Friday, November 01, 2013

Day 1 - Ask The Author

Leave A Question For The Author

1. Abiola Abrams

2. Leslie J. Sherrod

3. Alice Wootson

4. Serenity King

5. Cindy Matthews

6. Rae Lori

7. Barbara Joe Williams

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LaShaunda said...

What inspired your current book?

Rae Lori said...

Hello and thanks for having me this year!

My current book, The Comfort of Strangers, is a love letter to Los Angeles. I grew up loving film noir and I wanted to write a story that showed that in mood and style of the storytelling. It's based on a screenplay I wrote about a woman who has made some choices she regrets (including not staying with her first love) and the roads that life has taken not only her but her first love and her current husband. I'm hoping it comes through for my readers! :-)

Rae Lori

Barbarajoe said...

My latest novel titled, Double Proposal, is about a single mom with two marriage proposals. I've always wanted to write a book about a full-figured sistah with high self-esteem who didn't have a problem finding a man, or in this case, two men. I wanted to show that when it comes to love, size doesn't matter. It's all about how you carry yourself and approach life.

Leslie J. Sherrod said...

Losing Hope and Without Faith are the first two books of the Sienna St. James Series. Sienna is a social worker whose clients present her with life and death mysteries. She also has a lot of personal drama going on outside of her caseload, including a strong-willed teenage son and a missing husband. I'm a social worker myself, and thought it would be fun to have a series that highlighted the adventures of someone trying to help others, while juggling her own issues of love and loss. With heaps of suspense and a mission to keep readers guessing until the last page, I hope that this character both inspires and entertains.

Leslie J. Sherrod said...

My novel Secret Place deals with an issue that is prevalent but barely discussed - especially in church communities. Mental illness. Aside from my work as a social worker and former therapist, I have seen firsthand the devastation that untreated mental illness can cause. I've had many family members and friends affected by this concern that is often stigmatized and misunderstood. Secret Place is the heaviest and darkest of my novels, with the hope that some light is shown on the issue, and hope as well!

Serenity said...

Hello All,

Thank you so very much LaShaunda for having me here.

My current release "A Race for Redemption," is the first in a three-part series on the "Powell" family. It is based off of my love for cars and more specifically NASCAR.

A powerful conglomerate, Powell Industries has entered the world of stock car racing. It isn’t too risky an endeavor since the CEOs daughter’s favorite things are driving fast and fast cars. As beautiful as she is driven, Tracey Powell is one of the most talented drivers on the circuit. However, a string of wrecks has caused her father to make a change. Now her former trainer is driving the Powell industries car. Determined to reclaim her place behind the wheel, Tracey battles her way back. Now Tracey’s not only looking to be the first African American woman to bring home the trophy—she’s also looking for Redemption.

This is a novella that I hope my readers will enjoy reading just as much as I enjoyed writing it.


~Serenity King~

Barbarajoe said...

All of these sound good. Can you all post Kindle links on my book page so I can download samples?

Anonymous said...

Question - Have any of you shied away from writing a storyline because you felt it might be too controversial?

Linda Beed

Cindy A. Matthews said...

Thanks, LaShaunda, for yet another great SORMAG online conference. :)

I'd have to say the inspiration for my current WIP (entitled LOSING WHO) are the many fans of the BBC TV series Doctor Who. What has made the show and its iconic main character "the Doctor" so popular for 50 years now? I think it's the irresistible idea of the time traveler as hero, savior, and best friend. We all need someone or something bigger than ourselves to believe in, and a hero like the Doctor fits the bill nicely.

However, as all the books in this series, LOVING WHO, LEAVING WHO and my current book, LOSING WHO, are romantic-comedies, there's a bit of twist on the relationship. "John Smith" the time traveler in my storyline isn't quite as infallible as the Doctor, but in a way it makes him all that more loveable to Cici Connors, a more than capable heroine. Saving the universe can be very tiring work for both of them, so a little humor and love along the way helps!

Cindy A. Matthews
writing as Cynthianna

LOVING WHO and LEAVING WHO are currently available in both print and e-book formats from Mojocastle Press:

Cindy A. Matthews said...

Have any of you shied away from writing a storyline because you felt it might be too controversial?

Linda Beed

Great question, Linda! No, not really... As novel writing is about facing our inner demons and our society ills, in my opinion. Even in the lightest of romantic-comedy there is always that element of coming to terms with the self and with society's expectations. True drama is the conflict we see the protagonist(s) face as they deal with the challenges of their life's journeys. To have the desire to craft fiction is to embrace controversy on some level.

And yes, I've taken some shots at controversial storylines... In my novel, SCRAMBLED EGGS, I took a look at the flip side of the "secret baby" romance tale. What does the father of the baby think? How does he react? Can a child really be successfully raised with only one parent? That's not the normal Harlequin Romance take on this sub-genre of contemporary romance, so I struck out in a different tangent with somewhat different results. It was fun to do so, too.

To be a published author, you have to have a thick skin--or grow some callouses pretty darn quickly to survive! Controversial topics or characters are to be expected and welcomed. Great art never plays it safe! ;)

Cindy A. Matthews
writing as Cynthianna
writing as Celine Chatillon

Serenity said...

Hi Linda *waving*,

I agree with Cindy. I don't shy away from a good storyline. In my opinion some stories just need to be told. My story "Through the Fire" dealt with the loss of a child. "Someone to Watch Over Me" deals with a serious health issue within a marriage.

@Barbarajoe--I will post to the link to your facebook in a bit.

Barbarajoe said...

I have not found any topic too controversial for me to tackle. It's fiction and if I think it fits in the storyline, it goes in. I think that's the joy of fiction writing. In my first novel, Forgive Us This Day(2004), I introduced a wife who had an affair with a woman. Many thought that was controversial at the time.

Leslie Sherrod said...

@Barbarajoe, I will post links to my novels on Kindle when I have a chance. Thanks!

Controversy and plot lines! That's a great question. To date, none of my plot lines have been uberly controversial, though my novel on mental illness seemed to make some shy away as it addresses a little discussed and greatly stigmatized issue.

I believe that if a story is ringing inside of you to share, it's important to explore the reason behind the ring. The alarm a plot line may cause may help raise awareness about an issue. If a story is itching inside of you, you may just be the person who needs to tell it....

Rae Lori said...

Will do BarbaraJoe! My book is coming in the next few weeks but I'll see if I can get an excerpt up to post a link for ya. :-)

Question - Have any of you shied away from writing a storyline because you felt it might be too controversial?

I will have to say yes. It's a historical story based on a real woman who lived during Madame DuBarry's time first as a slave and then a noble woman in France. Her story is told completely through DuBarry's diary and I am in the process of writing it as a 'creative non-fiction' story from the woman's point of view. I was concerned with how readers would take the story based on what happens to her prior to her escape to France and how much detail I want to go into her life before. It's sort of become a milestone hurdle for me to conquer!

Barbara said...

Hi Authors
Have you ever started a book left it unfinished to start another one? Or do you try to focus on the one book you writing?


Alice Wootson said...

I have to focus on one book at a time. It's tempting to abandon a project when you reach a difficult point or maybe 'the sagging middle' but don't stop. I switch to bold print, write down the ideas for the NEW idea, then get back to the original work. (Sometimes you have to promise the interloper that you will write his/story later. I had to do that with Nate in "Aloha Love" when he tried to take over every scene he was in. Unfortunately I didn't write his story yet, but I will!)

Alice Wootson said...

My latest book is not available yet. It's "Border Love" and will be released as both a print book and as an e-book by Prismbook Publishers. "Border Love" features Border Patrol Agents assigned to Brownsville, Texas on the Texas/Mexican Border. My husband & I spend a few winters in Brownsville. It is an interesting little town. Some students at Texas Southernmost College commute from Mexico by paying a toll and walking across the International Bridge each day. Just across a highway is the Rio Grande River. You could climb the chain-link fence and be in Mexico.

Barbara said...

Authors do you or have you participated in NaNo ?


Rae Lori said...

Hi Barbara!

To answer your q:
Have you ever started a book left it unfinished to start another one? Or do you try to focus on the one book you writing?

Guilty of the first! I have many stories that I started because they were in my mind and I wanted to get them down on paper before I lose them. Eventually I go back to them and I usually have spurts where I try to finish everything I start but usually a story takes priority depending on what deadlines I have coming up and also on reader demand.

You also asked:
Authors do you or have you participated in NaNo ?

I love NaNo! The creativity during this time is infectious and I try to do it every year. I usually get distracted by life or publishing but I try to at least get something going during the month before it gets really crazy!

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

I have several books that I've started but didn't finish yet because something else took priority. However, I plan to complete each one.

No, I have never participated in NaNo.

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