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It takes a lot of courage to be an author. Especially in the 21st Century, when the new literary pathway to success is still being charted.  I liken being an author to being a hero. The other day I happened to being looking for synonyms for the word “heroes” and the following words were suggested: Supermen, Champions, Conquerors, Idols, Brave Men, Stars, and Leads. Now all of these words speak of individuals who perform above and beyond their human ability. It is my opinion that authors fit in every last one of those categories. Here’s why:

·         Authors are supermen and superwomen because they can lift unusually large boxes of books and a pop-up stand with a single hand while talking to their agent on their cellphone in the other hand.
·         Authors are champions because they still meet publishing deadlines while suffering from acute writer's block.

·         Authors are conquerors because they often persevere against the odds of getting their book published and survive the hundreds of rejection letters that they receive when pitching a new manuscript.
·         Authors are idols that humbly receive the praises of their loyal readership.
·         Authors are brave men and women who work hard to balance their work/life schedule with their writing schedule.

·         Authors are stars because they light up a room with their intellectual brilliance.
·         Authors uphold the lead because they are trailblazers, dreamers, and innovators creating new paradigm shifts in the thinking and emotional responses of their readers.

Authors are truly superheroes because they “dare to go where no man has gone before,” and write their way into the hearts and minds of their unsuspecting audience without speaking a single word. Now that’s powerful!

To all my fellow superheroes, 

Happy Writing

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