Monday, December 18, 2006




I’m excited that you took the time to stop by. I have a few games set up to play and this year we’re serving non-alcoholic drinks due to the hostess is expecting a baby in February.

So grab a few snacks from our dessert bar (Red Velvet Cake, Seven Up Pound Cake, Christmas Cookies, Turtle Cake, New York Cheese Cake and Cherry Swirl Cheesecake)

Pick a hot drink from our Chocolate Bar (Hot cocoa with whip cream and marshmallows with a cherry on top, or a Chocolate Carmel Latte)

Mingle with the other guests who drop by. Tell us how your holiday plans are going.

What is your favorite CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

Play our TRIVIA or SCRAMBLE and win a prize.

Stop by our Buy A Book For Christmas Room, purchase some Christmas presents for you or a friend. Authors if your book isn’t listed, tell us about it in the comments section.

Again thanks for stopping by and enjoy yourself.

SORMAG’s Editor/Hostess

P.S. Don’t forget to check our DOORPRIZE WINNERS to see if you’re a lucky winner.


SORMAG said...

I have my cocoa and a piece of pound cake to start me off. I'm ready to mingle, so come on in.

Tee C. Royal said...

I'm stuffed from the ATL-RAW Holiday Party at my house on Saturday, but I have plenty leftovers. Even made my specialty cakes: Banana Coconut and Peach Schnapps. YUMMY!

And LaShaunda, congrats!! I didn't know you're expecting.


Anonymous said...

I'm muching on my seven-up pound cake and sipping on my carmel chocolate latte. And all I can do is nod hello right now, because my mouth is full and I really can't stop eating. This cake is too good.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I polished off my first slice of cake, now I can say, Happy Holidays, everyone! And thanks for throwing this wonderful open house, LaShaunda! I think I'm gonna try this red velvet cake now...

Patricia W. said...

Thanks for hosting us today, LaShaunda! Until Friday--with absolutely nothing done for Christmas--I was starting to feel like the Grinch. But now my tree is up and decorated, filling the house with a wonderful pine scent, all but the last few gifts are purchased, and my grocery shopping is completed for my holiday menu. Time to party!

SORMAG said...

Welcome Tee, Gwyn and Patricia.

One of these days I'm going to have a real live open house.

I'm in the Christmas spirits. I mailed off my Christmas Cards last week. Our family had a holiday party Saturday. I'm ready to make Christmas Cookies with my kids this weekend.

I decided to have a stress free Christmas this year.

Glad to have you here.

P.S. Congrats to Gwyn our first guest and Tee for guessing the scramble.

Tempie said...


Thank you for always being such a gracious HOSTESS and Party Girl! YOU GO GIRL!

I am definiely enjoying my slice of seven up pound cake and freshly brewed roastted coffee!

As for Christmas, so much to do and always not enough time! In fact today proves to be another day as the season appraches that I have a full list of still, "Things To Do!"

I speak on behalf of both Abert and myself as we are each making way of so many things in the USA and UK.

We wish you and each of your wonderfl guest a blessed OPEN HOUSE today and a very Happy Holiday Season!

We will be checking back through to mingle more and taking advantage of all your festivities and door prizes! WOW!

Congratulations to EVERYONE here, you are all WINNERS!

Love Ya Tempie,

Albert and Tempie

Anonymous said...

I won something! Yes! Excellent! This is a great party!

Wanza said...

I'm having a GREAT time at your Open House. This is wonderful. I'm partying at work!

SORMAG said...

Hi Wanza,

Thanks for stopping by.

Tempie said...


I'm having a ball! Great party!

I'm excited and I won something too! Fantastic!

Love Ya tempie

Anonymous said...


This was a wonderful idea. Thank you for extending the invitation and Amira Press was happy to be here! I only wish we could've won more than once- you offered some great prizes. : ) Thanks for all the fun!

-Melissa (I think blogger is finally recognizing me!)

Anonymous said...

Am I late and it's over? I just wanted to stick my head in and say hello. I am Yvette of Amira Press. Thanks for inviting us. I might as well look around and see if there are any leftovers while I'm here. :)

Robin Bayne said...

Like Yvette I am late stopping by--the day job has reared its ugly head this month. Hope everyone had a great time!

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