Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interacting With Your Readers

Readers love interacting with their favorite authors. Here are five ways to connect with your readers.

1. POD CASTS - Podcasts are short audios you can host on your site or other sites. You can read an excerpt about your book. Feature an interview with you or a writer friend. You can even host a workshop.

2. VIDEO CHATS - Don’t have time to visit a book club? Host a web cam book club meeting. All you need are two laptops with web cameras. This is a fun way to visit different book clubs without leaving your home. They are also perfect to host monthly chats with your fans.

3. TELEPHONE CHATS - Telephone chats give you a chance to hear your readers voices. You can host monthly chats and discuss your books. You can do moderated chats or open chats with your readers or book clubs.

4. ONLINE RADIO - Need a place to meet new readers? Online radio is the perfect place. Set up interviews with a few online radio shows. Most are live with call in sessions, so you’re able to talk with the listeners.

5. MEET & EAT - Are you doing a book tour or visiting a different city? Set up a dinner or lunch get together with the local fans. This is a nice way to have an intimate time with your fans. Send out an announcement to your mailing list inviting 5-20 readers to meet you at a local restaurant. You can discuss your book or just eat and chat.

These are a few ideas to help you interact with your readers. Don’t forget to have prizes, fans love winning prizes.

This is the last week for Reader's Appreciation Month. Have you thanked a reader?

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