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COLUMN: Are You On The Net

Online Promotion Plan V

7. Have you researched the online radio shows that promote your genre?

8. Have you created your list of online radio shows you want to be on?

9. Have you sent out your letters to the online radio shows?


Online radio is an excellent way to promote yourself and your book. Many online radio shows are in need of topics and guests. If you have a topic that fits into their needs you could be on your way to introducing yourself to the shows loyal listeners.

There are three forms of online radio. The first is radio shows that are broadcast online and can be picked up all over the country. These are your local radio shows. The second are live shows broadcast only online. They consist of an interview and callers asking questions. The last type are online radio shows that are taped and broadcast at a later date.

Do an online search for online radio shows and see what you come up with. You'll be surprise how many other shows are out there looking for guests.  Check out your fellow writers and see what shows they have been on.  Try to pick out at least 10 shows to contact.

You want to find shows that fit the genre you write. I recommend you take time to listen to the shows you're interested in being a guest on before contacting the hosts. It gives you a chance to hear how the show host interacts with their guests and it gives you a feel of the pace of the show.

You don't want to be on a show, where the host is constantly harassing their guest. You want to inform the listeners, not be on constant guard. You also don't want to come across high-strung or tied tongue or worse have nothing to contribute to the conversation


How can I get on a show? That's the number one question. I hear it all the time.  It’s not that hard, but it does take time and patience.

You found a show you like and think you'll make an excellent guest. First check to see if the show has guidelines posted, if not most shows will have contact information. If you have a publicist, notify them of the show and have them contact the show on your behalf.

If you don't have a publicist, send a short email introducing yourself and your book. Suggest a topic you feel will be of interest to their listeners. Ask if you can send a press kit with a copy of your book.  The host or producer will contact you requesting the press kit and ask for questions pertaining to the topic. I recommend you do not send your info unless ask.  You’re trying to save funds, not waste them.

Send the press kit as quickly as possible and include as least 10 questions about the topic and your book. I suggest including these, because sometimes host don't have time to read your book and this gives them an idea where to focus the interview.


Never done a radio interview? Don't worry, if you prepare before hand, you'll sound like a pro.

Listen to the shows. See how the hosts conduct interviews. What type of questions did they ask? Do they give the guest time to answer or do they monopolize the time?

As I said before, always submit a list of questions. This is your chance to promote yourself and your book. You don't want to miss an opportunity to talk about your book. It also prepares you on what questions to expect in the interview. Most hosts do not send questions beforehand. They like to be spontaneous.

Practice answering your questions. I suggest talking into a tape recorder. It lets you know how you sound. I found out I sounded like a professional Minnie Mouse, after my first interview.  You can't change what you sound like, however you will be prepared for what your taped voice sounds like.

Send a thank you note to the host for the interview and let them know you are always available for future interviews. Even offer a few topics if you have them.

Post on the interview link on your site the interview day. Send out the information to your mailing lists and forums.

If you get a chance, listen to the interview and take notes on how you did. What you can do to improve your interviews for future use.

Now you're a pro at online radio interviews and ready for the next one.

Next month we will break down more of these questions to help you continue to build your plan.

Can’t wait to next month, contact me –sormag@yahoo.com.  I’m available for private online promotion coaching.

Until then,

I’ll see you on the net.

LaShaunda C. Hoffman

LaShaunda is the creator of SORMAG – Shades Of Romance Magazine. She has 11 years of experience on online promotion, most she learned from trial and error. She has taught workshops on online promotion and is available for private online promotion coaching.

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