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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: SUSPECT: A Confessional Anthology - Thrillers

It is the night before Christmas at Portsborough, New York. The snow blankets the ground, the shining lights hang from the trees with great care and the smell of chestnuts roasting permeates the air. Although the city is ready for Christmas, the people who are finding themselves in Trinity Church are not there to celebrate the birth of their Savoir. No tonight. They find themselves confessing sins they meant to keep hidden from the world. You'll never see Christmas quite the same.

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Suspect: A Confessional Anthology

Play Me by Linda Watson
Lacy could hear voices as she drew closer to the confessional. She couldn’t make out what was being said, but she knew one of the voices belonged to Alexander. He was arguing with someone who sounded like a woman, but it could have been a man. It was hard for her to tell.
He done lost his damn mind, how dare he sit his ass up in this confessional with another woman? I got his ass now and there’s no way he’ll get out of this one.
Fear began to take over her entire body. Something just wasn’t right. She kept hearing someone say Robert, but Alexander would respond. Then she heard Alexander say, “This is going too far. I didn’t sign-up for this. I’m not going to kill anyone.” The male-female voice answered, “Robert, you have no choice, you must follow through with the plan.”
Lacy was more confused than ever.
“I can’t do it, I’m not going to,” she heard Alexander say.
“Look Robert, if you don’t do it first, then you’ll be risking your life. There is no turning back, you’re in too deep,” the other voice said.
Sa’Rai by LM Blakely
“I thought he told you to stay away from here? We know you chained Father Dunklin to the bed and we will carry out your punishment. You had to come back and run your mouth, eh?” one of the priests said as his breath brushed my right earlobe, making me aware that he was having his way with me again. For some reason I couldn’t feel a thing in my loins. He repositioned himself and began to sodomize me as he quietly chastised me. I heard another voice tell him to hurry up because he also wanted to reteach me a lesson.  When he climbed on me, it was hard for me to breathe. Something was terribly wrong because I heard a loud banging noise and saw blood pooling around me. The second priest thrust himself against my backside, literally tearing my flesh. I heard him stand up and collect himself as the two talked amongst themselves as if I wasn’t there; naked…sodomized, raped and bludgeoned. They splashed something on me and spoke in Latin. I assumed it was holy water, but it smelled something like bleach.
State Street by JA Gardner
Right before nine, Joe walked into the garage.  He hadn’t had a drink since yesterday afternoon and it showed. He looked tired. “Can’t drive cars drunk,” she’d said.  “If you’re going to do this, you’re going to have to hold off on the liquor. When I asked how she swung the job for me so fast, she told me she had checked out the owner info and just said I was a friend of the owner’s son.  Figured it was good for a week before payroll.  
“Hey!  You know where the manager is?”
“How do you know I’m not the manager?”  Cisco asked, a bit peeved because this guy didn’t think it was him.
“Didn’t think.  Sorry, you the manager?”
“Nah, he’s in the back.  Said you were starting this morning and that I should show you around.”
“Cool.  Someplace I can drop this bag?  Lots of books.”
Cisco smiled and pointed to the back. 
“In the manager’s office.”
“Be right back.”
“Hey!  Nothing much going on here.  Boss sits around more than he works.  A car comes in occasionally and whoever is near the front parks it.   We start the same time every day and leave the same time.  Schedule never changes.
Joe called Tracy to tell her to “Drive that piece a shit car into the garage tomorrow morning at 9:15 and I’ll park it for you. That’s Cisco’s coffee break.”
In This Life by Jean Holloway
Cameo stayed in the confessional and waited for Father Grimaldi to arrive. It was 9:45 on the dot when she saw the man in black come through the double doors, looking around. Obviously, he was in just as much of a hurry as she was to get this over with. It was time for him to pay. Cameo waited until he passed the confessional and slipped out behind him. She pulled the knife out of her coat pocket and jabbed him in the back three quick times, one for the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. After all, it was Trinity Church and he was a priest. On the third strike, she twisted the knife counter-clockwise. Somewhere she had heard that would cause the most damage. Satisfied that her nightmares were gone forever, Cameo took a deep breath and knelt down in the red carpet to turn the body over.
The face that looked back at her was all too familiar. It was Joshua!
Murder in the Sanctuary by C. Highsmith Hooks
The impact of the second blow rattled the weapon in my hand, but I managed to maintain my grip. Peter tipped forward and fell into the water with a splash that left me almost as wet as he was.
Startled by the sound of the splash and the shock of the cold water, I jumped backwards from the edge of the pool, dropping the candlestick. In my paranoia, I looked around, certain that someone had heard the enormous commotion, and my first instinct was to run from the church.
But what if no one saw me? I thought. I didn’t want to risk getting caught by drawing undue attention to myself, so I slowly shuffled my way past the altar and back towards the front of the church.
Double Take by Lorita Kelsey Childress
Father Patrick was traumatized. However, he found strength to continue his confession. “Once in a while my brother Tony, who was twenty-one at the time, would stop by the church. On one of his visits he saw Eve. He was smitten with her. For months I had hidden Eve, but once he saw her Tony started making regular visits to the church.  One day, I caught the two of them in bed. To say I was upset is a vast understatement.”
Chief Haddock was grinning. “Thanks for the memories brother. There is nothing like a young girl to make you feel like a man.” 
“A man wouldn’t take advantage of a sixteen year old, impregnate her with twins and then dismiss her like an old pair of shoes!” Father Patrick yelled at his brother.

A Walk in the Courtyard by Michele T. Darring
I can’t explain the pain and rage that fueled my body at the trial that day as I listened to him explain in explicit detail what he did to my child. His voice was very distinct; my rapist had finally been caught. Too bad it wasn’t for raping me. My aunt and uncle convinced me that it would be in my best interest to let it go and not pressure the police into finding him because then I would be labeled and my son would never get a fair chance in life. It’s funny how the system works sometimes and as young as I was, I trusted their advice.
I couldn’t believe that, after all this time, I would find out my own family had something to do with my pain and suffering for the last twelve years. My body wrenched with pain at that time, but I had to keep my cool until I found out the details of what they were discussing. I needed to know how bad I was going to make the both of them suffer.
The Escort by TL James
Hours later, Iam stood at the double doors. His heart was so heavy and mind burdened with all the pain from his Christmas Eve experience. Confessions about murders, haunting spirits, vile acts against his creations by his creations, and the ultimate – wishing death upon HIM consumed his mind. He gave so much to mankind, but mankind was still hurting and hurtful. As he took steps through the double doors, the bright sun and the crystal clear sky burned his eyes. He was so burdened that he didn’t even marvel at his own creation.
Iam slowly walked down the steps with his mind spinning. He was so consumed in thought that when he felt a tap on his shoulder, he jumped, exclaiming “Mary, Joseph, and Judas!”

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