Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Author Spotlight: Tesa Erven

Tesa Erven rocks the pen when it comes to writing contemporary romance fiction. Bursting onto the publishing scene in 2015, she has already captured a large reading audience with her six-book "The Loose End" series. 

Tesa's hectic life as a wife and mother of two children, while holding down a full-time job, is the steam that pushes her to create a private world of her own. This realm of unique, real and dramatic love stories is filled with suspense and riddled with plot twists. Escape into the world of this New Jersey romantic that will keep you intrigued and pondering what the next page will bring. 

You can visit her website at www.tesaerven.com or connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/authortesaerven

Sincere Lewis is a young business owner who was lucky to find “the one.” After a short courtship, he and his love were married. Life was good and he was happier than he ever had been. When tragedy strikes while Sincere is on a cross country trip, he loses his beloved wife. Unable to cope, he spirals downhill.

During a hospital stay, Dr. Vanessa Stevens, an ambitious therapist, is called in to take on his case. Unable to engage with him, she returns soon to find he’s checked out. An unsolicited home visit reveals he’s not the only family member attempting to handle grief on their own. As the pair work to find common ground, sparks fly and neither is ready to pursue the meaning.

Will they eventually act on their feelings? Or will they run away from their fears? Find out in the first installment of the Please Don't Go trilogy.


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Monday, September 16, 2019

Author Spotlight: Ann Christopher

A recovering lawyer, Ann Christopher is also an award-winning romance author. Her series include JOURNEY'S END (small-town contemporary romance), JOURNEY'S END BILLIONAIRES (contemporary interracial romance), THE WARNER FAMILY (contemporary billionaire romance), THE DAVIES FAMILY (contemporary billionaire romance) and the DEADLY series (romantic suspense). Ann has also written 5 novellas and a tragically bad starter novel that will forever remain under her bed, where it belongs.

When she's not writing or communing with her readers on her Facebook page, Ann likes to do the following, in no particular order: read; cook; eat; hang out at Target looking for new stuff she doesn't need; crochet; quilt; play with her 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats; and travel the world with her family.

Her favorite cities are Washington, D.C., Venice and Paris, in case you were wondering. She lives in Ohio with her family.

If you'd like to recommend a great book, share a recipe for homemade cake of any kind, or have a tip for getting your teens to do what you say the FIRST time you say it, Ann would love to hear from you via Facebook or through her Web site.

Visit Ann Online:

Genius tech millionaire Isaiah Harper, better known as “Crazy Isaiah,” alienates everyone he encounters with his abrasive personality. Not that he cares. Until he meets his match during a run-in with the feisty server at his family’s restaurant in small-town Journey’s End.

Alyssa Banks knows she needs to make some life changes and stop acting like a doormat. But she never expected her big moment to come while nose-to-nose with intriguing Isaiah Harper, who doesn’t strike her as crazy. At all…

If you love steamy contemporary romance and enemies-to-lovers storylines, grab All of Me today!


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Sunday, September 15, 2019


An NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominee and a member of the TEXAS INSTITUTE OF LETTERS, author, Anita Bunkley was voted one of the 50 favorite African American authors of the twentieth century by the on-line African American Literature Book Club. She has also been voted #3 of the top 15 Book Editors in Texas.

Published by major houses such as Penguin USA, Harper Collins, Kensington, and Harlequin many of her novels and anthologies, have appeared in:

Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, Black Expressions Book Club, and Black Board: African American Best-seller list in both hardcover and paperback.

She is a former teacher of English, French, and Spanish, and spent many hours in classrooms as  part of Houston's Writers in the Schools Programs.

Anita has mentored numerous aspiring authors to eventual publication. She is a sought-after presenter at Writers' Conferences and Workshops, and enjoys helping writers fulfill their literary aspirations.

She traveled to Cairo, Egypt to speak to the Egyptian Women's Writers Association at Ains Sham University and has presented at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing Conference at Arizona State University. 

Anita is an inductee in Who's Who in Black Houston, a member of Circle-Let's Inc., Between the Lines Book Club, and an active member of The Church Without Walls.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio. Anita lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Crawford.

Visit Anita Online


The Twisted Crown takes readers from the bustling streets of Boston at the height of the Abolitionist movement to the war-ravaged landscape of Reconstruction-era South Carolina.

In 1867, Eva Phillips, who was born a slave yet lived in freedom, travels across the chaotic landscape of South Carolina in search of the mother who gave her away. During her journey, she is befriended by a black political activist promoting the rights of the newly freed slaves, a wealthy northern Carpetbagger, and a gutsy lady gambler who teaches Eva how to survive in the tumultuous Post-war environment.

When the spirited young widow’s quest draws her into a dangerous web of theft, lies, and murder, she becomes the target of a long-awaited confrontation that forces her into a fight for her life.


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Saturday, September 14, 2019


Regena Bryant is a training and organizational development specialist, motivational speaker and registered corporate coach. She holds a Masters degree in Adult and Continuing Education. 
She has educated and encouraged groups that range in perspectives from corporate executives to concerned parents. She has delivered multiple programs in leadership, communication skills, personal growth and wellness. 

In 2004 she made a pact with her nephew, “…if you give me a college degree, I’ll write a book.” For the next five years she actively worked on the craft of writing and her first novel. An active member of the Windy City Chapter of RWA, she serves as the chapter secretary and writes a column for the newsletter, “Letters to my Unpublished Self.” 

She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, two children and with her nephew’s college diploma gracing the mantle.

Visit Regena Online:


Ten months after accepting the position of senior pastor at the West Aurora Baptist Church, forward-thinking Rev. Bradley White is questioning God. He does not fit-in with the traditional congregation.

West Aurora’s newest member, Dr. Lori Reed asks too many questions. Based on her joining testimony, the organic chemist is assigned a series of common ministry tasks: ushering, childcare, and greeting guests. And she’s failed at every one. According to some, there’s no need for a chemist in the ministry.

Inspired by Lori’s earnest desire to serve, Bradley tries to help Lori fit-in at West Aurora. And he soon discovers the perfect place for the super-smart-sister with the cute sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. In his arms.

After the misfit minister and questioning chemist fall in love, they struggle to remain at a church that doesn’t embrace either one of them, until Grace Changes Everything.


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Friday, September 13, 2019


A student and teacher of the Bible, EJ Brock is a phenomenal writer that specializes in spiritual insight. She is best known for her two award-winning spiritual warfare sagas: "A Spirit Mate Love Story" and "A Sanctioned Mate Series." "Where fact and fiction collide" is how her readers describe her work.

EJ writes outside the box so paranormal is the genre that can most accurately describes her brilliance, but her imagination isn't bound by any standard. From EJ you can expect to experience strong alpha males, relatable females, spiritual dilemmas, angels, demons, romance, interracial relationships, mystery and drama all in one sweeping plot. Her unique writing style earned her four highly coveted awards: 2017 Romance Slam Jam Author of the year, Book of the Year, Hero of the Year, and Heroine of the Year.

Readers can relate to her flawed characters as they navigate their way through life's spiritual journey. In both of her series, the angels are not living in the glass darkly, but amongst God's "so loved" humanity. While her series may be considered extremely edgy, they are written with the symbolic gospel theme, "There has never been redemption without the shedding of blood."

 Visit EJ online:

Lucifer has unleashed a host of vengeful Faustian spirits from Hell, and Indiana is ground zero! His instructions are to stage an all-out attack on Christians and sinners alike. A megachurch and a school are the main targets, but homes, businesses, and prisons have also fallen prey. 

Brock has spent months, assisting the Alter-Egos, rounding up those dark bodiless spirits. The vast majority of whom have set their sights on the members of his family. 

Meanwhile, Pastor Floyd Walker has been called on by God to breathe life back into the megachurch that ousted him, years ago. He yields to the call because, as the founding pastor, Grace Christian Tabernacle was, is, and will always be, his bitter cup!! 

Can darkness defeat light? Ask these two powerful men! 

While one fights with his physical might, the other fights with the might of his praying and preaching tongue. But, neither are aware that an unlikely third force is quietly fighting alongside both of them, as the people of Indiana endure a battered road to restoration.


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