Thursday, September 30, 2021

BOOK OF THE DAY - Blue Thunder and the Flower by Karen Kay

He rescued her from danger. Then she stole his heart.


Working as a trick rider for Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, Blue Thunder of the Lakota Nation joins forces with two Assiniboine warriors in their mission to stop a hidden enemy who means to destroy the American Indian people. As a child, he’d witnessed the massacre of his friends and family, including the girl, Sweet Flower, whom he'd vowed to marry. The loss has left him with a burning ache and a prejudice against the white man. So how can he fall for a woman like Marci Fox?


Something terrible happened to Marci when she was a child; something that keeps her from remembering her early life. She jumps at the chance to travel from England to New York with her friends working with the Wild West show. But a last minute hitch means the only way to get there is to pretend she’s married to Blue Thunder. Her attraction to him is deep, yet something stands in the way of true happiness—the ghosts from his past and his commitment to a mission that could get him killed.


But soon, Blue Thunder and his friends must discover who the true enemy is and stop his evil plans before he can harm more of their people. Could uncovering the treachery get Blue Thunder killed? And, even if he survives the threat, can Blue Thunder and Marci overcome their past and discover the sweet flower of true love?


Warning: A sensuous romance that might stir one's heart to look for, discover and ignite a soul-stirring, forever love.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Book Of The Day - How To Become a Mompreneur in 4 Weeks by Lakeshia Wiliams


Hey Mom, you have an inner business that the world is waiting for!

Having now been a mompreneur for over 20 years, I can attest to understanding the various stages that small businesses "grow" through.

Yes, GROW...because this is a journey. At this moment you have a seed "idea" that you are ready to plant, water and watch harvest. However, starting a business as a mom does offer another level of challenges and rewards.

After working with hundreds of mompreneurs, I wrote this book as a way to cut out all the noise and decrease the overwhelm that is typically involved during the start-up process of building a business.

Information overload is real, leaving many potential mompreneurs lost, not making progress and ultimately tossing their idea or skills to the side all together.

I teach you how to create a simple strategy plan, break that plan down into micro-action steps and take your business from idea to launch in 4 weeks or less.

You will learn a great deal of information in this book, here are 5 highlighted things you will learn from reading this book:

  1. How to develop a strong mompreneurial mindset!
  2. How to create a financial plan to manage your expenses and pay yourself a salary from day one!
  3. Ways to market your business online and offline!
  4. How to create a cohesive brand identity and online brick & mortar!
  5. How to create a solid business model to set you up for long-term success!

This book will become "Your Business Blueprint"!


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Monday, September 20, 2021

Book Picks Of The Week - September 20, 2021



Mocha Kisses 

by Sharon Blount

After fleeing from Chicago amid a scandal, handsome pediatrician Lucas Lattimore arrives in Java City, ready for a fresh start. Laser-focused on opening his private practice and determined to peacefully settle into his new home, romance is the furthest thing from Lucas’s mind - until he stumbles across a beautiful stranger who offers to buy him a steaming cup of coffee. Mocha, to be exact.

When her best friend and brother get married, successful business owner Sheryl Collier is ready for another shot at love to go with the java she adores. Problem is, the hopeless romantic’s overprotective brothers have the all the eligible men in tiny Java City too scared to date her. Just when it looks like all of Sheryl’s romantic options have been depleted, the sexy Dr. Lucas saunters into her world and changes it forever. The fire between them is instantly ignited…until the devastating reason Lucas fled Chicago threatens to put it out. Armed with the truth that can destroy her family, will Sheryl turn Lucas away, or will love have the final say?

Come back to Java City and see what’s brewing!




Building Your Readership is an episode book on Kindle Vella.

Book promotion is all about building your readership. 

LaShaunda Hoffman shares 10 episodes to help you get on the path of becoming a Social Butterfly and building your readership.

Each episode includes action steps you can implement after reading the episode.

Are you ready to become a Social Butterfly and build your readership?




Love Slipped In

by W. Parks Brigham

Melvin Fowler and Senitra Winn attended the same high school. With Senitra being a couple of years older, they ran in two different cliques. That didn’t stop Melvin from making a nuisance of himself, especially with the older girls. He was one of those jocks that thought he was all of that…

 Ten years later they meet at Allanville’s Diamond Lounge and had a wonderful evening. Along the way they formed a strong friendship that resulted in them becoming best friends. Then she did a dumb and stupid thing, like develop feelings for fine azz Melvin Fowler. Uh-uhn, chestnut caramel skin tone, bearded face that she knew was soft to the touch, sexy dark whiskey-colored hooded eyes, pug nose, even that was cute, and inviting kissable lips. So, can you blame her? Anywhoo, they crossed the line and what do you think happened next? He did a disappearing act putting her deep in her feelings. Mmm-uhm, it’s cool, she thought until she found out about that little receipt!




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Friday, September 17, 2021

Kindle Vella – A New Way To Meet Readers



If you haven’t heard about Amazon’s new platform - Kindle Vella this summer, I have to believe you’ve been living in a cave.

Late spring Amazon debuted this new platform for readers.  The readers pay for each chapter instead of a whole book.  The author submits chapters, daily, weekly, or monthly.  This isn’t a new concept; a few other platforms offer it.  Amazon decided to get into the game.  They give you 200 tokens for free.  You can read a few books with them before you have to buy more.

I decided to try my hand at creating a book this way.  I visited the site and was surprised to see they had nonfiction books right along with the fiction books.  This was great for me because I wanted to write a new nonfiction book and thought this platform would be perfect for it.

Amazon ask that you commit to ten episodes – chapters.  I thought that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I outlined my chapters and submitted my first three chapters for Building Your Readership – How To Become A Social Butterfly. 

Then I got crickets for the first week. 

I decided to up my promotion game and created a few Tic Tok and IG Reels videos to see if I could get in front of some readers. 

The next week I got a few readers.

I will admit that it’s hard-to-get people over to look at the episodes because it’s a new platform and you know how we are about new platforms.  However, I’m going to continue promoting and writing my episodes until I reach my 10-episode goal.

If you haven’t stopped by Kindle Vella, I highly recommend you go check it out.  There are some interesting stories on the platform.  You might surprise yourself and find something you like.

Join me on this new writing journey.  Check out my new book -

Have you tried Kindle Vella as a reader or writer?





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