREE Conference


November 1-3, 2013

DAY 1 – New Writers - November 1

Online Panels – These panels will be hosted on the blog.


1. Dyanne Davis

2. Alice Wootson

3. Rose Jackson-Beavers

4. Cindy Matthews

5. Rae Lori

6. Sherelle Green

Turning an Idea into a Book

1. Leslie J. Sherrod

2. Alice Wootson

3. Nathasha Brooks

4. Angel de Amor

5. Sherelle Green

6. Dorcas Graham

Ask The Author

1. Abiola Abrams

2. Leslie J. Sherrod

3. Alice Wootson

4. Serenity King

5. Cindy Matthews

6. Rae Lori

7. Barbara Joe Williams

Creating An Ebook

1. Pat Simmons

2. Lyn Cote

3. Rae Lori

4. Terri J. Haynes

5. TL James

6. Tremayne Moore

How to Start a Street Team

1. Piper Huguley

2. LaShaunda Hoffman

Time Management

1.Shelia Goss

Meet The Publisher

Gwen Hayes - Entangled

Suzanne Hartmann – Castle Gate Press

Andrea Wilson - Divine Garden Press.

Live Panels – These panels will be hosted live on the phone.

Why Your Kindle Book Isn't Selling – 7pm central time

1.Cheryl Ferguson - The Ferguson Literary Agency

How To Start a Writer’s Group - 8 pm central time

1. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

2. Terri J. Haynes

3. Piper Huguley

4. Frances Frost

5. Ann Fields

The Business Side Of Writing – 9 pm central time

1. Jennifer Cole AKA - Parker J Cole

2. Serenity King

3. Dorcas Graham

4. TL James

5. Piper Huguley

6. Dr. Linda Beed

DAY 2 – Readers- November 2

Online Panels – These panels will be hosted on the blog.

Meet The Christian Author

1. Pat Simmons

2. Leslie J. Sherrod

3. Lyn Cote

4. Rose Jackson-Beavers

5. Jacqueline Holness

6. Pastor Danyelle Scroggins

7. Dr. Linda Beed

Meet The Romance Author

1. Ann Clay

2. Dyanne Davis

3. Serenity King

4. Angel de Amor

5. Sherelle Green

6. Savannah J

7. Barbara Joe Williams

8. Rochelle Alers

Meet The Mainstream Author 1. Abiola Abrams

2. Shelly Ellis

3. Cheryl Lacey Donovan

4. Makenzi

5. Nevea Lane

6. Rita Karnopp

7. Marissa Monteilh

Meet The Non- Fiction Author 1. LaTara Bussey

2. D.S. White

3. Andrea Wilson

4. Abiola Abrams

5. Arnita L. Fields

6. Janice R. Love

7. Yvette Bentley

Meet The Poet


2. Brook Blander

3.Marc Lacy

Live Panels – These panels will be hosted live on the phone.

How to Review A Book - 4pm central time

1. Dorcas Graham

2. Terri J. Haynes

3. Tremayne

4. Piper Huguley

5. Rita Karnopp

6. Michelle Monkou

7. Ella Curry

How To Keep A Book Club Going - 5 pm central time

1. Savannah J

2. Frances Frost

3. TaNisha Webb

Social Media and Readers - 6 pm central time

1. Abiola Abrams

2. Tremayne Moore

3. M.J. Kane

4. Tyora Moody

5. Ella Curry

6. LaShaunda Hoffman

DAY 3 – Published Authors - November 3

Online Panel – These panels will be hosted on the blog.

Using Kindle Author Platform

1. Lyn Cote

2. Nevea Lane

3. Shelia M. Goss

4. AlTonya Washington

Writing Sequels

1. Angelia Menchan

2. Shelly Ellis 3. Dyanne Davis

4. Angel de Amor

5. Pat G’Orge Walker

6. TL James

Blog Tour Providers

1. Paulette Harper

2. Renee Williams

3. Cheryl Lacey Donovan

4. Nevea Lane

5. Ella Curry


1.Jacqueline Holness

2. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

3. Makenzi

4. Ella Curry

5. Barbara Joe Williams

6. Lisa Y. Watson

7. Makasha Dorsey

8. Yvette Bentley

Always On Stage

1.Angela Breidenbach

Live Panels – These panels will be hosted live on the phone.

How To Work With a Book Club - 4 pm central time

1. Savannah J

2. Ella Curry

3. TaNisha Webb

Indie Publishing Panel -5 pm central time

1. Ann Clay

2. Rose Jackson-Beavers

3. Ruthie Robinson

4. Frances Frost

5. Rita Karnopp

6. Stephanie Casher

7. Marissa Monteilh

8. Dr. Linda Beed

Marketing – 6 pm central time

1. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

2. Jacqueline Holness

3. Paulette Harper

4. M.J. Kane

5. Cheryl Lacey Donovan

6. Ella Curry


I plan on offering an online goody bag. It will feature links to different goodies online. If you would like to be a part of the goody bag send me:

Link to an excerpt

Link to a short story

Link to an article

Link to a book trailer

Or any other online goody you want to share.

I only need links, I will not be posting any other info.


If you would like to sponsor the conference or make a donation:


SPONSORSHIP includes ads in Conference Program that will be sent to all registered guests.


We always need door prizes. Send me an email telling me what you would like to donate and how many. I will send you the winners name.

All donations/prizes and sponsors will receive a link on sponsor page.

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Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Great job. I'm looking forward to conference...

Maynetre said...

I echo Barbara. I'm so excited for this conference.

Dee said...

I believe this event will be both fun and informative. Be there!

Rae Lori said...

Same here! Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Thanks to LaShaunda for putting this great conference together again. :-)

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