Sunday, November 03, 2013

DAY 3 - Networking

Today's Panel
1. Jacqueline Holness
2. LaShaunda C. Hoffman
3. Makenzi
4. Ella Curry
5. Barbara Joe Williams
6. Lisa Y. Watson

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Ella Curry said...

Good Morning! I'm so ready to answer your questions and to share, share, share!

Lisa Watson said...

Morning! Looking forward to this panel discussion!

Makenzi Author said...

Good morning

Ella Curry said...

The first thing people need to understand about NETWORKING is that it is about the exchange of ideas, information or resources.

So many people go into a networking environment merely to pitch themselves; they want to take and have very little to offer. To successfully network, you give more than you take!

Ella Curry said...

I want to share an article that really helped me out. How to Network: 12 Tips for Shy People
Schmoozing is a trial for shy people, but armed with these common-sense tips they can increase their networking mojo:

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all. I'd like to know your thoughts on why most fail at consistently and successfully networking.

Linda Beed

Shelia Goss said...

Good morning.

What's one tip you can share when it comes to successfully networking on Facebook?

Ella Curry said...

Networking is about building relationships. Networking is about sharing! Most people fail at networking because they don't want to put in the time to build up a presence. They want something quick fast and in a hurry! They want someone to support them immediately. Successful networking is about building up a sense of trust and following up with others.

Most people fail at networking because they are not good listeners! They want the world to know they are the best. They spend all of their times trying to tell people how much better they are than others. What they really need to do is ask alot of questions! Talk to people, find out what they have to offer, what their dreams are, how are they arriving to their destinations!

Find the common ground before telling people what you want from them.

The best way to network in any social media setting is to GIVE! Share things that add value to the lives of others. Make them laugh, think, respond and feel needed. Don't always ask for something or talk about selling something. Let people know what you are passionate about. Find like-minded-people to TALK TO.

In order to be very successful at networking, you need to aim at being that "go to" person on a particular subject.

When I attend literary events, alot of people approach me to get my opinions on what's happening in their world. Over the years, I have became that GIRL! So, now I can also call on those same people to "do me a favor" when my client's need services or tour hosts.

Ella Curry said...

Shelia, the best advice I can give anyone about networking in FB is to visit the walls and pages of your fans. Leave a comment, like a post or share something funny or important with them. Don't talk to them the week your book is coming out, if you haven't been sharing with them all year. Create posts that stimulate conversation and acknowledge those that reply. You are really good at this. I see you!

I do think you need to share more of the knowledge you hold on empowering our young ladies to live more productive, safe lives! Be the light!

LaShaunda said...

Networking is about sharing.

For example this conference is a great way to network.

1. You can be on a panel and share your knowledge

2. You can be a participant and share your knowledge

3. You can learn from others, and share the information on your blog or social media.

I use Facebook for sharing.

I share articles, motivational tips, information on book promotion, books.

I make sure to participate in conversations. I share what I know about promoting on different groups I belong to.

I try to visit different people in my friends list. I don’t know everyone in my friend list so I try to meet at least 10 new people a week.

This year I created a birthday graphic and I send those out to my facebook friends.


What doesn’t work is having a page and only you can post. You don’t want responds, just a one sided conversation. I usually stop visiting if I can’t make a comment.

Only posting when you have a new book


Coming to events and only talking about yourself and your book. Not listening to others around you.

Not showing up for the panels you chose to be on.

Being rude to the readers who show up for the events

LaShaunda said...

One tip you can share when it comes to successfully networking on Facebook.

Talk to your facebook friends. Choose people you normally don't talk to.

They friended you to have a conversation with you, so talk to them.

I know I'm guilty of talking to the same people all the time. So this year I decided to talk to someone new, create a new relationship. Learn something new from someone else.

Shelia Goss said...

Thanks Ella and LaShaunda. Taking notes :) Will heed your advice Ella.

Makenzi Author said...

I would like to add that with networking you have to be approachable. On social media and face to face. No one wants to network with someone who is always negative and one sided. You have to have an open mind and be willing to accept change.

Makenzi Author said...

I love to share articles, new book releases from others, I share post that others are promoting their services and positive quotes. This is just naming a few things I share. I have people in my inbox all the time asking me questions and I love to help them. If I don't know the answer I refer them on. That's all apart of networking because when you talk to people and ask questions you find out information that can be used now and in the future.

Suzanne Hartmann said...

There are so many different social networks out there now. Is it better to interact a little on most of them or to pick a few to focus on and put most of your efforts there?

Ella Curry, EDC Creations said...

Makenzi and LaShaunda great tips for networking! I think everyone reading this thread should read this book:

ROCK Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing ROCK STAR by Sarah Robbins


Ella Curry, EDC Creations said...

It is better to network on the ones you comfortable with, work best for your type of book or platform and the social network where YOUR target audience hangs out.

For example: The author of a book on film writing or something dealing with coaching might do better on LinkedIn. A author that travels alot like Bernice McFadden would work perfectly on Instagram.

For authors that are very chatty and have the time to keep a conversation going, Facebook is ideal.

It's best to master 2 or 3 networks and really get your followers supporting you! All social media networking is geared toward building a team of people who support your dreams or projects.

Create a marketing plan that best suites your target audience. If your audience is not discussing the BUSINESS side of your industry, maybe LinkedIn should be one of your last choices.

If your readers like to be involved in the process of your writing, create a story board on Pinterest so they can SEE what you are writing about!

Suzanne Hartmann said...

Ella, thank you for posting the link to the article about networking tips for shy people. Lots of great suggestions there!

Ella Curry said...

Please excuse all of my typos! I can't see in this little box. Yall fill in the missing words and take away the message...LOL.

Makasha Dorsey said...

Good afternoon. I finally found the page.

Networking Tip: Offline promotions tactics can help bolster book sales but you need relationships to make marketing efforts work.

Build relationships with local clergy, professionsl event planners, and school districts. In addition to helping with book sales, the relationships can also place you in the position to earn money with speaking engagements and workshop facilitation.

Makasha Dorsey said...

Networking Tip: Being quoted in the media helps build credibility among readers. Radio personalities, news casters and other journalists are always looking for fresh, creative story ideas. Before you approach them with a story, take a moment to drop a quick email or note to introduce yourself and your areas of expertise.

Makasha Dorsey said...


You should be deliberate in your on and offline networking efforts. Tier your participation by selecting reader, author and subject matter related to your books.

Makasha Dorsey said...


I think most people fail at consistent and successful networking for many reasons.

1. Trying to do too much. Unless you have a fully staffed business enterprise like Coke or Mashable, you should focus on delivering 3-5 key messages about your brand.

2. Spending too much time networking with the right people for the wrong reasons. As writers, it is great to have great relationships with other writers for marketing ideas, sharing and support. However, the majority of your book sales won't come from other authors.

Makasha Dorsey said...

So very true Ella.

Jackie Holness said...

All good information:) I've also learned a few key points in networking...For example, everyone in your network should not look like or act like exactly like you...for example, I'm a black woman of Jamaican heritage who grew up in the South...I need people from other races and cultures and age groups...if everyone is your network is similar to you, your network is not that diverse...also, networking doesn't have to be this formal type of thing...It can be as easy as sending a periodic e-mail to keep in touch or a cup of coffee every now and then...and since networking doesn't have to be this big thing, you can be networking all of the time...and as others as said, networking is not about meeting people that can "hook you up," it is an exchange...I have helped other people get opportunities with little thought if they can ever help me because I believe that God can bless me because I have blessed others...

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

I think it's very important to belong to a local networking group. That's why I co-founded the Tallahassee Authors Network in 2008. It started out with seven and has grown to about 45 regular members who meet every other month. The group is composed of published authors, aspiring writers, and avid readers. We host networking events together and have even been invited to the State Capitol to do book signings. It's hard to keep up a networking pace by yourself (and just promote yourself all the), but if you have a group of authors supporting one another, it's easier to spread the word, and everyone benefits. I think some authors give up too soon when they don't see immediate results and stop promoting their work instead of joining a group.

And as far as networking on Facebook, I think it has been very beneficial to me as an author and reader. I've joined several book clubs and make it a point to interact with readers on each site on a weekly basis so that when I post a promo, they're more likely to pay attention and respond. I was selling books before Facebook came along, but it has been easier for me to connect with my readers and sell even morebooks.

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