Monday, January 15, 2007

AUTHOR INTRO - Deatri King Bey

Deatri King Bey

I have three daughters and have been married for eighteen years to the greatest man in the world. I live outside of Chicago, but was raised further down state in Decatur, IL. I love to be outdoors, so much so that my family teases me for “watching the grass grow.”

I’m a fiction content editor by trade and love working with authors. Being an author on the other end of the editing spectrum was quite interesting for me. I do my own writing at least two hours a day and read one novel a week for pleasure. Science Fiction, Fantasy and romance are my favorite genres. I’m even writing a fantasy romance and have written a science fiction romance.

Beauty and the Beast

Many see Bruce Maxwell as a beast, but to Nefertiti Townes, he is her Prince Charming. Being under the protection of the man she loves should be a dream come true for Nefertiti, but their personal demons strive for a nightmare.
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Friday, January 12, 2007


by Giselle Carmichael


ISBN: 1600430023

Politics on a good day is a tricky business, and then throw in an outspoken African-American teacher and a charismatic white candidate, and watch the campaign trail heat up.

Schoolteacher Eden Warner is fed up with politicians using school children for their staged press conferences. However, when she comes face to face with Mayoral candidate Chase Mathews, her anger suddenly dissipates as she finds herself physically attracted to the man. Chase shouldn't be thinking of crossing the color line with a political race to win. But when love calls, he'll risk it all in The Politics of Love.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

eTours: Electa Rome Parks

Ladies' Night Out
by Electa Rome Parks

Meet Lexie, Meshell, Tonya, and Tracee---single, successful,
and fierce women who happen to be best friends.
Devoted divas since college, they bonded over a
monthly ritual to hang out and keep it real.

With a little wine, a little drama, and a lot of laughs,
they discuss their ambitions, betrayals, families,
and without a doubt, the men in their lives.

But tonight, ladies night out arrives with an erotic twist---one
that could destroy a loyal bond, or bring four women
closer to understanding themselves,
their men, and their secret passions than ever before.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Barbara Joe Williams of Amani Publishing introduces a collection of short inspirational love stories from 18 emerging authors:

H. Renay Anderson

Shauna Stephens-Batts

Aleigha A. Butler

Francina Roberts-Cargile

Sherille Fisher

LaShaunda Carruth Hoffman
(SORMAG's Publisher)

Luvenia Hill-James

Vein Jerningan

April McDermid

Deborha A. Parham

Kim Robinson

Alesica Smith

Juanita E. Thomas

Sylvia A. Thomas

Lance Washington

Anne Holt-Webb

Barbara Joe-Williams

Patricia Woodside


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

AUTHOR INTRO - Janice Sims

JANICE SIMS: I'm a native Floridian who has been a published writer since 1996. I've never wanted to do anything else. My books range from traditional romances to Science-fiction romances, to romances with a touch of mystery and suspense.

Constant Craving

The Bryant Family trilogy continues with this installment featuring eldest son Franklyn, a successful San Francisco chef who has had a crush on his pastry chef, Elise Gilbert, for years. Will Franklyn be able to overcome his insecurities to prove to Elise that he's the one she truly loves?

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