Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Online Book Club - Building Relationships Around Books


Tell us about your book club?

Building Relationships Around Books is more than just a book club, it is family. Every day I look forward to meeting with the family and talking about some of our favorite fictional characters. We are so serious about our favorite book heroes, even heard one lady had a baby by a fictional character ( LOL)

For the next step for B.R.A.B. I would love to start a physical chapters in different locations. I feel I can reach more people that way.

Why was it created?

BRAB stands for Building Relationships Around Books. I decided to start a book club on Facebook in 2009 to find other readers who shared the same passion for reading. I wanted to have discussions, as well as tons of interaction with some of my favorite authors. I was reading so much but had nobody to talk to about the books I was enjoying. I thought this was a great way to reach more people being online. BRAB has grown so much over the last couple of years I now have two other ladies who help me run the book club Prissy Parker and Denise Stokes are my book partners and admins.

Hello! I am Sharon L Blount The President of Building Relationships Around Books, I am from Oakland, California. I am a medical assistant and mother to a beautiful son who has truly taught me the meaning of love. I have not always been an avid reader because of my learning disability. Dyslexia made reading difficult for me to enjoy. I became true avid reader once I picked up my first African American romance novel by Rochelle Alers; I have not stopped since then. Along the way, I found out that I am a sucker for romance. I love happy endings and I love the fact that love can conquer all. I also enjoy different genres such as suspense, mystery, and true crime. I have a dream of one day writing my own books.

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Rekaya Gibson said...
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Rekaya Gibson said...

Congratulations on becoming an avid reader and starting an online book club. Thank you for sharing your story.

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