Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1 by Jae Henderson

If you could stop a woman from making the same mistakes you did would you—whether it be in love, friendships, profession, finances, or health. In “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1” Jae Henderson has crafted six short inspirational stories designed to educate women on the importance of carefully considering your options when traveling through this journey we call life. Each character allows you to peek into their lives and experience the joys and the pains of love, sex, success, family, and more. These stories could be described as fables for adults. Just like the ones you read as children, except with adult content and real drama. You are invited to learn the moral of each story that will surely nourish the spirit and strengthen the soul.

You Are Beautiful

Take Care of Those You Love

Sex Is More Than Just Sex

Mentorship is Mandatory

Success Is the Best Revenge

You Reap What You Sow

Each story is firmly rooted in Biblical principles and is jam packed with exciting life-altering situations and life-applicable teachings. Once again, demonstrating that God is good. He may not always keep you from falling, but He can arrange for you to make a soft landing. Be inspired today!


When I got home, I decided to give some serious thought to if I wanted breast implants. In order to see how the other half lived, I put the DD falsies in my bra and went to the mirror to see the result. I wasn’t sure that I looked better with them, but I sure did look different. The dust on the mirror reminded me that I hadn’t cleaned lately. The house was a mess. Tyler and I worked so much we didn’t clean up the way we should. I turned on Janet Jackson’s greatest hits CD to keep me company as I went about my duties.

I decided to start in the kitchen and sang “Control” as I washed the dishes. I mopped the floor to “Rhythm Nation.” The mop doubled as my microphone, and I sang into the handle as if I was onstage performing one of my songs. At one point, I put the mop down and did the dance routine from the video that my friends and I once worked hours to perfect for a student talent show. I was surprised that I actually still remembered most of the movements. As I bounced around on our tile floor, I felt the rise and fall of the falsies against my own breasts. I barely felt anything move when I danced before.

Our town house is small, but it’s a dust magnet, and having a cat doesn’t help either. I kept on bouncing as I proceeded to clean, dust, and vacuum the living room and dining room. Afterward, I headed upstairs to the bedroom. I stopped bouncing momentarily while I changed the sheets on the bed. I put on the bottom sheet, unfolded the top sheet, and gave it a good hard snap. As it fell into place across the bed, Tyler appeared on the other side of the bed with a large bouquet of flowers in his hands.

I smiled and began to reach for them. He suddenly dropped the flowers on the bed, ran over to me, and exclaimed, “You look great! Why didn’t you tell me you were having surgery today? I would have come with you. How long until I can touch them? Do they hurt? I wondered what you would look like with big ole titties, and now I know. I got me a regular Pamela Lee Anderson. I can’t wait to show you off!”

“You idiot!” I screamed. I picked the flowers up from the bed and hit him repeatedly in the face with them as hard as I could. He put his hands up as a shield and quickly backed away out of my reach.

“What is wrong with you, woman?! Have you lost your mind?”

I glared at him with my death ray vision and yelled, “No, but you are stupid!” I then slid my hand under my shirt, took out one rubber titty, hurled it at him as hard as I could, and followed it with the other. Unfortunately, I have bad aim and missed him entirely. One landed inside the closet. The other hit the dresser and tumbled to the floor near his feet. Our cat, Tabitha, thought it was some kind of toy. She pounced on it and swatted it in between her paws.

The look of shock on Tyler’s face migrated into disappointment, and then shame. I really thought he had my best interests at heart. Maybe Tyler wasn’t the man I thought he was. I used to think I looked okay, but now I felt like Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Does anybody know where I can find sanctuary? My feelings need protection. Was having small breasts that bad? He looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, Pussycat. I thought . . .” His voice trailed off.

I looked at him and snarled. He’d better be quiet. There were no words to fix what he had done, and he seemed to know it. Tyler headed toward the door of our bedroom and before exiting he said, “For what it’s worth, you are beautiful. Big breasts or not, I love you, and my life would be empty without you.”

I didn’t bother to respond. Instead, I turned around and finished making our bed. It now had colorful flower petals all over it that I had to remove.

Jae Henderson 

After embracing careers as a radio talk show host, marketing and media professional, and voice over artist, Jae Henderson decided to add inspirational romance author to her roles.

She first displayed her witty way with words and keen insight into the human emotion through her inspirational romance trilogy: “Someday,” “Someday, Too” and “Forever and a Day”. She most recently released her first book of short stories, “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1”. It contains six inspirational stories to nourish the spirit. Her entertaining tales about the astounding power of love and God’s ability to care for us in the midst of life’s storms have been warmly received by readers of all ages.

Jae Henderson is a graduate of The University of Memphis where she earned a BA in Communications and an MA in English. She is the former host and producer of On Point, a once popular radio talk show geared toward youth and young adults. Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a success as a voice over artist. Her signature voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and even a couple of cartoons. When Jae isn’t writing, she works as a public relations specialist and college professor. She currently resides in her hometown of Memphis, TN.

Get to know Jae:

After releasing three full-length novels what made you decide to write a book of short stories.

I was writing short stories before I began writing novels. I was actually going to release them first but after sharing that with a fellow author and receiving her feedback, I decided not to. It seemed best to let readers get to know me through longer works before I introduced them to my shorter works.

How many short stories does it contain?

It contains a total of six short stories. Six of them have been previously released individually and three of them are new. Who should read this book?

Every woman over the age of 13 should read this book. It is full of great anecdotal stories that women can relate to and learn from. Women of every age group and every walk of life can take something of value away from each one.

You said three of the stories have already been released what kind of feedback did you get from those?

It has been amazing! I received tons of positive feedback after releasing the first story,” You are Beautiful” but one in particular stands out in my mind. I had a mother who read it and recommended it to her teenage daughter who was struggling with her self-image and self-esteem because she wasn’t as physically developed as some of her peers. They both loved it! It also helped her daughter learn how to ignore the mean comments of other kids and realize that she is beautiful just the way God made her. They actually called me, and I wanted to cry because that is exactly why I wrote it. I wanted to tell people to stop comparing themselves to the media’s standards of beauty and use their own standards. We all have some part of our body we don’t like but that doesn’t make us inferior. Every woman is beautiful. We are God’s greatest creation.

I had one reader tell me that “Sex is More Than Just Sex” was ( I am paraphrasing here) the new age version of Dr. Juanita Bynum’s “No More Sheets”. She enjoyed my candid portrayal of sex–the good, the bad, and the ugly—and what can happen when indulging in casual sex. She said she didn’t want it to end and asked me to consider making it a novel. I love Dr. Bynum so that was a HUGE compliment for me.

I know I’ve written a good story when people tell me that they don’t want it to end. I can’t wait for people to read the other three and tell me what they think of those as well.

You have launched your ebook with the theme Love Thyself. What is that about?

My books typically come out in February, which is the month that includes Valentine’s Day. I wanted to remind women that they should always love themselves. Relationships with someone wonderful are great but you are your most precious commodity and we should each make sure that we are treating ourselves well. One good way to do that is by arming ourselves with knowledge that can help us escape many of the common pitfalls of life. I believe that reading my books is a great way to assist with that. So love thyself by reading “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1”.

What’s next?

I am still working on a couple of new novels. Although, I have no idea when they will be released just yet. I’m also working on “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 2”. I’ve been submitting my short stories for other compilations by other authors and publishing companies as well. In the coming months, I really want to branch out and expand my readership.

What do you want people to know about you?

I’m a woman of God who loves to write to encourage and inspire others within entertaining tales.

Find the author:










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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guest Blogger: Jean Alicia Elster - The Colored Car

Formerly an attorney, Jean Alicia Elster is the author of the novel The Colored Car—for ages 8 and older—published by Wayne State University Press and released in September 2013. The Colored Car was selected as a 2014 Michigan Notable Book by the Library of Michigan. Elster is, also, the author of the companion novel Who’s Jim Hines?—for ages 8 and older—published by Wayne State University Press. Released in August 2008, it is now in its second printing. Who’s Jim Hines? was selected as one of the Library of Michigan’s 2009 Michigan Notable Books. She is also the author of the children’s book series “Joe Joe in the City,” published by Judson Press.

The Colored Car by Jean Alicia Elster is a continuation of the Ford family’s story, based on real events in their history as an African American family in Detroit in the 1930s, as first introduced in Who’s Jim Hines?. Each summer, life for May Ford and her four daughters revolves around the summer kitchen—that hot and steamy, white-washed two-room wooden building that stands behind the wood yard that is a part of the Douglas Ford Wood Company. Toiling in the summer kitchen, when fruits and vegetables are ripe, May cans--put up in jars--food for the family to eat for the rest of the year.

In the summer of 1937, May Ford’s decision to take a break from canning and bring her four daughters with her as she visits her own mother down in Clarksville, Tennessee sets in motion a series of events that prove to be life-changing for the oldest daughter, twelve-year-old Patsy. From the time Patsy, her mother and sisters enter the plush first-class train car at the Michigan Central Station in the heart of Detroit to the time they disembark at the small cramped train station in Clarksville, Patsy’s life—and her outlook on life—are changed in ways she could never have imagined. In The Colored Car, Patsy learns about notions of justice – and injustice – not only in America below the Mason-Dixon line, but in her own neighborhood back home in Depression-era Detroit.

Speak about your family history and how it relates to The Colored Car.

The Colored Car is based on real events in my maternal family’s history. My grandparents came to Detroit in 1922 and my grandfather started a wood business, the Douglas Ford Wood Company. My grandmother was an integral part of that business—taking orders, keeping the books—but she also managed the household with canning, sewing and caring for their five children. My grandparents were also central to the stability of their neighborhood. This story explores their relationship within the community while we witness their oldest daughter, Patsy, as she experiences events foreign to the world as she knows it.

What is your interest in the 1920-1930 in Detroit and how it relates to The Colored Car?

I have a particular interest in the early 20th century. It is my favorite historical period, both in American history in general and African American history in particular. Per Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” It was the best of times for African Americans as many new avenues in life were opening up, particularly regarding educational possibilities and expanded opportunities to make a living and support their family. It was the worst of times because African Americans were still confronted with rampant segregation throughout the country—both Jim Crow (by law) and de facto (in practice) as well as the horror of lynchings throughout the South. The Colored Car takes place in a time of a racial turmoil within our country as well as great possibilities and opportunities for African Americans.

How long did it take you to write The Colored Car?

The actual chapter book, I spent about 2 years writing. However, parts of the plot were first developed as a picture book, about a dozen years ago, when I was writing the proposal that I submitted to the publisher of my Joe Joe in the City series. I submitted chapter outlines for 5 books. The publisher, Judson Press, selected 4 of the book outlines for the seroes. The 5th outline formed the basis for a few chapters of The Colored Car.

Are the names of your characters in your novels important?

Only 3 names of the immediate members of the Ford family are their actual names: Douglas Ford, Sr., Douglas Ford, Jr., ad Jean Fuqua. The other names: Patsy, Laura, Annie are names of some of my maternal ancestors.

Why do you like about writing for children (as oppose to adult literature)?

I like creating characters in adolescence or at the cusp of adolescence. There’s quite a bit of freedom as a writer in being able to create adult-like situations that a young character is experiencing or reacting to for the first time. I enjoy molding my characters in that way.

Tell us about the cover art for your book: Who designed it? What do you like about it?

Cover art designed and created by Baltimore artist Lauren Castillo. What I particularly like about this art work is how it captures the essence of Patsy’s experience on that fateful train ride and draws the reader into the story.

What is the message you want readers to take away from The Colored Car?

A central message of all my books is that there will always be challenges in life, but they can be overcome.

What got you interested in writing?

My interest in writing started when I was a youngster, watching my Grandmother Ford who was a prodigious letter writer, writing long letters using an ink pen which she dipped in an inkwell. The process fascinated me. I’ve been writing stories since I was 6 years old, old enough to know how to write and construct a sentence.

Do you have a favorite author?

I have a few: My favorite English-speaking writer is Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre. My favorite American author is Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird. My favorite contemporary author is Edwidge Danticat, author of The Dew Breaker.

Tell us a little more about yourself: What do you do when you’re not writing books?

I’m a grant writer for a nonprofit agency that provides shelter for homeless youth and young adults. I like to walk and hike, visit museums and galleries. I’ve been known to go on knitting binges. And, in keeping with the Ford family tradition, I have made one quilt. • Do you have advice for other writers and authors?

Finish what you start. I say that because so many people come to me and begin “I’d like to write a book…” or “I have this idea for a book…” At least start it and then, most importantly, finish it.

How can we contact you or find out more about your books?

Please visit my website: www.jeanaliciaelster.com If you enjoyed this post, please consider becoming a member of SORMAG's community - Join Today

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Heart - The New Television Series By Iris Bollings

I had the pleasure of interviewing the cast of the new tv show - The Heart. Listen to the interview, then sit back and watch the new show.

Upload MP3 and download MP3 using free MP3 hosting from Tindeck.

Congratulation Iris - SORMAG is so proud of you.  For those still working on your dreams.  Believe working the garden does bear beautiful fruit.

Tell us what you think about the interview and the new show.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Cracks in My Palms by Thomas C. Ross

Cracks in My Palms was written simply because I grew tired of waiting on someone else to write it!

The topic you you’ve been hoping your favorite rapper would address. I’ve taken the liberty to address.

The war within yourself, the battle raging in your mind, trying to maintain sanity in a insane world. I’ve put that in words so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.

The many twist and turns of an relationship that leaves us asking “what exactly is love?” I like to think I’ve answered that question perfectly.

You’ll see life through the eyes of the down trodden.

For once you read words uplifting women, vice degrading them!

You’ll experience the uncertainty of a father who knows he can’t be here among the living forever, and just wants the best for his princess.

You will experience life RAW, uncut, absent of the Hollywood filter.

You’ll laugh, cry, smile become angry, and love it.

This book was not written simply to entertain you.

It was written to awakened the dead in spirit, to cause the bitter to love once more, to empathize with the bereaved, to cause debate, to force those who always feel to think, to question the black and white lines of world that divide us.

This book was written for you, you just don’t know it yet!

Love is understanding , love is prayer, love is forgiveness
love is taken for granted, love is rare, love is relentless
love hurts,love lives, love gives,love is fierce
loves a bitch,your pride love is guranteed to pierce,
love dilligently works
love pushes, love strains, love strives,
love weathered under pressure sometmes bursts
a love deprived cries because its dying of thirst,
love can be exciting or mellow and mild
love can drive a young man wild
love hears, love see’s, love learns , love teaches
love expects, love delivers, when love is lost, love seeks it
love believes, love dreams , love tries, love fails
love is pure, love endures, love fights, love prevails
love is heaven , love is hell,love is freedom, love is a cell
love is a blessing, love is a curse,love is a lesson loves is..
The most Perfect Imperfection
love is ridicule,love is pivotal,love is a very difficult wish for two
love is loyal,love is honest,love is Principle
love is progress,love is mystical, love is a promise, love is invincible
love is God’s hands, God’s earth, God’s breath of life,the creation, God’s Man
Love is a Man’s life, his rib,his Wife, God’s Plan
Love is the unconquerable emotion that superceedes all
love is everything created shaken together
love is beyond boundaries without measure
love is here, love is now, love is forever..yeah Love is Forever.

Get to know the author:

How long have you been writing?

I started off writing at the age of six. I entered my very first story in the Young Authors contest. I did not win due to the graphic nature of my story. (I wrote a horror story) However, I got a honorable mention and kudos from various teaching saying that my story was great, but it was just too gory. Lol

Who is your greatest influence when regarding writing?
My greatest influence is the great Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Langston Hughes and Gill-Scott Herring as far as poetry is concerned. Now regarding novels I love, Stephen King, Alex Haley, Claude Brown, Dick Gregory and I have a guilty pleasure; I enjoy Zane.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is the bible. I have yet to find a book more controversial, more historically accurate, and more globally misunderstood then the bible. It us beyond intriguing. It’s like only a select group of people were set apart to truly grasp the books overall objective. It’s a classic.

How far do you want to take your writings?

My personal goal is to one day be able to write for a living.

My ultimate goal is to change the world one reader at a time.

Will any of your personal trials or tribulations be addressed in your writing?

In every book I will be revealing a piece of me that no one knows, writing is therapeutic and I owe my fans all of me!

What is your motivation behind writing?

First and foremost my daughter. Outside of serving proudly in the Navy, I want my daughter to be proud of who the man her father is by continuing to earn a respectable living

Secondly a past lover whom I still care for deeply once told me that I could do anything I wanted to, but writing she said “you were born to write and your just wasting your talent”. So I want to make her proud as well wherever she may be.

Find the Author/Buy the Book:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1479192082/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1382332999&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/AuthorThomasRoss?__user=1000661872


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Storytellers Online Book Tour - Left for Dead by Ebony Canion

“Victory at all costs…in spite of all terror…however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” - Winston Churchill

Ebony Canion is no stranger to adversity. In fact, her countless traumatic experiences in her childhood and adulthood have molded her to be strong, resilient, and faithful, in short—a survivor.

But on that fateful day, June 30, 2012, her strength was tested more than ever before. Run over, then dragged for over two hundred feet, Ebony Canion was left for dead. She sustained multiple serious injuries and was in a coma for nearly two months. But keeping with the pattern of her life, Ebony’s spirit of faithfulness was bent but never broken. And it was then, healing in the hospital, that Ebony decided to share her story with the world. 

As an inspiration to all who know her, Ebony’s will to overcome, more importantly to survive, is unparalleled. She started a T-shirt company, Survival Story Tees, which empower others to let their scars tell their story. Ebony wants to show people all over the world that despite your scars—your journey and disappointments—they tell a story. 

Ebony’s scars show that no matter what situation she is confronted with, she will survive. Her book, Left for Dead (Life Changing Books- Jan, 2014), will show that despite her many obstacles, she will never be defeated—she will survive.


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Monday, February 10, 2014

FEATURED AUTHOR: Dominique Watson

Dominique Watson is a published author. Dominique has published nine books in the genres of poetry, inspiration and urban Christian fiction, including her most popular series, Concealed Betrayal. Concealed Betrayal Part 2: Zora’s Infuriation is Dominique’s latest book.

Dominique is also the Founder and Owner of Diamond M’press Publications. She’s currently hosting the Author’s Guidance Program which can be found at www.diamondmpresspublications.com

She’s the co-owner of PEN’Ashe Literary Magazine along-side Darryl Mims. www.penashemagazine.com

Dominique spends a lot of time mentoring authors and writers through Literary Career Moves, which you can learn more about by visiting www.LiteraryCareerMoves.com.

Dominique can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

For more about the dynamic Dominique Watson, check her out at: www.Author-DominiqueLWatson.com

What would you like readers to take away from your book?

-Forgiveness. Honesty in relationships and strength between families. How one must let go in order to let God work.

What did you learn about yourself in terms of your strong points and weak points while writing this book?

-That I have the ability to bring out a lot more in my writings. I can really dig deep within myself and the possibilities are endless.

Our theme for this issue, SETTING GOALS, do you have a system you use for setting goals for the year (calendars, vision boards etc.)?

-I like to use my iPad and list my tasks. Goals as far as being number one here or there or accomplishing a certain type of status through my work, I normally keep within myself. Kinda keep it on lock and key but have it placed in the back of my mind and every so often I am reminded of that goal and I like to see my progress. So my system is to tell no one. I keep it right with me and self-motivate.

Do you have any advice for setting goals for writing?

-Pace yourself! Trust yourself and motivate yourself. Don’t expect someone else’s goals to be the same as yours and keep small goals! Always look at how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.

What advice would you offer to someone whose book is about to be released?

-Calm down! Lol Pat yourself on the back and get ready for the hard work. Promotion is the key to success. Writing the book is only half the job. Now you have to promote it.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to make a career of writing?

-Understand that this business is tough. Some people are not always out to help you. You have to grind hard in this industry and understand that success does not happen overnight. You have to work for everything.

Who was the first author you ever met?

-I have not met any authors in person. I do however email lots of authors and they actually respond. Joy Deja King is one of them and I admire authors who do that.

What are you reading right now?

-Michael Connelly’s The God’s Guilty

How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

-I can be reached at:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authordominiquelwatson

Twitter: www.twitter/almondeyesdiva

Instagram @authordominiquelwatson

Pinterest @authordominique

My Publishing Company: www.diamondmpresspublications.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/authordominiquelwatson

Oprah always asks, what do you know for sure?

-That I will write as long as I am able and that I will continue to inspire others as long as God continues to put the calling in me.

Anything you'd like to say to the readers of SORMAG?

-Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured.

Zora Young lives her life in anger and revenge. She is pissed! Her twenty-five year marriage is now over and she blames Tina. We met Zora in Concealed Betrayal when she walked into Tina’s house and slapped her for sleeping with her husband.

After years of praying and hoping her marriage would be restored, Zora’s husband Vernell serves her with divorce papers. Zora wants nothing more than to see both of them rot in hell. No one around her can have happiness.

Her college-aged son comes home with a secret and a newfound high on life, Zora, her sister and mother are dealing with the disease that is killing their father and husband. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong in Zora’s life.

Alcohol becomes her best friend as she pours out her pain in a journal. Zora doesn’t believe she has the ability to rebound from such grief. In a fateful twist of trying to help her son heal, she ends up healing herself.

Take a ride with Zora, a woman scorned, on an emotional rollercoaster in this fast-paced, Urban Christian Fiction Novel, the follow up to Concealed Betrayal.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Joneses Blog Tour

7 Questions with Shelia M. Goss and Giveaway

Shelia M. Goss is a national bestselling author and a screenwriter. The Joneses is her seventeenth book in print.

Where are you from and what jumpstarted your writing career?

I am from Louisiana – home of good food and good people (smile). I’m also an alumni of Southern University. I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old. When I was in elementary school, my teachers submitted my poems to Seedlings. In school, I’ve been on the yearbook staff, newspaper, etc. I decided to pursue writing as a career back in 1997. My first book outside of school was actually a collection of poems. It was called Embraced by Love – The Relationship.

Writing was always something that I wanted to do, but I originally had planned on waiting until I retired. After losing my dad and hearing of Princess Diana’s death, it dawned on me that life was too short and I shouldn’t wait to pursue my dreams. So, while I was still working, I would write at night, during my break, at lunchtime, etc. When the right opportunity came, it was just the right time to go ahead and put everything I had into it.

What genre(s) do you write?

I write in multiple genres: women’s fiction, romance, Christian fiction, suspense, young adult, etc.

What is your favorite sort of character?

One that is flawed. No one’s perfect in real life, so the characters in my books aren’t either. They have issues just like a friend, a co-worker or a stranger on the street would have.

What's something about yourself that readers may not know?

I love to play spades and dominoes. I'm a Virgo and Prince is my all time favorite music artist.

Were there things from “your world” incorporated into this storyline?

I don’t write about my real life. All of my books are fiction; any resemblance to anyone real is purely a coincidence.

What words of advice would you give an aspiring writer?

The best advice I could give an aspiring writer is to write, write, write. Write a complete manuscript, revise, join networking groups and research. Google is a writer’s best friend. When asking questions to other authors, be specific. A generic question like “how can I get my book published?” will not yield you the response that you want. Why? Because there’s no magic formula to getting your book published, but yet, there are many books written on the subject. Asking specific questions will show that you’ve taken the time to do your research and possibly read some of those books or articles and that you’re serious about the craft of writing.

What's next for Shelia Goss?

2014 is off to a good start. I have several pending projects that I hope to finalize in the first quarter. I'm working on a couple of new books as well as writing a couple of screenplays. Thirsty-The Movie that's based on one of my original screenplays has a Facebook page. To keep up with the process of what's going on with the movie, be sure to "like" the page: https://www.facebook.com/theThirstyMovie

To keep up with all of my projects, be sure to bookmark my website www.sheliagoss.com.

About The Joneses:

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t all it’s made out to be. In this intriguing novel full of drama and plot twists, one family tries to hold on to their “perfect” life before their secrets, lies, and scandals are exposed.

On the outside, the Joneses seem like the ideal family: Royce Jones, a funeral home mogul, and his wife, Lexi, are parents to Charity, Hope, and Lovie—and everybody wants to be them. But it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, and the Joneses are harboring secrets that can’t stay hidden forever…It’s only a matter of time before the Joneses’ perfect life goes spinning out of control.

Order your copy of THE JONESES from Simon & Schuster

(http://books.simonandschuster.com/Joneses/Shelia-M-Goss/9781593095222) or purchase from other online retailers such as:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1593095228/simonsayscom

Barnes &Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-joneses-sheila-m-goss/1115884720?ean=9781593095222

IndieBound: http://www.indiebound.org/book/9781593095222

Available in stores everywhere on February 18, 2014.

More About the Author: Shelia Goss writes in multiple genres. USA Today says, “Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…” She's received many accolades in her career, including being a finalist in the mystery category for the 2013 AA Literary Award Show and a 2012 Emma Award Finalist. Her books have been on several best sellers lists, such as: Essence Magazine, Dallas Morning News and Black Expressions Book Club. Shelia loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact her via her website: www.sheliagoss.com or follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sheliagoss or Twitter: www.twitter.com/sheliamgoss.


Lexi Jones, one of the main characters, from THE JONESES loves her handbags so it’s just befitting that the grand prize be a handbag. Contest ends on February 25, 2014.


One (1) random entrant will receive a small Coach handbag {Retail value: $188.00, 10 3/4″(L) x 7″(H) x 3 1/4″(W)} and Bath & Body Works minatures (Retail value: $19.75)


One (1) random entrant will receive an autographed copy of Montana’s Way.


Ten (10) random entrants will receive the electronic version of the book Hollywood Deception.

Open to U.S. & Canada residents only. Avoid where prohibited by law.

To enter please use the rafflecopter form below.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Many Strange Women by Parker J. Cole

Solomon Greene made a deal with God.

If He'd send him an unattractive woman, he'd marry her on sight and do what was spiritually right. After all, he needed that kind of wife to help him escape from his sordid past.

Celeste Martin made a deal with Solomon. She'd be his ugly wife. All she wanted in return was his name. She was in love with her sister's fiance and he would be the only man she'd ever love.

Solomon had no idea that he'd find his wife fascinating. Celeste didn't know that one taste from her husband's lips would have her wanting more. Yet many strange women were between them.

Could Solomon ever escape from his past?

Could Celeste ever love her husband?


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Monday, February 03, 2014


This month SORMAG will spotlight some of our favorite authors who have passed. Our first author is Francis Ray

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Francis Ray is a native Texan and lives in Dallas. A graduate of Texas Woman’s University. In 1999 and 2000 she was nominated for Texas Woman’s University Distinguished Alumni Award. She was honored to give the 2010 winter commencement address. Ms. Ray’s titles consistently make bestseller’s lists such as Blackboard and Essence Magazine. INCOGNITO, her sixth title, was the first made-for-TV movie for BET. She has written forty-three titles to date. Awards include Romantic Times Career Achievement, EMMA, The Golden Pen, The Atlantic Choice, and Borders 2008 Romance Award for Bestselling Multicultural Romance. IF YOU WERE MY MAN was selected as Written magazine Book of the Year.THE TURNING POINT, her first mainstream, was a finalist for the prestigious HOLT Medallion Award.

At the release event for THE TURNING POINT in May 2001, she established The Turning Point Legal Fund to assist women of domestic violence to help restructure their lives. Her second mainstream, I KNOW WHO HOLDS TOMORROW, May 2002, made the bestseller’s list of The Dallas Morning News, Blackboard, Black Expressions Book Club, and Essence Magazine. The book was one of five titles selected as Book Club Favorites for Black Issues Book Review Best of 2002.SOMEBODY’S KNOCKING AT MY DOOR, her third mainstream, was released May 2003 and made bestseller’s lists across the country.

ROCKIN’ AROUND THAT CHRISTMAS TREE, a holiday collaboration with Donna Hill, came out in November 2003. Other books include SOMEONE TO LOVE ME December 2003, TROUBLE DON’T LAST ALWAYS January 2004, FIRST TOUCH February 2004, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE February 2004, LOVE AT LEO’S July 2004, and THE FALCON SAGA August 2004. Her fourth mainstream, LIKE THE FIRST TIME, was released in May 2004 and also made the Essence bestseller’s list. January 2005 continued the Living Large stories, a concept of Ms. Ray’s of fashionable and fabulous full-figured women with BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY.

February 2005 was a major personal triumph with the release of her first Christian fiction, Then Sings My Soul, in a trade anthology from Harlequin/Steeple Hill titled HOW SWEET THE SOUND. March 2005 saw the release of the long-awaited continuation of The Graysons of New Mexico series with YOU AND NO OTHER. Her fifth mainstream and thirtieth title, ANY RICH MAN WILL DO, was released October 2005 and made the Essence list two months in a row. In 2005 two of Ms. Ray’s titles, SOMEONE TO LOVE ME and I KNOW WHO HOLDS TOMORROW were released in hard cover with large print by Thorndike.

In 2006 TROUBLE DON’T LAST ALWAYS, HOW SWEET THE SOUND, and ANY RICH MAN WILL DO were also selected by Thorndike as well.IN ANOTHER MAN’S BED, her sixth mainstream and Book #3 of the Invincible Women Series was released February 2007. NOT EVEN IF YOU BEGGED — Book #4 in the series came out January 2008 and made #3 on Essence Magazine‘s bestseller’s list.IRRESISTIBLE YOU — Book #4 of the Graysons of New Mexico — hit stores March 2007. Book #5 — ONLY YOU — was released October 2007. THE WAY YOU LOVE ME is Book # 1 of the new and exciting Grayson Friends Series and was released August 2008. Book #2 of the series, NOBODY BUT YOU, hit stores March 2009 and promptly made the New York Times and USA Today bestseller’s list. ONE NIGHT WITH YOU, Book #3 was scheduled for November 03, 2009. Leading off 2010 was IF YOU WERE MY MAN, book # 6 in the Invincible Women series. March 30th saw the reissue readers have clamored for, FOREVER YOURS, book # 1 of the Taggart series.

A brand new release, IT HAD TO BE YOU, book # 4 in the Grayson Friends series, hits bookstores April 27th. ONLY HERS, book # 2 in the Taggart series came out August 2nd. Closing out the year on December 7th was the reissue of HEART OF THE FALCON, book # 1 of the Falcon series. 2011 should be just as exciting. BREAK EVERY RULE, book # 2 of the Falcon series, hit stores March 29th. Scheduled to be released on June 21st are UNDENIABLE and TWICE THE TEMPTATION, Ms. Ray’s first short story collection. TROUBLE DON’T LAST ALWAYS will hit stores November 1st. The Wish, a holiday ebook will be released November 29, 2011

Ms. Ray will have five titles in 2013. First up is my 50th book ALL I EVER WANTED, February 26, 2013, then $1.99 eBook ALL OF MY LOVE, May 14, 2013. Next is AFTER THE DAWN, June 18, 2013. ALL THAT I NEED, is slated to hit stores July 2, 2013. We will end the year with one of the most requested incredible man in the Graysons series, Rio Sanchez in ALL THAT I DESIRE, October 29, 2013.



Nothing can stop a woman like Skylar Dupree once she makes up her mind. Defying her family and leaving law school, she’s landed her dream job as an event director at the prestigious Navarone Resorts and Spas in Arizona. It’s all that Skylar’s ever desired—until she sees Rio Sanchez, the resort’s head of security and Blade Navarone’s own personal bodyguard. He’s the sexiest, most striking man she’s ever met.


When Skylar starts planning a huge charity auction at the resort, it’s Rio’s job to keep an eye on the prized art she collects from donors. Though he’s not blind to Skylar’s beauty, Rio is nothing if not professional—and he refuses to make a move. But when a mysterious stranger enters the picture—and puts Skylar’s life in danger—Rio attempts to protect her…only to be told, in no uncertain terms, that Skylar is capable of taking care of herself. Her brazen independence is enough to drive Rio crazy…with desire. Could it be that the strong, hard-hearted Rio has finally met his match?

Tell us about your favorite memory of Francis for a chance to win $10.00 Amazon giftcard.

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