Friday, October 21, 2005


Welcome to the bi-annual SORMAG’s Online Conference.

I hope you’re as excited about this conference as I am. We have a great line up, so pull up a chair and hang out for a while.

Like with any mix and mingle. There will be cyber hors-d’oeuvres and a cyber bar. I thought about a DJ, but the constant music might drive some of you away.

So pick up a few taste bites, sip on your favorite cocktail and have a little fun, meeting those attending the conference.

If you want to buy me a drink, I’m a Sprite lady with a cherry on top. If you want to see me get wild, buy me a virgin strawberry daiquiri. No alcohol for this woman, I’m high on life.

The mix and mingle is for introducing yourself, asking any questions you might have about the conference and to practice blogging if you have never blogged.

Again welcome, see ya on the net.

SORMAG’s Online Conference Coordinator

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Robin Bayne said...

Glad to be here!!! Will check in again after work to see if anyone is mingling!

Robin Bayne said...

oops--I am Badge # 18. Need more coffee!

essence4real said...

I'm badge #27.
Wow! I am so excited about this conference. I am very big on blogging.

I am the Exectuive Editor of a new online magazine, Hope for Women.

I'll have a vigrin pina colada and splurge for everyone's drink today ;)

LaTara #37

SORMAG said...

Welcome Robin.

As our first guest you win a prize.

Check out our attendance prizes and pick one out. Send me an email to let me know which one you chose -

LaShaunda - 00

ksteele2 said...

I brought donuts, but by the time I got here the box was empty :( Kids!

Glad to see so many friendly faces.

SORMAG said...

Hi LaTara,

Thanks for my first drink. What's the link to your new magazine. I remember when SORMAG first started. I was so nervous no would look at it. I kept checking the counter all day. :)


SORMAG said...


Welcome, don't forget your registration number. You know how those tourist love to pop into the conferences for freebies. LOL!

LaShaunda -00

upwords said...

I'll take one of those Sprite's with a cherry, LaShaunda.

:::squeezing a little guava juice in there:::

Now... there we are. :) Great to be here.

Marilynn Griffith

LaShaunda said...

Welcome to the party Mary,

Hey I think we have enough to start the slide. I like the cha-cha slide. Slide to the left.

GenaLGarrison said...

Badge #76 Hello Everyone. I'm Gena L. Garrison author of Baring it All a romantic murder mystery.

This is my first online conference and I look forward to mingling with everyone.

I'll have a Mountain Dew Code Red to drink.

But before that let me slip in on the slide....Sliiiiiiide to the right...

Brenda Coulter said...

I sent a bunch of people over here from my blog, so I thought I'd blow some virtual kisses to them and say hello to everyone else. Thanks for hosting this conference, LaShaunda. <3 <3 <3

Oh--I think I'm #94. Or something.

Brenda from No rules. Just write.

SORMAG said...

Welcome Gena,

This is the only time I get to dance at conferences, so I better get my groove on.

Everybody cha-cha

LaShaunda #00

SORMAG said...

Hey Brenda

Thanks for the plug. I appreciate it.

Have fun.

SORMAG said...


I have to attend another party, so I'll be back later.

Feel free to mingle and network.

LaShaunda #00

Shelia said...

I'm #16 (easy to remember because my birthday is on the 16th of September).

I look forward to the upcoming week.

I'm a Sprite lady too. :)

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Hello everyone,

Can't wait for the conference. This is my first time attending an on-line conference and I'm looking forward to the experince. My name is Gwyneth Bolton and I write contemporary African American romance novels.

Gwyneth Bolton 105

Tee C. Royal said...

Greetings! I'm Tee C. Royal (reader, reviewer & proofreader) from Georgia, taking a quick break from my usual "working, working, working" status. Guess I'll dance a few songs too. :)

I'm looking forward to the online conference, especially since I started my first book earlier this week.

Tee C. Royal - 57

Tempie said...

Hi...I'm Tempie.

LaShaunda...this is my first time meeting you but I feel like I know

*And thanks, in describing yourself you didn't know you were describing me, there's just a slight difference in age and that's all...not in spirit at seem like a go-getter and a mover &

I just had my 51st birthday yesterday and very proud of it!!! Oh, I'm foot loose and fancy free and I'm a sprite woman also...
and God is the main man in my life!!!

I am so excited about the go have a class set up!!!

Linda said...

Good morning all, this is Linda from Seattle.

I'll take a large coffee with ameretto creamer and two pack of Splenda please.

I am a Christian fiction author with a book due out 2006. I am also a content editor and co-moderate the online group BW Christian Lit.

Happy birthday Tempie. I celebrated my 54th birthday on the 4th. My sinuses are still adjusting to the change in weather from Mexico back to Seattle.

I was part of the 2003 conference and look forward to learning and sharing more.

Great big hug and thanks to LaShaunda for caring enough to do this for us.

Linda Beed -- Badge #141

Deatri King-Bey said...

Hello Everyone,

Deatri here and ready to get this party started.

Much Joy Peace and Love

Tempie said...

Linda...Thank You...I forgot to mention my badge

*Take care of your sinuses. I'm from Memphis but have lived the last twenty yrs or so in Chicago. So I know about change in weather. I was in Salt Lake City Utah last

*I am so excited also because I'm about to become an author...long story...I choose to go te traditional way of publishing for a ten year dream of dedicating my first of many novels to my parents who recently passed a month apart. I just found out this morning from my editor that all could be in print 6-8 weeks. My Novel is southern fiction with a taste of mystery and it has subtle christian undertones... so if one is looking for a lot of might bore you...nevertheless, I'm excited... I will tell more about my Publisher and all as soon as I get the word and get my press release from

*I can say that the title is...


***If Oprah can go with first name so can

***I look forward to reading your book when it is released in 2006!!!

Diane69 said...

Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm Diane Dorce', author of soon to be released "Devil in the Mist", a suspense/thriller. I am happy to be here as always and yes this also my first online conference. Looking forward to speaking with all of you, thanks for the invite Lashandra! Hey, you go Tee on that book! If you would like to know more about DMIST or about me, check out my website at

See ya real soon!

Leann said...

Okay LaShaunda--I'm here--let the party begin--now slide to the right and put a coke on the rocks in my hand--lol--may be a little late to the mixer tonight--have to attend Lily Tomlin's live monologue at the Art Center tonight first--then I will really be in the mood! Right?

Leann said...

If anyone is interested you can check out my blog and more info on my book, Powwow Pickup, at the following site--blame it all on Eugenia--she started us blogging--lol

SORMAG said...

I’m back. Welcome to all new guest.

Shelia – have another sprite on me.

Gwyneth – enjoy the conference

Tee – Girl you have to have a little fun. Go with the book, I knew you had one in you. You’re doing the fun part, writing.

Tempie – you sound like you and I are going to be new buddies. Congrats on the book. You have to tell us more about it.

Linda – enjoy the coffee, happy belated birthday.

Dee – Thanks for coming

Diane – hope you enjoy your first conference.

Leanne – enjoy the show and come back and tell us about.

LaShaunda #00 – I’m like Oprah too :)

LynCote said...

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking forward to my first online conference here. I'm multi-published in the inspirational market and I love helping aspiring authors realize their dreams of seeing their words in print and on the library shelf.
Right now I'm doing light writing, such as proposals and revisions on ms's I still want to find a home for.
Lyn Cote
Strong Women, Brave Stories

SORMAG said...

Welcome Lyn,

Hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

Testing . . . testing . . . 1-2-3.

Bettye Griffin

Anonymous said...

Okay. Now that I made it, just wanted to say hello and to congratulate LaShaunda on the eve of what promises to be another successful on-line conference.

Bettye Griffin

essence4real said...

Ok, I was told to leave the link to my new magazine. Well, here it is:

Let me know what you all think about it.

LaTara #27

Dyanne said...

Okay everyone, forgive me if this comes on twice but...well LaShunda thank you. YOur instructions are easy and of course if I had read the entier post you had given the directions. I thnk I was too busy drinking the free Sprite offered. Sorry, this is # 66

Dyanne Davis

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the online conference

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi. Can't wait for the conference to get underway!

~La-Tessa #138

SORMAG said...


Bettye, Dyanna, LaTessa

I put up the first day of the conference, so you all get can get a sneak peek or post your questions before everybody.

Michelle Henley said...

Hey everyone! I always read bogs but never comment but I'm real excited about my first online conference. Just wanted to say "HEY" as I have to start a batch of my custome brownies for sale tomorrow. Yes I have my own caterinf biz of custome made brownies and pies, so I'll make an extra pie and much on it while blogging during the confernece. Se ya'll later!



Anonymous said...

Hey everybody! Glad to see that the party is in full swing. I'm sitting here in Central Texas, sipping on my triple vanilla Coke, adjusting the volume on Peabo and sharping my pencils. This isn't my first online conference but I believe it will be my best.

Jeanette Hill 101

SORMAG said...

Hi Michelle,

Now you know you should have add a batch of brownies to the attendance prizes. I would have sent you my name and address. LOL

Welcome and have fun.

LaShaunda #00

SORMAG said...

Hi Jeanette,


I love me some Peabo. I cry everytime I hear Can You Stop The Rain.

essence4real said...

Wow! It is so exciting to see all the comments. I feel like I am really in the room with you all.

Wonderful...absolutely wonderful.

SORMAG said...


Is this your very first conference?

First five to post to tell me why this is your first conference and why you chose to attend?

I have a prize for you.

Robin Bayne said...

Thank you, LaShaunda, for awarding me the first-poster prize! How exciting!
I'm glad to see so many attendees checking in early--it's a rainy, cold Friday night in Baltimore and I'm inside in comfy sweats, looking forward to all our discussions!

For those who don't know me, I write Christian romance, as well as devotionals and articles.

Have a great evening : )

Robin Bayne said...

Well looks like I forgot the Badge # again! LOL it's #18.

Maxine said...

Hello everyone!

Welcome! Hi LaShaunda. Thanks for inviting me.

This is already fun! I'm enjoying the mocha latte.

Maxine Thompson
Badge 22

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Good Evening Everyone,
I'm Vanessa A. Johnson, the author of When Death Comes a Knockin', a self-help, inspirational book about loss and grief.
Thanks LaShaunda for providing this opportunity to mingle with the best of the best in the literary community.

Love & Peace,
VeeJay, Badge 121

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

This is actually my first online conference. I think I signed up last year, but could not figure out what to do to join in. This year I'm reading the posts because, well the directions on what to do are in plain english....
I joined the chat to learn from those who have walked the path I'm walking, to hopefully make some headway in this thing call the literary world. I just pray that I have something to offer as well, you know, give and take....I believe you have to give in order to get.
I look forward to the rest of the conference.

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Opps, I forgot

Love & Peace,
VeeJay, Badge #121

Wayne said...


I'm Wayne Jordan. One of two male authors Arabesque will be debuting in November 2005. However, SLOW MOTION, with my story Capture the Sunrise is already on sale! Romance Time Magazine give the book a 4.5 TOP Pick rating.

I'm looking forward to the conference and interacting with readers and other authors. I've only been drinking water recently, so I'll just have a chilled glass with a squeeze of lime.

Claudette said...

Good evening all, my name is Claudette I'm from Miami. I'm terrible at mingling, kind of shy - so I'm standing in the corner smiling hoping someone will speak

SORMAG said...


Maxine - I've always wanted to try a mocha latte. I guess I'll have to buy us both cup.

Vanessa - your my first contest winner - pick yourself a prize out from our attendance prizes and let me know which one.

Wayne - congrats on your 4.5 stars. I know you're smiling from ear to ear. Have to pick up the issue.

Claudette- Thought I come over and say hello. You didn't say what you drink, so I brought a Sprint with two cherries.

Have fun everyone.

GeminiWoman said...

Hello, I'm Celise Downs, Badge #71. I'm a Young Adult Fiction author and self-publisher. Looking forward to attending this conference in my ratty-lookin' clothes.

GeminiWoman said...

I forgot..normally I don't drink. But I'm partial to Sangria.
~ Celise

GeminiWoman said...

Darn it. I keep forgetting the badge number---#71

JENNA said...

Jenna here - #08
This is my first conference. I'm excited!

Felecia Ellis said...

Felecia badge #158
Hello everyone, This is my first
conference and I'm very excited about it. I took a look at the agenda. It's going to a very informative conference. I was glad to see that Christian writing and self publishing were on the agenda. BTW Hi Tempie. I saw that you were mingling earlier.

Felecia Ellis said...

Felecia Ellis badge#158.
I forget to tell you that I am a self published author. I write murder mysteries. I saw that someone else at the conference writes mysteries. Perhaps we can discuss our craft.

Dera Williams said...

Hi, I found the mix & mingle. LOL. I've already commented somewhere else. I will be at a live conference tomorrow but hope to pop in and see what's happening.

Dera #16

ac arthur said...

Hey, did I miss the party? :::sighing heavily::: It's raining cats and dogs and lizards too here in Baltimore so I'm nursing a huge cup of tea!

I'm AC, badge #...hmmm, 42, I think. It is sooooo early for a Saturday! I write contemporary romance, which is why I'm up on the computer. I'm excited to be here, hoping I get this blogging thing right!

Robin Bayne said...

Good morning AC! I'm just north of Baltimore and been hearing the rain pound all night. Great day to stay inside and talk to writers! Badge 18.
Pass the coffee please!

Cheri said...

Good Early Morning...
I've had a walk, enjoyed my one cup of coffee for the day and worked a little and wanted to stop in and say hello. I'm a first-time Christian fiction author of "Plenty Good Room", published by Walk Worthy/Warner and delighted to be part of this conference!
Thanks for having me LaShaunda!

Elaine said...

Good afternoon from the UK!

My name's Elaine Heys. I've just started my first novel, a suspense (with a bit of romance too.) This is my first ever conference of any kind. I never knew on-line conferences existed, so I was thrilled when a friend mentioned this one. What can I say? It's going to be even harder to tear me away from the computer this week. Thanks so much LaShaunda.

Elaine (Badge 23)

Leann said...

I guess I am a little late but yes this is my first time conference. And I want to thank you for doing this LaShaunda--it allows to get our feet wet and then want more--right? Kind of like a NikkiWikki-which by the way is basically a frozen mocha latte with an addictive side to it--lol. Let me buy you one while I am here--rounds for the group! I am currently a self-published author (Powwow Pickup) looking for an agent and/or publisher to take this to the next level. Powwow Pickup is a contemporary multi-cultural romance (Women's Lit) and I have the sequel to it completed (Chebon's Journey) and working on a paranormal Native American story (Voices of the Little People) And, LaShaunda I have a good excuse for being late--Lily Tomlin was outrageously funny! Laughed until my sides hurt. If you ever get a chance to go see her live--by all means do it. She is so quick--she had a routine performance with a number of characters and she was quixotic in her facial and voice changes. Then she did some impomptu with audience Q and A --such talent--I envy her energy and wit--lol

Cindy Appel #19 said...

Hello everyone!

I was out of town yesterday and so I didn't get a chance to say hello... I'm going to be a panelist on Monday I believe. Kudos to LaShaunda for hosting yet another great online conference. This gal is incredible and should become a big voice in the multi-cultural romance field! :)

Shelia said...


Just dropping in again to see what's going on. I'm about to get ready and go to a book club meeting. We're discussing RM Johnson's book--The Million Dollar Divorce. When I come back, I'll continue to read Katherine Jones new book--Undercover Lover. I'm on page 80 and hate I had to stop to get ready. If you like romantic suspense, I'm sure you'll love it. I'll probably be through reading it before the weekend is up.

Mary Eason said...

Hellow everyone. This is so exciting. My first conference! I have a couple of ebooks published in various genres but I'm hoping to get some insight on the inspirational market. Michelle, I'm from Central Texas as well.


essence4real said...

I wanted to be a part of this conference to meet writers I admire. I also wanted to learn new things to enhance my craft.

As I stated earlier, I am the Executive Editor of a new online magazine and we are working on going to print within the next year.

I am also working on a couple of e-books and a non-fiction book. So being here is the best thing for me.

JENNA said...

What is everyone looking forward to from the conference? I'll be starting my next novel soon with NaNoWriMo, so the Day 2 Workshops (Structure & Character) should help me with plotting. And Day 6's panel on Staying Disciplined.

Lexi Davis said...

Hi everybody! I think I'm registered, but haven't gotten a badge number yet. (If I made it in time, that is, Hey I'm in PST and it's only 3:41pm --Does that count?)

Anyway -- who knows? Maybe I can win the "last minute" prize. Lol!

Anyway, heeey everybody!

Lexi Davis, author of PRETTY EVIL

Cheryl Talley Moss said...

Cheryl Talley Moss is checking in from Mesquite, Texas.

Yolonda Greggs said...

Yolonda Greggs -- badge #35

Hi, I think I'm late. I'm in Japan and I keep forgetting the time difference. LaShaunda, if I don't show up for my workshop, please email me! :-) Anyway, I'm the author of Honor's Destiny and the soon to be released/recently released in some stores Sweetest Taboo, which has already received a 5 star review from CataRomance. Yeah!!! This is my first conference and I'm very excited. I'm doing a workshop on Scene & Structure so please be sure to stop by. :-)

Robin Bayne said...

Hey, Cindy! How are you? Cindy was kind enough to be a speaker for the Maryland chapter of RWA many years ago(when I was in charge of finding speakers, LOL)---good to see you hear!

--Robin, Badge 18

essence4real said...

Robin, you are all over the place. I am reading your post everywhere. Now that's what I call networking:)

Lori_Soard said...

Hi, LaShaunda! So excited about this online conference. Hello, everyone!!!!

Lori :)

CydneyR said...

Hi bloggers. This is Cydney Rax, author of My Daughter's Boyfriend and webpage manager for

I look forward to chatting w/you.
I'm No. 59. Not my age, just my blog number. :)

Author C.F. Jackson said...

Peace ALL,

As always, LaShaunda has creative ways to bringing people together. With a good spirit, she has generated a great turn out for this event.

Also, I wanted to say peace to all.

C.F. Jackson

Anonymous said...

#136 Nia K. Foxx
I'll join in with a virgin pina colada and say cheers to all. I am a writer of Interracial Romance and erotica. Feel free to visit
my website for excerpts or links to my publishers.

BlackButterflyReview said...

Hi All my name is Eleanor Shields, since I am the designated driver for this conference, I will have a diet Dr. Pepper and LaShaunda, your sprite is on me :) Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all at this conference and having a blast while I am at it.


BlackButterflyReview said...

oops, this is Eleanor again, I forgot to wear that darn badge, it was clashing with my outfit. (lol) I am # 17.

Stacy Hawkins Adams said...

Hey Everybody,

I'm late, late, late to the party, due to a working weekend. (Ok, it's Conference Day, so I'm sure the party is over.) But have a cafe latte' on me. I'm looking forward to participating in the conference and sitting in other sessions. LaShaunda, thanks for hosting this event!

Stacy - #32

Robin Bayne said...

Hi Lori *waves*

Essence, thanks for letting me know that
: )

Happy Sunday, everyone!

--Robin, Badge 18

Leann said...

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I am getting the mix and mingle blog but the page is not going past Friday Oct. 21 post for me on anything. What am I doing wrong?

Robin Bayne said...

Yes! Seeing the same thing, didn't think there had been a major post since then. (18)

SORMAG said...

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted. My computer picked this weekend to crash. I'm at my sister's right now. I wanted to beat up my computer, but I can't be too mad at it, its time, I just haven't had the funds to replace.

So I won't be able to do any posting in the evening. Just during the day, so please bear with me.

If you haven't received a number that's why.

Trying to catch up. I seriously need more than a sprite yesterday. However, I decided to call on the Lord, because he was the only one who could save my sanity.

Anybody want to donate a computer to me, I would truly appreciate it.

Enjoy the conference everyone.

LaShaunda 00

Ann Clay said...

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be here. Look forward to the confernce week.

Ann Clay said...

Oops.. like others, I forgot to state my badge number... #41 reporting sir/ma'am!

Renair Amin said...

No. 133 Renair Amin

I am a lil late..but I just want to say hello to everyone.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I'm Bonnie from New York....Bonnie Calhoun...badge #177

Dominiqua Douglas said...

Just wanted to say Hello! I'm Dominiqua...badge #104. This is my first online conference so I'm slowly trying to get the hang of it.

#75 Cheril N. Clarke said...

Hello everyone

Anonymous said...

Pat Byrdsong
Glad to be here.

SORMAG said...


We'll use these room to post comments or questions about the conference.

I hope so far everyone is enjoying the conference.

If you're having a problem please let me know.

Please ask questions, this is your opportunity to ask those questions that have been on your mind.

Tomorrow is for the readers. If you're a reader this is your day.


zavi said...

Hi Im badge#162- Zavi just wanted to say "HI" and ask badge #27 more info about her Hope for Women magazine....

Anonymous said...

Hey. This is blogging thing is new to me, so here's hoping I know what I'm doing. Thanks LaShaunda for hosting this. B

Tray said...

Hello everyone! My name is Tracey Farmer Luster # 155, "Tray" for short. I am an aspring novelist in the process of writing my first paranormal novel. I am also new to blogging, but I think i am getting the hang of it. This is my first on-line conference and it has been enjoyable and informative. I didnt get to post until Monday as I work weekend nights as my 'day' job, but I'll be glued to my 'puter all week. Thanks Lashaunda for putting this on! This is great. Again, Hi everyone!

SORMAG said...

Hello everyone,

I'm praying Hurricane Wilma didn't do too much damage. We had a few attendee from Florida. I pray all is well with you.

This has been a crazy week for me. My computer died Saturday. Yes its still dead. Was able to use my sister and now my mother's computer.

Yesterday my daughter had an ashma attack. She doesn't have ashma so that freaked us all out. I'm praying its a one time thing.

I caught the cold from hell yesterday, I feel like a mac truck ran over my body and head.

Thank God this was online and I didn't have to face you guys. You'd probably throw something at me. LOL!

Today's conference was informative. We had some great panels and questions. I'm learning so much, hope you all are too.

LaShaunda who so grateful for medicine. 00

M Monkou said...

I'm mixing and mingling with you ladies and gentlemen. Hope all are well or recovering. This is my first online conference and I've already made boo boos :-)

LaShaunda, bless her patient heart, is not ranting in the open.

Michelle Monkou #45

Robin Bayne said...

Hi Michelle!!!!

Robin, #18

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