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Weekend Reads - July 18

Love Slipped In by W. Parks Brigham

Melvin Fowler and Senitra Winn attended the same high school. With Senitra being a couple of years older, they ran in two different cliques. That didn’t stop Melvin from making a nuisance of himself, especially with the older girls. He was one of those jocks that thought he was all of that…

Ten years later they meet at Allanville’s Diamond Lounge and had a wonderful evening. Along the way they formed a strong friendship that resulted in them becoming best friends. Then she did a dumb and stupid thing, like develop feelings for fine azz Melvin Fowler. 

Uh-uhn, chestnut caramel skin tone, bearded face that she knew was soft to the touch, sexy dark whiskey-colored hooded eyes, pug nose, even that was cute, and inviting kissable lips. 

So, can you blame her? Anywhoo, they crossed the line and what do you think happened next? He did a disappearing act putting her deep in her feelings. Mmm-uhm, it’s cool, she thought until she found out about that little receipt!

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The Heart of a Woman  By Onedia N Gage PH.D.

How do you earn the heart of a woman? What is on her heart? How do you learn what is in her heart? What makes her heart leap? Or retreat? What is it that makes her heart beat? What makes it stop? What is the inspiration of her heart’s excitement? What makes her heart stall? What keeps her heart at peace? What drives her heart to retaliate?


How do you measure the depth of her heart? How do you measure the width of her heart? How do you measure the capacity of her heart?

The Heart of a Woman gives you some insight into her heart and her ways.


The Heart of a Woman is delicate and coy.


The Heart of a Woman is fierce and ferocious.


The Heart of a Woman is tender and lovable.


The Heart of a Woman is dedicated and loyal.


The Heart of a Woman is committed and resourceful.


The Heart of a Woman


The Depth of Her Spirit

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The Long Shadow by Phyllis Wheeler


Aunt Trudy never wanted kids. Now that she’s Richie’s guardian, she makes his life miserable. Richie just wants to escape, so he seeks refuge in the deep Missouri woods he loves so much.


Suddenly it’s not summer, but late fall. How did that happen? Did the trucker who just gave him a ride somehow whisk him back fifty years in time?


The woods aren’t for Richie the haven they used to be. After a freak storm, he finds himself at the mercy of Morris, a mysterious black man who also calls the woods home. Is Morris a savior? Or someone to fear?

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From Poverty to Principal: A Guide to Promote Equity and Student By Annetha Jones


From Poverty to Principal takes you on a journey from Annetha Jones's childhood to adulthood. She shares her strengths, vulnerabilities, and how life events propelled her to promote educational advocacy for Black and Brown students. Through her experiences and deliberate efforts, she transparently imparts her personal and professional strategies to assist students of color to avoid common pitfalls as they navigate the educational system. A retired principal, Jones gained extensive knowledge of the system's inner workings and has been privy to the inequities faced by many students of color.

"I hope what I have learned helps others gain the most from the educational system. We must all work to ensure our students are prepared for the amazing opportunities awaiting them."  

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The Gift 

by Stephanie Williams

Deidra Kessle is the faithful lover of Anthony De Luca. She doesn’t have eyes for anyone else…until Anthony’s gambling buddy, Orlando Rizzo "bumps" into them while they’re having a romantic dinner out.

He’s a bad boy from way back, loud, and somewhat crude. But with a mouth made for kissing and a naughty grin, he sparks something in her that gives her pause.

Anthony notices the way Deidra acts around Orlando. He can’t blame her; Orlando is a sexy man, someone he’s kissed often….as a former lover. However, Deidra is trying too hard to make Orlando, not like her. He’s okay if she wants him. In fact, he wants to encourage it. It’s just what’s been missing in their relationship this past year.

When Anthony must make an impromptu trip to New York for "business" on Deidra’s birthday, she’s upset. However, he tells her he’s leaving a special gift.

Will she open it?

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SORMAG Promotion is an Amazon Affiliate.

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