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Flaws and All Blog Tour

Shana Johnson Burton is the best-selling author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, and Flaws and All. She lives in Georgia with her family and is currently a high school English and Journalism teacher and the co-host of "The Lovely Magazine" radio show. She was a 2009 Georgia Author of the Year nominee for Best Fiction (First Comes Love). Her next novel, Catt Chasin’, will be released in 2011.

Tell us about Flaws and All.

Flaws and All is a story that takes its readers on a soul-searching journey of redemption, sisterhood, and the meaning of conditional love. It’s been dubbed as “Sex and the City meets Waiting to Exhale meets Christ,” which sums it up quite nicely. The five lead characters all face major obstacles and challenges during one turbulent year, ranging from baby-mama drama to infidelity to death, but the bonds of their friendship and their connection to God enables them to get through it all.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

It’s actually five different books that I started on and didn’t finish, but the idea for the different storylines came from a variety places. Some were based on real life experiences, such as the abuse storyline that stemmed from the time I worked with the local chapter of Violence Intervention and Prevention through my church. Lawson’s storyline with reuniting with an old flame was also partially true. We didn’t have a one-night that resulted in a pregnancy like in the story, but we did date for a minute in high school and met up again 15 years later when we ended up working at the same high school. The rest is just from my over-active imagination.

Who are your main character(s)?

Lawson Kerry, Sullivan Webb, Kina Battle, Angel King, and Reginell Kerry.

Did you have to do quite a bit of research for this novel?

Not really. I pulled from my own real-life drama. The only part I really had to research was laws regarding children and manslaughter.

What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading Flaws and All?

I hope that readers will learn to accept and love themselves despite the flaws, if they don’t already. I also want them to discover how powerful forgiveness is and to turn to God for everything. It’s not a preachy book by any means, but the message is clearly there that faith, family, and friendship is what gets you through the hard times in life.

Okay, a not-so-fun question. How important are reviews to you as a writer?

The bold, confident, pragmatic side of me says that they don’t matter, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you can’t please everyone all the time, blah, blah, blah. The real side of me will admit that my first negative review had me in tears. I stayed in bed all day that day. I’ve gotten a thicker skin since then, but no one likes bad reviews. Your books are like your babies. It’s hard not to get offended when someone says your “baby” sucks or was a waste of their time and money!

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About the Book

Faith, family, and friendship have always been top priority to lifelong friends Lawson, Reginell, Sullivan, Angel, and Kina, but each one is about to be put to the test during one turbulent year.

Lawson Kerry is a struggling single mother who has finally gotten her life together. Now, a fierce custody battle with her ex threatens to the tear apart everything she’s built.

Reginell Kerry is a starry-eyed singer determined to make it to the top of the charts, but will she change her tune when a chance at fame means shedding her clothes and her self-respect?

Sullivan Webb is the pampered wife of a charismatic pastor with political aspirations, but she just might destroy her husband’s campaign and their marriage if she can’t control her wandering eye.

Angel King has dedicated her life to nursing following the destruction of her marriage. Can she maintain her professionalism when she discovers that her newest patient is the woman who stole her husband?

Kina Battle has had enough of her husband’s verbal and physical abuse. When she’s pushed to the edge, the situation heads in a deadly direction, and there’s no turning back.

Nothing is sacred, all bets are off, and the lives of these ladies will never be the same. Will they have the strength to hold on to their friendships and put their trust in God?

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Angelia... said...

following you around, almost done. Loving it!


Shana Burton said...

Lol, Angelia! Thanks for the support, chica! Thanks for having me on SORMAG too, LaShaunda!

Rachel Berry said...


I wish you all the success you deserve. I enjoyed our chat we had on my show the other night. You have a wonderful and honest spirit. Stay just as you are and continue doing all that you do From The Heart & Soul

Shana Burton said...

Awww, Rachel! Thank you so much. I feed off of my host's spirit. Clearly, I could discern your warm, inviting spirit from the start. I would love to do your show any time! Blessings!

Ty said...

Thank you for hosting Shana this week and introducing SORMAG readers to "Flaws and All."

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