Monday, June 10, 2013


Author Daryl Mckeever wrote "Sick and Tired” in hopes to challenge the reader and invite introspection.

Known as a Motivator, his social conscious propelled him to author this short work ("Sick & Tired") in an attempt to “Make a Change" in the African American Community.

With a back ground in Psychology, matriculating at Rutgers University, he came back to his home town of Philadelphia and put his hands to the plow as an educator, administrator and counselor. Daryl served as Principal of the Lutheran High School before working in Foster Care and Suicide Prevention through social service agencies as well as Temple University.

Daryl is launching the “Greater” project in 2013 in an attempt to empower and encourage Black Women to reach higher and go further.

Women are able to seek counsel and guidance as they maneuver through the obstacles of relationships, raising children, and the challenges of being a Black Female in today's America.

“Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired”: preparing Black women for Change!

An inspiring and riveting short work designed to evoke and convince today’s Black Woman that she is a “True Value” with limitless potential. “Sick and Tired” gives a realistic and at times “in your face” account to the downfalls of the black community in America. Black women are forced to ask themselves, “Can I be Greater”, as they are tested and probed in every chapter. Black men of all ages will find themselves challenged as they either find that they are part of the problem or need to be part of the solution, in a Black American Culture that is driven by historical negativity and urban street culture madness. “In this game called life, are Black men injured on the sideline while Black women attempt to lead the team to victory? And if so, is it by design or by default”?

Author Daryl Mckeever (Motivational Speaker and Counselor) challenges the reader in an attempt to provoke introspection and inward debate. No bars are held as he brings the challenge straight, simplistic and sometimes raw.

Click To Read Daryl Mckeever's interview in the MAY/JUNE issue of SORMAG Digital.

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