Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WORKSHOP: Palibra.com & the Digital Age of Self-Publishing

New Website Set to Revolutionize the Publishing Industry

Palibra.com's innovative approach a hit with writers and readers worldwide!

Los Angeles, CA (June 2007) – The product of a late-night brainstorming session between two childhood friends has sparked the latest revolution in the publishing industry. JCM Entertainment co-founders Edwardo Jackson and Curt Midkiff have recently launched Palibra.com -- a website that many are calling the "iTunes of publishing" as it allows authors to post works immediately for download by interested readers.

According to Jackson, a well-respected author of three widely published novels, "We came up with the concept for Palibra.com in the midst of one of our marathon brainstorming sessions where we asked how can we create a platform where writers and readers can connect online? From there, it all came together in the form of this site which is allowing authors to publish their original works instantly for readers to enjoy!"

Palibra.com is a site where any author can post their work and any reader can download that work for only 99 cents. Each post is called a Narrative, limited to 8,000 words, and is free to post. Readers are also free to join and browse the first 250 words of most Narratives before purchasing to download.

Inspired by our current on-demand society, Palibra is the evolution and a revolution of the publishing industry. As of August 25, 2007, nearly 600 authors have posted 1800-plus Narratives in over 30 different genres for over 1.3 million hits since its debut. Among its posted authors are Essence bestsellers Karen E. Quinones Miller, Lolita Files, and Gloria Mallette, as well as critically acclaimed author Kenji Jasper.

Current marketing includes posts on MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist, and Google AdWords. First time users are allowed to visit Palibra and receive a free Narrative upon registration. An informative three minute Powerpoint presentation detailing Palibra is also available onsite at http://www.palibra.com/how-it-works.

ABOUT JCM Entertainment

Formed in 2001 by Edwardo Jackson & Curtis Midkiff, JCM Entertainment, LLC is an entertainment and promotional marketing company that has specialized in the field of publishing. Under its JCM Books publishing division, JCM Entertainment successfully published and promoted Jackson's third novel I Do? as the imprint's debut offering. Palibra was created out of a desire to further promote Jackson's work to an increasingly Internet-savvy audience.

Join the Revolution!



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Stop by Palibra and view their presentation, then come back and ask Edwardo a few questions.


Didalynn said...

WOW!! That is a wonderful idea. I love to read and am always running out of books. That website looks like a great place to enjoy a quick read. My question is regarding copyright. If I were to submit a narrative, would I need to have it copyrighted beforehand or is the story protected under your site?

ejace1 said...

Thanks for asking, didalynn. Copyright is a big concern for our authors, as it should be. Technically, a work is copyrighted upon creation. Most people can accomplish what's considered "the poor man's copyright" by mailing the work to themselves and not opening it.

At Palibra, we do not own the copyright to anyone's work - all rights and copyrights are reserved to the author. We're just the medium for your work, like the iTunes of publishing. If it was copyrighted to you before posting it on Palibra, then it's still copyrighted to you. If you did not copyright it before Palibra, it's possible you may use its posting on Palibra as an example of your work's "creation" to legally defend your copyright should it be challenged. Either way, the work you put on Palibra is YOURS.

ejace1 said...

And by the way, the link to the Palibra Powerpoint is actually http://www.palibra.com/ssp/how-it-works Sorry for the misprint!

Unknown said...

I just checked out your site, and I really like this concept. I hope you do well with this.

As a writer, I think it is a great place to showcase your work, or try out a new genre; all the while getting a flavor of what the public thinks about it.

As a reader, I like the fact that I have a large selection of narratives to choose from.

ejace1 said...

I'm glad you like it.

Authors: It's always free to sign up and post your work! https://www.palibra.com/ssp/submit-work

Readers: It's always free to sign up and preview the first 250 words of any narrative!

Check out Palibra in the new issue of Black Issues Book Review, too!

RhondaN said...

Great concept. I really liked what I saw. Much success to you.

Rudelle Thomas said...

I visited the site and posted a few narratives. I think it's a great concept, so I'm giving it a try.


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