Saturday, August 25, 2007


1. There will be no pitches during the conference. Any posts that seem like a pitch will be deleted. The editors and agents are here to answer questions about their lines, they are not here for you to try to sell your manuscripts.

2. Please post your questions the day before. I will post the next day for the conference at 8 p.m. central time. This gives our panel members a chance to answer questions the next day. If they have time to answer more questions they will let you know. Please adhere to this rule, because it will help the conference go smoothly.

3. No flaming. Any rude or obnoxious comments will be deletedand the poster banned from the conference.

4. Please do not post excerpts of your books, manuscripts. I will offer a chance for promotion of your books. The comment section is not the place to promote your works. Any posts withexcerpts will be deleted.

5. Please do not contact any of the editors/agents or participants unless they ask you to. Any contacts go through me, it helps with not overwhelming them.

6. Check the prize page daily. If you win a prize, send your email address, name and mailing address to

7. If you enjoy the workshops/panels, please let the hosts and panel members know.

8. Meet some new people, do a little networking and have Fun.


Chicki said...

I will be participating today.

Andrea Paperback Diva said...

Good morning, all!
Glad to see your smiling faces.

Deatri King-Bey said...

Good Moring everyone.

Just wanted to say HI!!!!


Karen said...


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