Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day 2 - Live Panels - How to Review A Book

1.     How to Review A Book - 4pm central time

1. Dorcas Graham

2. Terri J. Haynes

3. Tremayne

4. Piper Huguley

5. Rita Karnopp  

6. Michelle Monkou

7. Ella Curry

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Barbara said...

I'm going to miss this session , here's is my first question. Authors what do you like to see in a review ?


Barbara said...

What do you not want to see in reviews?


Barbara said...

If a reader was going to leave less than a 3 star review would you prefer for the reader to not post a review or to post a review


Barbara said...

If you gave out free books for reviews as soon do you expect readers to post a review?


Barbara said...

Besides reviews helping you to know what the reader like or didn't like, how else does the reviews help you?


Barbara said...

Once you read the reviews on Amazon are you able to click the like button? Do you?


I really wanted to be here for this day of events but have plans with family
Thank you to all the authors for great books that you have published

K. R. Raye said...

Informative and lively discussion. Thanks!

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