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SORMAG’S Online Book Club – June Schedule

SORMAG’S Online Book Club – June Schedule

June 1 Blaze – Barbara Keaton

June 5 Secret Lovers – Maxine Thompson

June 8 My Life Is All I Have -V. Anthony Rivers

June 12 Truth Be Told: Tales of Life, Love, and Drama by Black Men – Michael T. Owens

June 15 Tempered Hearts - Pamela S Thibodeaux

June 19 Hope and Desire - Theresa Grant

June 22 Zora's Cry - Tia McCollors

June 26 Misty Blue – Dyanne Davis

June 28 Trippin' - Michelle Buckley

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SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Joy King:
I was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in California, Maryland, and North Carolina. I attended NCCU and Pace University where I majored in journalism. In the late 90’s I emerged in the entertainment industry working at the Terrie Williams Agency and then heading up the Hip Hop Artist Relations for Click Radio. I now write full time and live in New Jersey with my son.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

Dirty Little Secrets is centered on the character Tyler Blake. As a young child she watches her mother leave her father for a rich man who she later finds out is abusive. This triggers a recipe for disaster with Tyler because she grows up insecure, yearning to be loved unconditionally by a man but ends up being attracted to men like her step father, who are rich, powerful and abusive. Tyler also has dreams of being a star which leads her to New York City. But in her pursuit of stardom she’s constantly sidetracked because her desperate need to be loved supercedes any sort of rational judgment on her part. Tyler is a flawed, complex character, whose behavior and actions aren’t sugar coated. The raw truth is exposed whether you agree with it or not.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

Of course I want readers to be entertained, but to also understand the importance of self love. The character Tyler Blake takes her life literally to the edge on more than one occasion because she doesn’t truly value herself. She places her value on the love from men she doesn’t feel worthy of.

SORMAG: Tell us about your publishing experience?

I was thrilled when I got my publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press. I felt that I would finally have the opportunity to have my voice heard with a major publishing house backing me. But being a new author and not having an agent I didn’t get a huge advance so I decided to write a street lit novel under a pen name to make some extra money and to also have my writing reach an entirely different audience that only read that genre of books, while awaiting the release of Dirty Little Secrets. Needless to say the whole situation turned into a nightmare and what should’ve been a very joyous time in my life soon became pure drama. I learned a lot from that, and I advise everyone that even if you don’t have an agent get a very competent attorney to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

SORMAG: Do you think an agent is necessary?

When I got my first two publishing deals I didn’t have an agent. But now I do, and I recommend that people eventually obtain one. An agent can think of perks for your contract that as an author you wouldn’t imagine asking for. They also have no problem with saying, “Show Me the Money,” where as an author you might feel uncomfortable doing so. But if you don’t want an agent get a savvy literary lawyer.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

That writing a novel is a creative experience and sometimes you want to take characters to dark places that some people wouldn’t actually consider normal but for a writer that’s part of the fun. But a lot of times as a writer if you step out of the box you get bashed by your readers. So please try not to be so hard on us!!(smile)

SORMAG: Do you have any promotional tips for writers?

DO YOU!! The majority of big publishing houses only care about selling books and crunching the numbers, not the author. You must take every opportunity to reach out to book clubs, vendors, and readers so they can get to know you as an author and your work. No one is going to work harder for you than you.

SORMAG: What is a favorite book from your childhood?

I was a huge fan of the Sweet Valley High book series. (ha ha ha)

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

I used to read books all the time, but ever since I became a writer it’s almost impossible for me to find the time to read. But I am a huge Jackie Collins fan.

SORMAG: What resources do you use on the net?

I’m a Google queen. If I’m writing a story that takes place in a city that I’ve never been, then I always use Google to get the details on key areas or landmarks that represent that area.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

Please visit me@ or email me at

EXCERPT: Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets
by Joy King

Later that night, I was at it again, partying with the hip and stylish, taking note that I simply had to invest in a New York-chic wardrobe. In Georgia I was in style and used to being the center of attention. Here I stood out like a sore thumb. But it wasn’t the time to dwell on that, because I was simply having too much fun. They were playing "Hate Me Now" by Nas, and T-Roc grabbed me by my waist and escorted me to the dance floor. He was grinding against me from behind with his face against the side of my cheek, and the essence of his cologne had me caught in his rapture. Up until that moment, I wasn’t sure T-Roc was attracted to me.

Although I felt cute, my confidence was a little low. Here I was in a new city at these industry parties surrounded by women who looked like they had just stepped out of InStyle. Everywhere I turned, there was a beautiful woman, but yet T-Roc was dancing with me. I felt special because I was dancing with the man that every other girl wanted. Why wouldn’t they? Not only was T-Roc on top of his game business wise, but he was also a very clean-cut and sharp-looking guy. Nobody possessed his style and his star presence was undeniable.

“How about you come home with me after the party?” T-Roc whispered in my ear before turning me around so we were face-to-face. It took all my strength to resist his offer but I knew what would happen and I wasn’t quite ready yet.

“I want to but I can’t.”

“Why can’t you?” His arms were still around me.

“I really have to study. I have an English test coming up, and if I don’t pass it, I might fail the class.” T-Roc gave me a bizarre look, like "Bitch, you can’t be serious," but I was. No, I wasn’t going to fail the class over this test, but I had to say something to get out of going home with him.

“I tell you what, pretty girl; you take your test, and I’ll catch you the next time around.” As T-Roc let go of my waist and left me standing on the dance floor, I felt my prom king had left his queen.

I lay in bed dreaming about how it would be for T-Roc to make love to me. It had been months since I had been intimate with someone, and wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if my next man was T-Roc?

A couple of days passed, and I didn’t hear from Jason. I was a tad disappointed, but at the same time I needed to concentrate on school. Once again I wasn’t focusing. More and more I was thinking that school wasn’t for me. But until I found something more productive, I figured I needed to stick it out. Tired of calling my parents for money every other week, I decided I needed a job. There was a restaurant right down the street from me looking for a part-time waitress, and I jumped on the opportunity. I put down a bunch of bogus prior waitress experiences, but they obviously didn’t check to see if it was true. To my delight I got the job. Once I was hired, a young woman named Chrissie was assigned to train me. She was a cute petite white woman who put me in mind of a younger version of Sarah Jessica Parker. To my surprise, Chrissie also attended NYU. We instantly clicked, and I finally had my first girlfriend in New York City.

During one of my rare moments of studying, Jason phoned to say that he was on his way to pick me up. That was fine by me; I was more than happy to close my English book and take an extended break. I hoped my mogul had told Jason that he wanted to see me because the last time I saw T-Roc he seemed a little put off that I declined his invitation to his crib. I’m sure he hadn’t gotten that type of brush-off often.

Jason and I went to the label, where I sat for awhile without T-Roc saying two words to me. He was busy running a label, and I started to wonder what I was doing there. It was amazing to see him at work because he was a very hands-on type of guy and an extreme perfectionist. When something didn’t go exactly the way he wanted, he had no qualms about having a tantrum right in front of everybody. After two hours of no one saying a word to me, Jason emerged, “Are you hungry?”

“A little bit.” Actually I was starving, but that was too much information.

“Cool, we’re going to pick up some food and stop by my friend's house to chill for a while.” Cool was Jason’s favorite word, I thought to myself.

My mind was made up. If I was presented with another invitation by T-Roc, I would not decline. I had a strong inkling that he was the friend Jason was talking about. We stopped at a soul food restaurant called Shark Bar, Jason picked up the food he had ordered, and a short time later we pulled up to a brownstone in the city. I took a quick look around the quaint neighborhood while Jason rang the doorbell. I was bubbling over on the inside when T-Roc answered the door.

He greeted me with a sly smile and said, “Hello, Tyler. How did you do on your English test?” His question threw me off balance, but I quickly regained my composure.

“It went great;” I said shyly, and gave a smile. On the outside, the building looked historic and old-fashioned. On the inside it was all high-tech and ultramodern. Here I was sitting and eating barbecue salmon, yams, and rice with my crush. It was too good to be true. The three of us were laughing, joking, and enjoying the delicious food. After a couple hours Jason said he had to run an errand. That was fine with me, because I could finally have some alone time with T-Roc.

“Tyler, what school do you attend? Not high school, I hope.” I tried to get a read on T-Roc's face because I couldn’t tell if he was serious or playing.


“What’s your major?”


“Oh, you look very young; how old are you?”

“Eighteen. I’ll be nineteen later this year,” I said eagerly, not wanting to seem so young.

“Don’t rush it pretty girl. There will come a time when you’ll be wishing you can push your age back, not forward.” As T-Roc was talking, my mind began drifting off, thinking about the hundreds of cute girls he had conquered and the many more who would follow me. But you know what? I didn’t give a shit. I couldn't have cared less. When I wanted something that is what I wanted--no ands, ifs, or buts about it! At this moment in my life, I wanted to know what it felt like to make love to T-Roc. I didn’t care if it turned out to be a one night stand, because personally I thought that would be more romantic. This guy was a known ladies' man, and I wasn’t naïve enough to believe I could change him or that I would be "the one." Every girl he slept with was probably trying to lock him down, so I figured I’d do one better and treat him as a casual sexual encounter. This was about me fulfilling yet another one of my fantasies, no more and no less.

We began kissing and I started feeling myself getting aroused. “Tyler, how about we go upstairs where we can get comfortable?” T-Roc took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom where a huge plush bed awaited us.

Leaning back on his bed, he said, “I want to watch you undress.” My mind began racing, and the shy, insecure, and self-conscious side of me took a seat as the other side--the bitchy, fiery and confident side--showed its face. I gave him a look that said, Oh please, I’m not taking off my clothes for you. All these episodes in my life are like movies to me, and I’ve created scripts that have to be exciting and fun. I knew sleeping with him was going to happen, but I couldn’t let him think that he would just snap his fingers and my clothes would fall off. I had to make him believe that he had somewhat coerced me.

“No, baby, I don’t think so. This isn’t Scores, and I’m no stripper.”

“Pretty girl, I just want to see you naked. Please.” I did have on a soft pink Natori bra and panty set that I wanted him to view. If I wasn’t comfortable with anything else, I pretty much always liked my figure and enjoyed showing it off in cute undergarments. I didn’t want to seem too eager to please, though, and this was my script, so I needed to start setting the pace. In my mind I was telling T-Roc to back it up, buddy, I’m running this show. I sauntered over to the bed and began kissing him again.


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Author Intro: Theresa Grant

Theresa Grant: Theresa, a retired dental hygienist, has written contemporary romance for ten years, and has published: "A Faithful Choice, and "All My Bright Tomorrows."
She has lived in Rockville, Maryland, for thirty-five years, is married to Dr. Warren H. Grant, and has a daughter and two sons.

Hope & Desire

Jennifer Greene wants to be a fashion designer. She works two jobs and saves her money. Her sister steals the money and goes to New York. To earn additional money, Jennifer works for man who later tricks her into marriage. She escapes, falls in love, and is tried for murder.

Visit Theresa at:

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"Sex on the Side"
By Jessie Jamie Coleman

Autumn Girl Press
ISBN: 0976696436

Monday, May 08, 2006

FEATURED AUTHOR: Alethea M. Pascascio

SORMAG: Tell us about the person and the writer?

Alethea M. Pascascio:
I was born and raised in Gary, IN and currently reside in Illinois, but I can’t stand cold weather. So, I spend most of my winters indoors. Of course that would change if I lived in one of my ideal locations like Figi, Hawaii, or even Texas or Florida.

I recently tired of corporate America and gave up my career in Engineering to become a fulltime mother, wife, and writer. My husband of eight years and I have two daughters.

A self-proclaimed master of relaxation, I find my best times to write are early in the morning after prayer and meditation or late at night when my daughters and husband are asleep. The sight and sounds of rain and thunderstorms also enrich the creative process for me. I find that this process calms me enough to create a heartbeat for each character.

When not writing, I love to indulge my passion for traveling, attending church, watching movies, reading fiction and non-fiction, chatting with friends, shooting pool, watching NFL and NBA games, and shopping.

I am a woman who is very passionate about helping people go beyond the boundaries they’ve set for themselves. And I also have a fire inside of me to help women who settle for less than they deserve. I’ve been there and know the feeling of dread that often comes with merely existing and not living. Of course, there are so many things that can cause this to happen to woman and the life of my main character (Faith Donnovan) in my debut novel, Bag Lady, is a good example. And what ends up being her catalyst for doing better is knowing better.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

In my debut novel Bag Lady, Faith Donnovann has a life that includes childhood drama and dysfunction. And at the age of 18, she leaves home with more than clothes in her baggage- some times, the invisible is far worse than the visible. As the novel progresses we go on a very dramatic life-changing journey with Faith, who enters a series of tumultuous relationships including one that almost kills her. Eventually, Faith and her life change for the better when she yearns for true love and lets go of the past through forgiveness. Her life then takes an unfamiliar turn down a path that leads to the type of man she once thought was a fairy tale- a good one. Meet Justin Herrera, a dashing Central American/Belizean- Faith’s knight in shining armor.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

There are so many messages in this book, but what is most essential is, forgiveness is essential. Unforgiveness is like a cancer. It eats away at you and can manifest itself in ways you’d never expect. It can rob people of health, happiness, and harmony. Another message is that another man is never the answer to our problems. This is how we as women get caught up in one bad relationship after the next. The issues within us that need fixing only attract men with their own set of issues. Ultimately, I want readers to realize that self-healing brings not only strength but the ability to make those good choices and attract good men.

SORMAG: Tell us about your publishing experience?

My publishing experience has been very interesting. From the onset, I wanted to self-publish then someone talked me into submitting my manuscript to traditional publishers. I submitted to a few places and received one rejection letter. I then received another letter from the Acquisitions Editor at Genesis Press. She asked that I have my manuscript line edited then resubmit it to her. I waited awhile before doing it because in my heart I really wanted to self-publish. After a couple of months, I finally decided to continue and see where this traditional publishing avenue would lead me. So, I had the manuscript edited and acquired an agent at the same time. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the agent had entirely too much on her agenda to represent me effectively, so, after four months or so, I dissolved our relationship. As far as Genesis Press is concerned, it seems as if my manuscript got lost in a black whole. I never heard back from them, but later on I was told that there was a shift in personnel, so, there could be a plethora of reasons for the break in communication. Anyway, I took it as a sign for me to follow my heart. This resulted in the birth of my own imprint, Queen Publications.

SORMAG: Do you think an agent is necessary?

Many authors have gotten contracts without an agent, however, agents are often instrumental in helping authors land contracts with the large publishing houses. So, do I think an agent is necessary… most often they are, if you’re trying to land a major publishing contract with one of the big-name publishers.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

Wow, what an engaging question. I wish non-writers would know and understand the painstaking process of producing quality literature. Writing, editing, rewriting, deleting and even starting again and again- the entire process can take months. It’s not easy, so, the net time you read a book, understand that it was a labor of love. Even if you don’t like the book, at least give the author credit for trying.

SORMAG: Do you have any promotional tips for writers?

Network, network, network. Also, various reader and writer yahoo groups are great places to promote your work. And it is essential for you to be open to helping others promote their work… remember, what you make happen for others- others will make happen for you.

SORMAG: What is a favorite book from your childhood?

When I was very young, for some reason, I loved Curious George. Then by the time I was a teenager, I was hooked on The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. That book is a classic and its subject matter transcends age groups.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

Of course, fiction is my first love, but there are also some great non-fiction books out there. The last book that kept me up at night reading was a non-fiction by the title of The Fourth Dimension by Dr. David Yonggi Cho.

SORMAG: What resources do you use on the net?

I use various resources that provide news and insight into what is going in the reader and writer communities. Some of these sites are,,,,, and various book club websites.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you?

Mail: Queen Publications, P.O. Box 496 Antioch, IL 60002

Chapter Excerpt: Bag Lady

Bag Lady
By Alethea Pascascio

Chapter One

“Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust,” Pastor Bennett intoned with authority as he sprinkled my grandmother’s mahogany casket with small clods of earth. He began to recite the Twenty-Third Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…”

I listened attentively, trying to engrave the words on my heart. Each word hitched a ride on the warm spring breeze sweeping past my ears stopping briefly to kiss them. Then drifted on to only God knows where.

The melody of a sad song drew my attention to the oak tree towering above the pastor. There were three Blue Jays perched on the branches singing an octave lower than usual. It was as if they missed her too.

The mourners flanking my grandmother’s gravesite wore dark-colored garments. Most had somber, tear-stained faces that reflected how much they were going to miss the woman they had come to know affectionately as Mother Hill, a faithful and enormously popular member of the Greater Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church.

G-Ma (as her grandchildren so lovingly called her) often said that nothing pleased her more than doing the good Lord’s work. If today’s expensive displays of roses and trumpet lilies, and the throng of people mourning her death were any indication, her work would be long remembered.

Beside me, my mother rocked back and forth in devastated silence. If it’s true that a female doesn’t become a real woman until her mother dies, then Mama grew up six days ago.

After observing a few moments of silence, Pastor Bennett gave the benediction, concluding the services for G-ma. The crowd began to disperse, murmuring softly. Some of the people headed for their cars, while others walked up to the open grave to pay their last respects.

Flowers were strewn next to the mahogany casket, and some of the mourners selected a rose to take with them. As they made their way past Mama, most took a moment to touch her shoulder, offering condolences and words of gentle encouragement.

When most of the crowd had gone Mama reached for her husband, Mitchell’s hand, signaling her readiness to leave. He put his arm around her shoulders then tossed his car keys to my sister, Nicole.

Clutching the keys tightly, Nicole dashed toward the car as if she’d been given the opportunity to outrun the reality of G-ma’s death. She’s alone, I thought, with a flash of insight.

Before following behind Nicole, Mitchell turned to me and whispered, “Faith, we’ll meet y’all at the house.”

Leaning over, I hugged my mother around her neck then watched as they strolled carefully across the freshly cut grass. Mama looked like a fragile child, barely able to walk. Mitchell had to support her all the way to the car.
Watching them drive away, I wished that they had taken the limo included in the funeral package, but Mama refused to ride in it. She said limos were nothing but hollowed out hearses and she didn’t want to be inside of a hearse until she was too dead to know anything about it. But Mama, not wanting her money to go to waste, offered it to me and my husband, Justin and we kindly accepted it.

I sighed loudly, hoping to exhale the grief bottled up inside of me. Justin was running his warm hand up and down my back, his presence reassuring. He had become my soft place to fall during hard times, and this present moment was more proof of that than ever. Without Justin I could have been alone too now, with only bitter memories of my past and the loss of the one woman who represented the best part of me.

Justin was all that G-ma ever wanted for me, probably because she knew I’d finally be happy. It had taken me most of my life and a lot of pain to find him, but now, I would never be alone again. Even in death, I will carry a part of his spirit with me because his is connected to mine. And that is something that will last forever.

Clear as day, I recalled the first time G-ma had met Justin. I’d been dating him for several months when she came to visit me. After talking to him for about five minutes, she excused herself from the conversation and went into the kitchen. Seconds later, she called me to join her.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, G-ma grabbed me around the waist, smiled and whispered, “Finally.”

“Finally what, G-ma?” I asked, bewildered.
G-ma’s mocha-colored face broadened with delight. “Finally, you’ve found yourself a keeper.”
“For Heaven’s sake, G-ma, you only met him five minutes ago!” I said, blushing against my will.

Resting her hands on her ample hips, G-ma shook her head slowly back and forth as if I were missing her point. “That’s all it takes, baby. I knew that your grandfather was for me from the moment I laid eyes on him. And we were together until he took his last breath. I hate he died before you and Nicole were born.”

Then a devilish grin popped on her lips. Her eyes shifted to the white wall behind me for a moment of reflection. “Girl, how I loved that man! And how he loved me back. I can live the rest of my life off of all the love he gave me.”

It would take a minute for G-ma to see the amazement in my eyes. I was learning the hidden, suppressed side of a person I had known for my entire life.
“And the way he used to-" she added, almost forgetting I was her granddaughter.

G-ma glanced in my direction, giggled, and cleared her throat. “Well, that’s enough about me. Now, you didn’t listen to what I said about the other jokers you got involved with, but I hope you’re ready to listen to me about Justin. He’s the one, sweetie. God gives us more than we deserve.” She pulled me into her arms wrapping me in a loving hug.

G-ma had been right about the losers in my life. More importantly, she had let me learn what I needed to learn by myself; offering support and encouragement without even telling me how to live my life or condemning me for my mistakes. And, boy, oh boy, had I made mistakes.

A clap of thunder in the distance jerked my thoughts back to the present. Hot salty tears burned slow paths down my cheeks as I looked at G-ma’s final resting place.
Justin lovingly wiped my tears with his hands.

I looked up into the most sincere pair of sparkling brown eyes I’d ever seen. “She deserved so much more than this. I wanted her to get to know you better. I wanted her to know that everything turned out right,” I whimpered to him.

Justin pulled me into the circle of his strong arms. “She knew it would,” he replied, kissing my forehead. “And she’s in Heaven with Jesus. That is her reward.”

I stepped back and pulled out a piece of Kleenex from my purse to wipe my tears. As I held the thin white tissue under my nose something came over me. “Can you give me a few minutes? There are some things I can’t leave without saying.” I sniveled.
“Sure, baby. I’ll wait for you in the limo.”

When Justin was almost to the car I moved closer to the grave. I felt more vulnerable and scared without him holding me. A mass of emotions sent tremors through my body. I couldn’t believe my grandmother’s entire life had been reduced to a cold slab of marble etched only with her name and the dates of her birth and death.

Clearing my throat and thoughts, I stood at the edge of the gravesite. I had to share my feelings with G-ma for the last time.

I opened my mouth the first time and nothing came out. I cleared my throat and tried again. There was so much I needed to say and I believed if I didn’t say it to her right then, I would never get the chance again.

“G-ma, it’s me, Faith. I know you can hear me,” I said out loud, my voice still trembling. “I’m sure you’re in a better place, but I miss you so much. I wish you were back here with us.” I stopped suddenly as the tears began to overtake me.

It was difficult, but I continued, wanting G-ma to know I understood why she had to leave us.
“I believe that God knows best, and you belong in Heaven now. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me…” I paused. “And Nicole.”

I looked down at the smooth finish on the top of the mahogany casket and I smiled slightly. “You were certainly right about Justin! G-ma, I’ll always love you.”
As I turned to walk away, I thought about all the things G-ma had taught me. I had always believed I inherited my best characteristics from her. She’d given me a strength I didn’t know I possessed until I met Justin.

Now she was going to be buried deep—deep down, like some of the issues I had tried to bury in the recesses of my mind. Issues that had once threatened to destroy me. ‘Let the past be past,’ people always told me, not seeming to realize that the past is always a part of the present; the trick is learning from it.

I was trembling when I stepped into the limousine to go to Mama’s house. Resting my head on Justin’s shoulder with a sigh, I inhaled his signature Burberry scent. It triggered a memory, and for the first time that day I really smiled and let my mind wander back to the day of my marriage to Justin.

Two hours into our wedding reception, Justin grabbed my hand gently and pulled me from the dance floor. “Let’s go.”

“Already? What about our guests?” I asked, feigning concern but knowing that I was more than anxious to get to our hotel room.

“They'll understand, but just in case they don’t, let’s sneak out. I have a surprise for you.”

When the elevator door closed, Justin pressed the button that would take us to the second floor. Before I could protest, he softly covered my mouth with his hand and explained. “I know our room is on the third floor but, like I said, I have a surprise.”

After a few seconds, the doors slid open and we stepped off the elevator. Before I knew it, Justin had scooped me up into his arms. I giggled, throwing my arms around his broad shoulders. “What are you doing?”

Justin just smiled and walked down the hall without responding to my question. Then he stopped in front of Room 256. He grinned as he tried to insert the gold key into the lock without dropping me. “Close your eyes,” he said finally.

I closed my eyes, burying my face against his Burberry-spritzed neck. The masculine scent always aroused me.

Justin unlocked the door and carried me over the threshold.
My eyelids fluttered open once he laid me on the bed, and I gasped as I looked around at the elegantly simple beauty of the suite.
The white walls and sheer drapes framed an open balcony door, ushering in the beauty of the moonlight. I could hear the whoosh of the surf caressing the sandy shore below. Towering vases of red roses strategically arranged throughout the room covered the ceramic tile floors. It reminded me of a winter wonderland accented with promises of spring.

As I sat up on the bed to take in more of the view, I watched Justin placing a CD into the stereo. “This room is wonderful. When did you arrange this?” I asked, admiring the décor.

“I slipped away before the ceremony and asked for an upgrade," he said, scanning the room with a pleased look. "Yeah, I like it, too.” He pointed to the white-washed nightstand beside the bed. “Look. They even left a bottle of champagne.”

Lying back on the white satin-dressed bed, I traced circles on the covers with the palm of my hand. “I don’t want anything else tonight, but you. Come over here, Mr. Herrera.” I patted the empty space beside me.

Justin winked at me, reaching on top of the stereo and then quickly put his hands behind his back.

Pulling myself back up on my elbows, I studied him. “What’s in your hands?” I asked as he strolled to the side of the bed.

Justin stepped out of his shoes, being careful not to reveal his secret possession. “Just trust me, Mrs. Herrera,” he whispered, going down on his knees and coming up empty-handed.

When “The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers” escaped from the speakers, Justin seductively snaked his pelvis, making me giggle. Then he danced over to the foot of the bed and removed my satin sling-back shoes.

Reclining on the bed, I wiggled my dress up to pull off my white fishnet stockings. Before I could free myself from the constraints of the stockings, Justin sat down beside me and took my hands in his. Without resistance, I allowed my arms to fall onto the gleaming white comforter, surrendering control to my new husband. Justin maneuvered his hand under the top of my pantyhose then traveled down between my thighs. I threw my head back, almost breathless. “Stop that,” I purred weakly.

“Stop what?" Justin gave me a wicked smile. "This?” He glided his forefinger half way into my moist femininity. His finger robbed me of some of my wetness, which he used to circle my throbbing bead tantalizingly. “Or that?”

My head began to move from side to side. I could barely speak. “Yes. Yes. This and that,” I managed with a moan, spreading my legs wider to give him better access to the very core of my being.
Suddenly, Justin leaned forward, covering my mouth with his. Our tongues made love to each other while his hand slipped from my hidden place to guide my thong and stockings down my legs, letting them fall to the floor.

Justin eased his lips away from mine. Then pulled at the hem of my cream strapless Vera Wang dress with no effort.

I lifted my hips a little to assist him then rested on the satin covers in front of him, totally nude. At first I felt a little embarrassed and tried to fold the bedding over me.
Justin brushed the cover away. “Don’t,” he said huskily. “I want to look at my wife.”
He pulled his cream Armani shirt over his head, and then leaned over me and caressed the delicate points of my breasts with the tip of his tongue.

“You’re teasing me,” I cooed, my voice barely above a whisper.

“I know,” Justin said, and got to his feet. In one fluid movement, he pushed his white linen pants and cotton briefs down his muscular legs, allowing his member to spring free.
I reached out and gently stroked his massive manhood.

Justin placed his hand on top of mine, guiding my strokes to the beat of the music. His breathing became warm and shallow.

“Ooh, baby,” he groaned heavily, squeezing my hand around his pulsating shaft. “Not yet.” He reached under the bed and retrieved two pairs of wireless Bose headphones.
After pushing a few buttons, he put a pair on me and then on himself. The music that had once filled the room was now coming through the headphones.

Justin covered me with his smooth golden brown body and used his tongue to stroke and tease my mouth. With supple agility, he slid down my body as if I were an Aspen ski slope—fresh, smooth, and ready, stopping at the damp folds of my sex. He flicked his tongue eagerly, caressing the sensitive area of my core, and I moaned with excitement.
I placed my hands on each side of his head, barely able to grip his soft, closely-cropped hair, and threw my legs over his shoulders as his tongue danced with the essence of my femininity to the rhythm of Bob Marley’s lyrics.

Just when I couldn’t take it any more and was ready to detonate, he slid two fingers deep inside of me and rubbed my g-spot.

The intense pleasure was indescribable.

Suddenly, my body began to convulse in a chain of spasms, and I felt as if I had gone to the brink of death and back. I think I saw God.

Before I could come to my senses, Justin entered me. He touched places I never knew existed and our bodies moved rhythmically in unison to the tempo of “Could You Be Loved.”
Our gazes locked, sweeping me further out of reality on a tidal wave of emotion. I knew Justin had connected with my spirit when tears rolled down my cheeks.

Justin’s body finally stiffened and his heated essence shot inside of me. Groaning with pleasure, he collapsed on top of me, removing his headset and then mine with trembling fingers.

“You were great, my love. We have to meet like this more often,” he teased. “I don’t think so,” I said with a giggle. “I know for a fact now that too much of a good thing could kill you…”

Friday, May 05, 2006

EXCERPT - Between Tears

Pamela Ridley

We ate at a Mexican restaurant. I half listened while Roy and Benjamin shared how their days had gone. Watching them interact, seeing Roy rub the side of his nose while his father told him something, noting how Benjamin effortlessly anticipated his son’s needs, caught my attention more than the conversation. I grinned. Being in their presence delighted me. What if Roy had stayed here and Carolyn really had started using again, I wondered. If Benjamin had left them to fend on their own, would Roy still have his ready smile? Would he be this curious, out going, and well-mannered or would he have learned shut up and not speak unless spoken to and be a behavior problem just to gain any kind of attention?

As we left the restaurant, we noticed a Ferris wheel in the distance. Carnivals popped up out of nowhere these days, but this one was probably a hold over from the Fourth of July.
The Ferris wheel was Carolyn’s second favorite ride, after the roller coaster. A roller coaster was the perfect symbol for her life. Benjamin had been right about that. Her life had been riddled with so many ups and downs.

“You want to go see if they have any rides that Roy might enjoy?” Benjamin suggested.
“Yeah, that would be fun.”
“Yeah, that would be fun, Dad,” Roy chimed in.

We found the kiddie section. It contained a train, some boats in water, and an airplane. Each traveled in its own small orbit.
We got in line for the airplane ride “Is this how you and Roy spent most of your evenings when you were away?”

“Not every night, but we had our fun.”
“Roy had already begun to talk a little before you left, but when did he start to walk?”
“He was a year old, shortly after his birthday. Man oh man. I could write a book about child proofing the home. Roy was into everything.”
“I’ll bet he was.” I sighed. Carolyn didn’t get to see any of that.
“He still is. You have to keep an eye on him and make sure he can’t get into anything dangerous.”
“I know. I’m careful.”

Before long, I said good night with a hug from Roy and a wave from Benjamin. He called me just as I had settled into bed with a J. California Cooper novel. “I’m sorry if I’m out of line, but I’m thinking about you all the time.”

He and I laughed at his poetic hello. A schoolgirl giggle almost escaped my lips, before I pressed my hand to them and came to my senses. Here he was, putting his cards on the table, and I had to admire that, even though it frightened and thrilled me at the same time. The seed of anxiety that had been planted years ago in case this moment ever came to fruition, now blossomed, big time. I walked with the phone, rubbing my stomach, trying to soothe the fluttering. Following suit I said, “How can you be out of line by thinking about me all the time?”
“Because thoughts create action, and I want to hold you in a way that will make us both forget that I was almost your brother-in-law.” He paused, but when I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t, he kept on going.
“I know how much you loved Carolyn. I know you don’t want to do anything to disrespect her memory.”
I remained speechless.
“I don’t know what to do about my thoughts. What do you suggest I do, Andrea?”

Shaking my head, I fingered the twirls of the phone cord. What should he do? He’d often asked me that when he was trying to navigate his tumultuous relationship with Carolyn. Now he wanted my help to navigate a relationship with me. The thought excited and repulsed me at the same time. He had been Carolyn’s boyfriend for a long time. Was this the right time to move forward in our relationship? A forlorn sound that might pass as laughter bubbled from my mouth. “I don’t know what you should do, Benjamin. This is awkward. You’ve only been back a couple of weeks and you know what people are going to think.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m trying to rush things. I take that back. I do know why.
There’s been too much wasted time already.”

I couldn’t argue with the profundity of that statement. Life is short. My mother’s and Carolyn’s death at their young ages had taught me that. I couldn’t help the way I felt about him, but were these feelings strong enough to justify trying to take this to the next level? “Tomorrow is your first day at work. You need to get your rest tonight.”
He chuckled, probably at my need to get him off the phone. “Tell you what, I’ll focus on getting off to a good start at work and plan on seeing you next Thursday. Would that be okay?”

“Next Thursday? Oh, okay. I’ll look forward to it.”
“Okay, good night, Andrea.
“Goodnight, Benjamin.”
“Oh, Andrea, wait a sec. You have my mom’s number, right?”
“Yes, I have it.” I had called Mrs. Elrod once a week to see if she had any news to share about where or how Roy and Benjamin were. Sometimes she’d answer me politely.

Sometimes she told her husband to tell me she hadn’t heard anything. Most of the time, I think she let her caller ID do the screening. So, yeah, I definitely had her number.
I also had a week’s reprieve. The attraction I’d always felt for Benjamin was still there. He had made it clear he felt the same about me, but I had a week to think about it, a week to decide what, if anything, to do.

Despite Carolyn’s suffering, in my heart I knew I wanted to be close to him, I wanted his arms around me. When he’d taken Roy, he was being the best father he knew how to be, and I had to give him credit for that. Since I’d met Benjamin I had to work at remembering he wasn’t mine, but now he could be.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



1 Star - POOR

1 ½ Star - FAIR

2 Stars - OK

2 ½ Stars - GOOD

3 Stars - VERY GOOD

31/2 Stars- GREAT


41/2 Stars - EXCEPTIONAL

5 Stars – SUPREME
This Time
Author: Ingrid Monique
Dafina Books
ISBN: 0-7582-0967-3
Published: May 2006
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed By: Shelia Marie

Ingrid Monique’s This Time is a romantic suspense novel set on a beautiful Caribbean island, St. Pala. In this story, we’re introduced to Kelee Kingsly and Sean St. John.

Kelee makes a special trip to the island to spend time with her pregnant sister Lori before the birth of her first child. During this trip, she hopes to relax and possibly rejuvenate her creative juices. Meeting a man was the last thing on her agenda. Fate intervenes and she ends up meeting Sean St. John.

Sean is ministry of security for the island. Sparks fly between the two from the moment they meet at a restaurant. During the course of the story, it’s revealed that this is not their first time meeting. They originally met when they were much younger and Sean’s appearance was different. Sean figures out their past connection, but fails to mention it to Kelee. In the meantime, he sets out to win her heart. When Kelee finds out that Sean has been hiding something, she is determined to move on without him. Both are miserable without the other.

Sean’s latest case has not only put him in danger, but those that he cares about. Although they are on the outs, Kelee becomes a target for his nemesis. Will their past liaison end up deadly for one or the both of them?

This Time has the right amount of romance and suspense. Neither outweighs the other and makes for an enjoyable read. Sean and Kelee’s relationship has depth and you can’t help but cheer for the couple.


Hoochie To Holy
The Process of Sanctification
Tomeca Richardson
Ninth Line Publishing
Published April 2006
Non-fiction Spiritual
Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Camellia Johnson

Have you ever known or been called a “Hoochie”? Tomeca candidly shares her testimony of coming from Hoochie to Holy. She vividly explains the process of being delivered from things and people that had her bound. She gives us a front row seat in her life of why she was called “Spicy”. She showed the compassions of God even when she failed time after time to get her walk with God right and he accepted her with instruction. With those same instructions, Tomeca shares with us to: come after Jesus, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus.

These steps require a choice to put God first in our life and commit all our ways to him. These steps will take time to develop but with daily prayer, spending time with God they get easier. Tomeca, shares her testimony to help, encourage others to first come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and develop a prayer life. If you’re struggling with fornication, adultery, alcohol and disobedience read how Tomeca overcame and you can too!

Nothing But The Right Thing
Stacy Hawkins Adams
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 0-8007-3097-6
Published: April 2006
Rating: 3 Stars – Very Good
Reviewer: Patricia Woodside

Nothing But The Right Thing is an engaging tale about the many facets of love – love for self, love between childhood friends, love between husbands and wives, love among sistafriends, love between parents and children, and most of all, the love of believers for God’s will and guidance in making life’s decisions.

Serena and Micah McDaniels are seemingly comfortable in their upper middle class, suburban life, which includes a new home in a toney subdivision. A former advertising executive, Serena has downscaled her life by taking a less demanding position with a non-profit organization in anticipation of having the baby that she yearns for so desperately. Micah, the senior pastor of the Standing Rock Community Church, presides over one of the area’s oldest and largest congregations but struggles to pacify the church leadership and yet lead his flock beyond the walls of the church into the community where they might make a real difference. When circumstances present Serena with the opportunity to help a longtime friend and Micah with the challenge of hearing and obeying God’s voice, both discover that God has an interesting way of giving us our heart’s desires if we hold on to our faith.

Ms. Adams boldly tackles topics that are not often found in Christian fiction – domestic violence, church politics, infertility, and even the aftermath of infidelity. Delving beyond the surface of these issues, Ms. Adams has imbued the characters and plot twists with a degree of realism that will feel familiar to anyone who has spent time with church folks, had a friend in trouble, or simply strived to hear God’s voice for their own life.
Nothing But The Right, more narrative than dialogue, slowed in pace at times, but the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading until the end. A sequel to her debut novel, Speak to My Heart, this novel confirms that Ms. Adams will be present on the Christian fiction scene for some time to come.



When Souls Mate
Joylynn M. Jossel
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 0-312-32862-1
Published: February 2006
Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed By: Shelia Marie

After reading Joylynn M. Jossel’s drama-filled novel, The Root of All Evil, I didn’t think she could top it, but she did. The sequel When Souls Mate takes off where it left off. Klarke Taylor and Reo Laroque are back and so are a few other unforgettable characters.

When the story begins, Klarke is serving time for killing Reo’s son; however readers immediately find out that she sacrificed her freedom so that her daughter could remain free.

Since divorcing Klarke, Reo has married the ghetto fabulous Meka. Meka vows to hold on to Reo by any means necessary. When Klarke is released from prison, Meka’s insecurities are evident by the way she tries to hide the fact that Klarke has come by to see Reo. Meka knows that Reo and Klarke will always have a bond due to the son they share.

Although Klarke has conflicting emotions about Reo, her main concern are her kids. She is on a quest to save her daughter and to gain entry into the life of the son that Reo now raises.

As the story unfolds, lies from the past threaten to change the lives of all involved.
Eager to discover who will stand as victor or victim will keep you turning the pages.

Joylynn M Jossel did it again. With enough action to keep you on the edge and colorful characters to fill not only this book, but another sequel if the author deems so, When Souls Mate is a highly recommended read. Although not necessary, I do recommend reading The Root of All Evil first because it will help set the backdrop to the characters in When Souls Mate.

The Damned
L.A. Banks
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0-312-33624-1
Published: February 2006
Rating: 4+ Stars –EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewer: Kaia Alderson

L.A. Banks has done it again. This time, she releases disease and the living dead on our Guardians. A deadly infection floods out of Hell and infects the human race, one touch at a time. Now, people are succumbing to madness and committing horrible acts that they normally would not do. Even our Guardians are not immune to the infection or the madness. The dark energy eventually threatens team unity as Guardians turn on each other. Now, they have less than thirty days to work out their differences and find a cure or else all humanity will die.

Can y’all say “Drama”? This installment in the Vampire Huntress series oozes it like a slaughtered demon oozes green gook. The developing love triangles will have you flipping back pages to make sure that you read them right the first time. Umph, umph, umph! Let’s just say that they all knew better, especially the member of the team who normally drops the most wisdom. It would be a spoiler to get any more specific. Be prepared to scream at the book, “Oh no, no, no, they didn’t!” After one particular scene, I just had to put the book down and jump in a cold shower.

The Damned does not contain as much of the non-stop action and adrenaline rush of the previous books. But it’s still a page turner as Damali and Carlos turn within to battle their inner demons and their feelings for their all-too-near old flames. I am still in awe of how Banks seamlessly weaves in the insightful wisdom of so many diverse cultures without preaching. This sixth book in the Vampire Huntress series definitely requires re-reading and meditative reflection.

Single, Saved and Having Sex
Ty Adams
Warner Books
Published January 2006
Non-fiction Spiritual
Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Camellia Johnson

“Habits are birthed through discipline, so holiness has to become a habit.” Self-control in the body of Christ is what Ty Adams is teaching from her life and the wisdoms of God. She addresses the strongholds of the mind and thoughts on sexual sin. She shares her struggles with sexual sin in the past and candidly reveals the before and after conversations of her thoughts of how she got into situations. Ty makes the reader accountable for their choices to entertain sinful thoughts that turn into actions and then regrets.

I appreciate Ty’s wisdom to explain this process of deliverance from sexual sin is a daily choice to live for God instead of the sin. She encourages the reader to truly repent prostrate on the floor with moans, groans and tears that only God understands. This type of repentance gets God’s attention and true healing happens in our hearts. The internal bleeding of our souls stops when we surrender to God and love him more than the sex.

I applaud Ty for her testimony and attacking this stronghold in the body of Christ. All need to read it.

Make Me Hot
Marissa Monteilh
Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing
ISBN: 0758211201
Published: January 2006
Mainstream Fiction
Rating: 4 Stars – EXCELLENT
Reviewed by: Kaia Alderson

Morgan Bayley has lived almost forty years with a big hooked nose. She has endured countless cruel jokes and rude stares in that time. Even worse, the men that don’t ignore her usually wind up taking her for granted.

Her best friend Tyra secretly enters Morgan into a makeover contest that includes free plastic surgery. When Morgan wins the contest prize, she has her transformation showcased on television. Overnight, men go from ignoring Morgan to falling over themselves to get her attention. This new attention blows the lid off a lifetime of family secrets and bottled pain. Now, Morgan must deal with the social and emotional consequences of having been “made hot.”
Make Me Hot couldn’t appear at a better time. It provides insight into the life of a woman before and after her makeover experience on reality television.

Monteilh does an excellent job of reiterating the age old wisdom that in the end, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside but how you feel about yourself on the inside.

Dancing With Temptation
Barbara Joe-Williams
Amani Publishing
ISBN: 0-9752-8512-2
Publish Date: November 2005
Rating: 3+ Stars – Great
Reviewer: Kaia Alderson

Dancing With Temptation follows the disintegration of Marty and Antina “Tina” Carlisle’s marriage, the union that nobody thought would end. After seventeen years of marriage, the couple that used to pray together now barely speaks to each other. Tina entertains a younger man’s flirtations. Marty’s drinking increases and he’s returning home from work later and later. Then the real drama begins.

This book satisfies the hunger for stories that explore what happens after the “happily ever after.” Given the skyrocketing divorce rates in this society, this book should be recommended reading for those who are in pre-marital counseling and who are about to get married. However, the fairly hot and heavy love scenes break the “rules” of the obvious inspirational slant of the story. Those who prefer minimal physical contact in their inspirational fiction be advised.

The middle gets a little clunky to trudge through but keep on pushing. The story resolution is worth the effort.

Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
Subtitle: How to Avoid Heart Disease Naturally
Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
Health Myths Exposed LLC, 20006
ISBN: 0977207900
Published: November 2005
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Rating: 5 Stars SUPREME

For now, put aside your literary giants, your trashy novels, and--for heaven's sake--turn off the TV! At least until you've read this slim little volume, Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: How to Avoid Heart Disease Naturally by Shane Ellison, M.Sc.

I -- along with the rest of America -- have been getting whiffs lately of the news that Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs may do more harm than good and that there are other ways of handling it. Most of what I've read has come from medical giants like Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. David Williams (both with must-read newsletters). But here is the information you'll need for ammunition when your doctor says, "Your blood pressure is a little elevated; let's start you on a little of this." Especially when this means what the pharmaceutical companies have rigged up to rob your pockets and possibly even play havoc with your health.

The beauty of this book, of course, is that it has everything you need to know in one place, not scattered throughout the Web or in dozens of newsletters. Ellison is also not shy of scientific expertise. So, America! Let's all read this and do something about our diets, our exercise, our vitamins and well, you get the idea. And let's do it before we let anything play havoc with our health.

PS: Check out the chapter that begins on page 45: It tells you how to avoid the dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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SOMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Pamela Ridley:
I grew up in St. Louis, but have lived in Maryland for several years. I wrote my first play in forth grade, but wasn’t able to complete a short story until I got my first computer. Occasionally, I like sharing through poetry. In my books, I love writing about resilient women who have been brought to their knees, but rise again and find love in the process. Between Tears is my first published novel.

SOMAG: Tell us about your current book?

Between Tears is about having the strength to forgive and love when the easier thing to do would be to walk away. The protagonist must cope with the murder of her sister and her feelings for her sister’s former boyfriend who is, at first, a suspect.

SOMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

After the reader is entertained and has come to like the characters, I’d like him or her to celebrate the power of love and God’s grace.

SOMAG: Tell us about your publishing experience?

Genesis Press is the publisher. Deadlines haven’t been met and often communication isn’t as forth coming as I would like, but, on the other hand, they gave me this opportunity, so I’m glad about that.

SOMAG: Do you think an agent is necessary?

I don’t think an agent would hurt, but, from my experience, they are difficult to get. There are ways to be successfully and traditionally published without one.

SOMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

Probably that many experiences are fodder for future stories and to be patient with writers if we ask too many questions.

SOMAG: Do you have any promotional tips for writers?

No, I’m in the midst of promoting now. After a few months I’ll be able to look back and attempt to determine what did and didn’t work and what I’d do again with my next book.

SOMAG: What is a favorite book from your childhood?

In high school, I read a book by Pat Conroy that was later made into a movie called The Great Santini. I read voraciously growing up, but that book was the first book to ever make me laugh out loud.

SOMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

I’m reading a hard copy of one of my unpublished books. It’s about what happens when secrets, long buried are uncovered.

SOMAG: What resources do you use on the net?

I’d be lost without the Internet. I have bookmarked zillions of sites. I run the gamut including reading blogs occasionally, taking online writing classes, checking out the tons of writing resources, doing book research, as well as advertising on the Internet. I just added a contest for Between Tears to my web site.

SOMAG: How can readers get in contact with you?

My web site is and my email address is

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