Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day 2 - Meet The Romance Author

On The Panel Today - Ask them questions

1. Ann Clay

2. Dyanne Davis

3. Serenity King

4. Angel de Amor

5. Sherelle Green

6. Savannah J

7. Barbara Joe Williams

8. Rochelle Alers

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F. D. Davis said...

Good Morning everyone,

To the other ladies on the panel, since I haven't seen you all in a minute I'm pleased to picture your faces here today.

I love SORMAG's conferences. I see goggle has me as F.D. Davis today.


Barbarajoe said...

Good morning

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Good morning

Savannah J said...

Good morning all! I'm happy to be here and to see everyone today. Although I'm a panelist, I have a question for everyone. Where do you get your creativity as a Romance Author? Does your inspiration to write come from person in your life, or something you see or experience? And is it different with each book?

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Great question. My inspiration comes from my life and people in my life. I look at every unique relationship and ask what if this happened and take it from there. So, yes, the creative process is different with each one because I try to push the envelope further each time. What about you?

Ann Clay/ said...

Good Morning, good morning, good morning! WoW! I'm enjoying this conference. I logged on last night and was up until midnight looking through postings. Happy to be here today.

Savannah J said...

Hi Barbara! I'm so happy to meet you! I think my inspiration comes in many different forms. I'm currently single and working on a story about a woman who dates outside of her race. The inspiration came from the many interracial couples I see around town and my own curiosity. With each book my creative process is also different. Thx!

LaShaunda said...

We were discussing love scenes in the Conference group this week. How do you feel about love scenes in romance? Do you think they are still needed?

Savannah J said...

Are love scenes needed? I think they are but perhaps not as graphic as Erotica. Now, this is from a personal standpoint. I've toned my love scenes way down and when I read, I enjoy it when the writer leaves gaps to be filled by my own imagination. On the other side of the coin, some of my readers have expressed disappointment in my toned down love scenes. (smile)

Barbara Joe Speaks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serenity said...

Good morning, everyone!

I am very happy to be here today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday morning so far. It's kind of breezy here in the big apple :-).

@ Savannah J,

My inspiration comes from different sources, and is different with each book. I am a romantic at heart so the least little thing can spark an idea for a story. As a romance author I explore different races as well as different genres of romance. My main genre is interracial romance.

Great question!

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Wow! What would a romance novel be without love scenes? Boring...yes, they are definitely needed to make the story complete and enticing. They don't have to be as graphic as erotica, but they are needed to satisfy me and my readers...

F. D. Davis said...

The blogger isn't lined up to display the answers with the comments. at least mine isn't.

This is an answer to Savannah's question. I get my inspiration from things I see, and things that happen in my life. I also have dreams and wake up with an idea. And, yes, it varies from book to book.


Serenity said...

Personally, I believe that at least one love scene is essential in a romance book. Let’s face it intimacy is a part of romance, and without it, can it really be called romance?

Exactly, Barbara!

F. D. Davis said...

Hey, Ann

LaShaunda, like Savannah said I've had readers complain about books where I have either toned down or no love scenes.

Do I like to include them? No. Personally, I think if you're grown for heaven's sake use your imagination.

But then again, I am writing to make a sale or two, so I try to compromise and please both the readers and myself by toning it down.


Angel de Amor said...

Hello Everyone! Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday...

Love scenes are needed in a romance story. After all, it's romance and suppose to show the love between two people. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and always rooting for the happy ever after.

Although, I meet a lot of readers who say they don't read romance because it's not real or they live it everyday etc. It's real in my imagination and as long as the characters keep telling their stories I'll continue to write them.I know that there is someone out there living their romantic fairytale and that is great motivation for me to continue to write romance stories.

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

A lot of readers claim they don't read romance novels, but according to my research, half of all paperback books sold in North America are romance novels. So, somebody is reading them and reading them a lot...

Ann Clay said...

Love scenes make or break the story... too few, not steamy enough, too mechanical, all are important in keeping the reader engaged in the story. I like to build the scenes; some folks like to jump right in; I like to take time. What about unexpected places to create a love scene. Many of us still use the generic lovemaking places and opportunities. When/where is your most unique love scene occur?

Evelyn Palfrey said...

Good afternoon, everybody. What a wonderful gathering, and way to gather. I write romance for the 'marvelously mature.' My couples don't (can't=:) have swinging from the chandelier sex. I do have sex scenes in my novels, but they're mild compared to many I've read. And I, too, have received complaints from readers.

Evelyn Palfrey said...

I heard a speaker once read a very erotic sex scene, replete with references to body parts--silken shaft, molten core, etc. Then she read the same scene that she had re-written from an entirely emotional POV. That one was more interesting to me. I've tried it, and found it a good way to stretch my writing muscle.

L. M. Gonzalez said...

Hello everybody,
I may be coming in here late, but I wanted to answer the question about inspiration for romance stories. The first stories I wrote came from the fact that I'd been obsessed with a boy ever since my senior year in high school and through college. He never really gave me the time of day, so the stories I wrote featured a jerk for a hero. :) My first published story had to feature a rose garden because because I wrote it to enter a contest. So, I guess, like everyone says mine also are inspired from life - or something I read.

L. M. Gonzalez said...

Hi Evelyn, good to hear from you again!

As to love scenes in romance, I think they should be included, toned down, or a bit more graphic, but certainly not describing body parts like in erotica. Mine are toned down nowadays and I like to read toned down sex scenes. Like others commented, I can use my imagination.

Now, when I read my first "lusty" book as I called it, I couldn't use my imagination because I didn't know anything, so I devoured those love scenes, i.e., those written by Rosemary Rogers, Johanna Lindsey, etc.

I always remember the scene from "It's A Wonderful Life' when George and Mary are on the phone together. Now, that's sexual tension and I like to read books that have that throughout the book. That makes for a more interesting story.

F. D. Davis said...


You reminded me of the two versions of Robin Thicke's song. I seriously can't believe how much I like it and yes, I know it's raunchy. But ...I like him and the video and the beat of the music. Anyway, there's another band that sings with Jimmie Kimmie. One night Robin was on there and they took out all the dirty parts, same beat to the music and I loved it.

LOL. Like L.M. said, when I was young I read forbidden books. But there's a difference between my being young and being older, and my reading them and writing them.

I think that's why I like writing different genres. Mainstream and paranormal I don't have to include love scenes if I don't want to. I'll do a lot of alluding to, more sensual and using the imagination.

Ann Clay said...

Connecting the hero and heroine together is more important than the love scene itself. For me it's all about the yearning for that other person. And when they finally connect, it's about the passion and not just sex.

Sherelle Green said...

Hello everyone! I love reading the responses from he other authors! I think that love scenes are a definite necessity for a romance, however the buildup between the hero and heroine are just as important. In some cases, you want readers to feel the chemistry come off the pages before a love scene is introduced.

I notice that some readers who I meet may tell me that they don't read romance because there are too many sex scenes, however, when I tell them to give me some examples of romances they have read, they often give me titles of erotica novels. I then go on to explain the difference between a romance novel and an erotica novel. I love reading all genres, but romance holds a special place in my heart so I make sure to emphasize that I focus on the connection and chemistry of my characters, the storyline, and the passionate love scenes only enhance the novel and add to the overall character and book development. I understand that everyone doesn't like romance, but it's disheartening when they don't like the romance genre as a result of having some bad experiences with reading an erotica novel. The romance author in me can't help but try and reel them in, haha!

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