Saturday, August 25, 2007

How The Conference Works

Workshops are articles - you read and post questions, the host will answer them.

Panels - you post questions and the panel members answer them.

How to win prizes - leave a post on the main page, let us know you attended for the day.

Post questions for the panels or workshops

Check the prize page to see if you won

Promotion - Each day we will have a place to promote your books

M&M Room - Mix & Mingle Room is the place to mingle during the conference.

Click on the links and go into the rooms. If the links don't work, scroll down the page.

Each day after 8pm, I will post the next day of the conference. This gives those in different time zones a chance to ask their questions.

Still confused, hit me up at


Rudelle Thomas said...

Hi Lashaunda! I am attending the Conference today and can't wait to jump in!

Angel said...

Thanks for inviting EVERYONE. I am the director of the books section as well as director of the book club @ Recently, the writing bug hit me as well. I look forward to what I can learn. I'm also networking to get some authors featured in the book club and review books for the book section.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm really enjoying the conference. I was really pleased with the showcasing of my lecture, and I'm looking forward to checking out the others as we go along.

Anonymous said...

Hi LaShaunda. I am really enjoying the conference and I look forward to attending the conference everyday. I am learning so much valuable information. Thank you!
~~Gwynita Leggington~~

C. said...

Hi, LaShaunda!

I'm enjoying the conference immensely,and hopefully am posting in the right place(s).

Thanks for all your hard work. You go, girl!!


sherryle Jackson said...

I am enjoying today's topics.
Sherryle Jackson

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