Friday, November 01, 2013

Day 1 - How to Start a Street Team

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How To Start A Street Team

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1. Piper Huguley

2. LaShaunda Hoffman

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Rae Lori said...

Hello and thanks for offering this panel!

My question is, how does one begin a street team from scratch?

monarch_and_drgf said...

Also wondering how you start a street team. I know some are composed of fans but others are authors who function as street teams for each other. What are your expectations of them and how do you politely convey those expectations (since these folks aren't getting paid)?

LaShaunda said...

Since I focus mostly online, my answers will be geared toward online.

This is your street team, so you have to sit down and create a plan on what you want to offer your team.

Do you want to create a group – Like the facebook groups where you interact with them?

Do you want to create a mailing list where you just send out posts?
Do you want a large group or a small group?

Who do you want on your team: readers, writers or both?

I highly suggest both. You want to find the readers and writers who read your genre.

Your budget will determine a lot when it comes to incentatives you want to give.

Examples of incentives

Advance copies
Book covers
Key change

You want your team to have these items before the book releases. Their job is to create a buzz about your book.

I’ve seen some writers pick a day and everyone in their team change their profile picture to the book. Of course people want to know what’s up with the picture. So make sure you include a blurb and link to purchase on each fb page that changes their profile.

LaShaunda said...

You determine what your street team will do.

Do you want them post reviews?

Do you want them talk about your book?

Do you want them to host you on their blog?

Do you want them to host a chat for you?

This is your team and you decide how you want your team to run.

You give the readers/writers a choice of what you expect and they join your team or not.

Piper Huguley said...

Hi everyone! Welcome!

LaShaundra is giving some great tips here. My focus had more to do with meeting the people since that is a problem area for me...:)

Linda Beed said...

Great information here for beginning and established authors. Thanks LaShaunda!

Linda Beed

Cheryl said...

Thanks LaShaunda in all this time it never dawned on me a street team could also be online.

LaShaunda said...

Word of mouth is the #1 to promote books. Street teams is a form of word of mouth promotion.

First week sales are important and your street team can help you in your promotion.

One author had her team purchase their book and take a picture to let others know what city the book was available.

One author offered tshirts to her team.

One has a special page for her team members where she posts pictures of them.

One has a yearly lunch for her street team.

They create a special newsletter for the team, where they post except only they can see.

Rae Lori said...

I love these ideas! Definitely some things to consider.

LovingNate said...

I am a part of a few street teams and some have no ideal what to do with us where others have a decisive plan. Those are the ones I like.

Unoma Nwankwor said...

Thanks for this knowledge. I just started a reading group, have my first novel out how do I ganer interest so I will have a team when my next book comes out?

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