Thursday, May 23, 2019

BOOK EVENT - #MOMBOSS Book Launch - St. Louis, Missouri

One of my favorite things to do is to meet new authors.  I had the pleasure of meeting 11 new authors of newly released #1 Amazon Bestselling Anthology, #MOMBOSS at their book launch this weekend.

Arriel Bivens-Biggs the creator of Young Biz Kidsz and mom manager of kidpreneur – Mikey Wren - Mikey Knows Biz invited me to the book launch and I was happy to attend.  Instead of your average book signing, these ladies turned theirs into an intimate event filled with friends, family and new readers.

I stepped into the center and the room was transformed into beautiful setting using the books brand colors. There was a table for refreshments, a candy table full of sweet goodies, and table that displayed the contributor’s products.

The event was hosted by Winnie Elizabeth, mom manager of kidpreneur -  Sidney Keys III - Books N Bros LLC

The book signing was held while others enjoyed the refreshments. I had the pleasure of meeting each contributor who were in matching t-shirts.  They are excited about being new authors and a few admitted to wanting to write more books.

I think this is the first time I’ve had an anthology autographed by all the contributors.

This is a book of inspirational stories of Mommy Managers helping their children build businesses, manage money and develop confidence through entrepreneurship.

After the autographing session, each contributor introduces themselves and talk about the business their children are building and why they participated in the anthology. 

These women are phenomenal because they didn’t sit on their children dreams, they encouraged them and help them come true.  I admire their determination and ability to keep their children on track to building their business while still being mom and sometimes wives.

As a person who believes in working on your dream, I was inspired by each of their stories.

This was a fun event and I’m happy that I attended. I look forward to seeing what these ladies and their kidpreneurs do in the future.

If your child has been talking about starting a business, or you’ve thought about starting your own business, you will benefit from reading their words of wisdom.

CLICK here to get a copy of the book.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Book Spotlight - Positions of Compromise by W Mason Dunn

Fifty-two-year-old LORETTA JENKINS refuses to let age slow her down. She throws herself into her job as Human Resources Manager at Westcott Steel Building. Dubbed as “at-work-mom,” Loretta is drawn into two reluctant friendships: one with her assistant, DANI FERGUSON; and another with SASHA McFADDEN, the Vice President’s receptionist.

DANI  and her husband have been praying for another child for years. Her desperation for another child is wreaking havoc on her marriage and causing her to lose faith in God. Can she find a way to trust God and save her marriage?

SASHA had been living in her vehicle when she landed the job as a receptionist for the Vice President of Westcott Steel Buildings. She soon becomes the object of his sexual advances. Sasha is faced with making a wrenching decision: keep quiet or lose her job.

Even as Loretta is forced to take medical leave, she continues to work from home. When company information is leaked to the media, Loretta sets out to find the source of the leak.  What she discovers is more than a breach of confidentiality, it is Positions of Compromise.

Link to Purchase:
W Mason Dunn is the author of More Than Sisters, Faithful Father, A Family Dilemma, and Tell Me Your Story: A Family Journal. She and her husband, Donald Dunn, have been married 33 years and have two adult children. They reside in Tallahassee Florida.


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Monday, May 20, 2019

Book Picks Of The Week May 20 - May 26, 2019

Sincere Lewis is a young business owner who was lucky to find “the one.” After a short courtship, he and his love were married. Life was good and he was happier than he ever had been. When tragedy strikes while Sincere is on a cross country trip, he loses his beloved wife. Unable to cope, he spirals downhill.

"Isis thinks the big kids are mean to her because she is younger than them, and smaller than them. Sometimes, Isis is sad because she wants to be just like the other kids in her class." 
How will Isis find a way to cope with being different? Is there anything she can do? Find out how Isis worked her way through the many differences she experienced, being the youngest in her class. Reading about her experiences, is sure to help your tiny human navigate their way through the sometimes difficult things that happen at school.

This book is perfect for ne and young readers; geared toward ages 0-7.

Hannah Mayon came to Texas City searching for peace. After years of self-inflicted drama and her present situation, a change of scenery was necessary.

Jasiah Wilson has been in and out of trouble since he was fourteen. At the age of twenty-eight, life lessons have made him into the man he is today.

Turmoil caused them to stop, reevaluate, and pursue life-changing surroundings.

Living in Texas City, the unexpected happened, they found love. 

It’s Easter Sunday.

I’m sitting on the pew next to my Mom, handling my daughter duties when HE—Darius Grant— walks in sparking thoughts that guarantee I’m going straight to hell with gasoline panties on. 

I’m Charlee Stuart. I’ve joined my best friends in starting an elite concierge service. My assignment is to find premium services for our upscale clientele. Truth is, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I won't fail my guys. 

He takes the seat in front of me blocking my view. At six foot, fine, and filthy rich, I'm hoping I won't be struck by lightning. Then I remember Darius is off limits. But his chocolates may be just what I need to test my skills of persuasion.

I’m not the kind of woman to chase a dude, but I might hop in his direction. And I’m making a promise on this hard-ass pew before the Man and my momma, that I will not…will not fall for Darius again.

Then he turns and winks in my direction.  For the love of things hot and tempting, please...

Father...take me now!

Stephanie Whitmore had it all together. A young, wealthy businesswoman, with a sexy, and positive attitude, engaged to a man women salivated to spend time in his company. Donnie Johnson, an all-American, successful computer analyst with a passion for mentoring troubled youth, loved women. After a long business trip, Stephanie arrived a day early to Donnie's home to find her fiancé in a compromising position. With thoughts of suicide dancing in her head, and an evil voice encouraging her to kill herself, nothing could satisfy the pain in her heart but death. But God had other plans for her life, and once she listened to His voice, her life would be forever changed.
Pastor Daniel Winston served as the pastor of a large church in an urban community. A single man who longed to find a wife stayed in prayer asking God to bless him. When Stephanie rushed into his church covered in blood, he wanted to help her. When their hands touched, he experienced a spark that would ignite a fire in his heart so deep, he almost became blind to her issues and couldn't determine if he was trying to help her or himself. But when God is involved, nothing is as it seems and with His plans, the road to redemption may be rough, but the results so fulfilling.

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