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Soul's Desire, an Amazon Short
by AlTonya Washington

In “Soul's Desire,” Maxima Reed and Jurel Reed are a couple struggling to deny many truths. For Jurel it's the fact that he's been in love with his brother's wife from the moment they met. For Maxima, Jurel was a friend and confidant. Anything more was out of the question and Max didn't entertain so much as the thought of it. Then Max loses her husband in a fatal motorcycle crash. Slowly, the feelings both she and Jurel fought so long to hide gradually resurface in this story of dormant feelings and the consequences of missed opportunities.

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The Yin/Yang Effect

by Dana Littlejohn

Twin sisters, Opal and Pearl Jefferson and their best friend Debra Flores are living blissfully by their 'no strings attached' rule, near downtown Indianapolis. They were enjoying all the comforts of a good life: a car, a house, they share ownership of a business and a beautiful face to get them any fringe benefits they might need. All was well in their world until Frank, Jake, Rakim and Doug entered into it. With the guys on the scene one of the girls abandons the rule and becomes willingly and secretly attached as she falls in love with one of the guys. As she makes the decision to be with her chosen man, she throws a monkey wrench into everyone else's life around her.

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SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Brittney Holmes:
Well, as a person, I'm a rising senior at Redan High School. I'm very involved in my school and other extracurricular activities. When I'm not attending a meeting or doing community service for a particular organization, I'm usually at home, reading, writing, or something dealing with the two. Aside from writing, I like to sing, dance, and just hang out with my friends. Depending on my surroundings, I can be loud and crazy with my friends or very reserved in an unfamiliar environment. As a writer, I'm pretty much focused and professional when the situation calls for it. I try to meet deadlines as early as possible and I am very open-minded when it comes to meeting and dealing with people I've never worked with before.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

"Living Consequences" was released in February 2007 and it is about a group of teenagers who face real-life dilemmas and must use their faith to deliver themselves out of their situations. Nevaeh Madison and Ronald McAfee have been dating for three years and had made a promise to each other that they wouldn't bring sexual intimacy into their relationship until marriage. Now their relationship will be put to the ultimate test when Ronald begins to change his views concerning the issue. Nevaeh's best friend, Shimone Johnson wholeheartedly believes in sex before long as she's in a monogamous relationship with her partner. But when she finds out that she's pregnant, her views change and her biggest fear is revealing her secret to her mother, who has struggled through a very similar situation, and her boyfriend, who doesn't have a reputation for being the most faithful guy. Meanwhile, Sierra Monroe, who lost her mother at age two and is continuously neglected by her father, finds pleasure and comfort in all the wrong places and must deal with the consequences of her actions just as they come.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

The message I would like to portray to my readers, the young and the young at heart, is that no matter what you are going through--no matter the situation, problem, or setback--God is always there to bring you out victorious.

SORMAG: What led you to the idea of writing this book, and then to the actual writing of it?

When I first thought of writing, what would become "Living Consequences," I never intended for the end result to be as big as it became. My intention was to write, what I called, a journal of some things that I was going through at a time in my life. When I sat down at the computer, I typed in the words "Living Consequences" and a whole different story and message began to unfold before me. Even though I never planned to write this book, I allowed God to use me because I knew that it would be beneficial to someone else.

SORMAG: Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

Oh yes! I will let my readers know now that Nevaeh and Ronald appear in two other stories I've written, the sequel to "Living Consequences," entitled "Testing Relationships," which will be released in the summer of 2008, and in a third book that will be released at a later date. It was very hard to let them go because it's almost like having a child and watching that child grow and when the child goes off on it's own, you want to hold onto them for as long as you can. But you have to let go eventually, so I did and I've learned not to keep tight grips on my characters.

SORMAG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

One of the most surprising things I've learned is that my characters may be fictional, but their stories are very real. These are stories that people of all ages can relate to now or have related to in the past. And most times it may not be the story that the reader relates to, but they relate more so to the messages of love, faith, forgiveness, and hope. It surprised me the first few times when I was told how my readers could really relate to my characters. It made me feel like I was really living out God's purpose for me.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

I wish non-writers would understand that writing one book doesn't not make you a millionaire--unless your name is Oprah. People ask me all the time if I am rich or they want to know if I'm making a lot of money off of my books. I make money, but not nearly enough for me to claim being rich. So I wish they would realize that some writers make a lot of money and others have to work a regular corporate job just to keep a steady paycheck coming in.

SORMAG: What advice would you offer to a teenager interested in writing a book?

Just do it! If it is really something that he/she wants to do then go for it. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from making your dream a reality. If you know that it's your calling and that nothing else is going to make you happy then do what you know is going to satisfy your soul. Once you know you want to write a book, write about what you know. It's a good selling point. Teens who write about teenage situations or a teen who writes about something he/she has been through. When the book is complete, sell yourself to publishers. Search the web, ask someone with experience in the area to help you, and get the journey underway.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

HOLMES: Right now, I'm reading "Rain Storm" by Vanessa Miller and it has kept me up as late as one o'clock in the morning. It is a very good book, which is not surprising since I've read the other books in the "Rain Series" and they've had the same effect on me.

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Other than school and extracurricular activities, I don't get out much. So making time for myself simply means finding time to read a book that I've been trying to finish for the past three weeks or getting on the computer for the sole purpose of relaxation or just trying to get to bed early so that I can for once have the recommended eight-hour sleep. It's harder than it seems, especially when I'm in school. But right now I'm on summer break and I'm spending time with my family and loving the time I have without the pressures of school or excessive work.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I love hearing from my readers and they can contact me through my website at or they can email me at

JUN 07 EXCERPT: Living Consequences

“Living Consequences” Excerpt #1
by Brittney Holmes

As Ronald unlocked the door, the bad feeling that Nevaeh thought had left her alone, reappeared. She knew she should have told him to take her home, or at least try to persuade him to go to the restaurant, but with her heart and his strong hand on her back leading her in the other direction, she was outnumbered.

She gasped as she stepped into the living room that was lit only by candles that were strategically placed. She was even more impressed with the smell of seafood and pasta coming from the kitchen.

“Did you make dinner by yourself?” she asked.

“Yes, I did,” he stated proudly as he turned on the stereo and allowed Tevin Campbell’s voice to stream through the speakers.

Nevaeh looked around the quiet house. “So where is everybody?”

“Well, Dad decided to take Mom out tonight. And Jeremy is at a friend’s and you know where Nikki is,” Ronald said as he looked into her eyes.

Usually it was hard for Nevaeh to hold a steady gaze with Ronald, but tonight she knew there was a mystery behind his dark eyes and she wanted to find out what it was. “So, we are here…alone.” Her statement sounded more like a question.

Ronald smiled and went into the kitchen to put the final touches on the dinner. When he was done, he went back into the living room and led Nevaeh to the dinner table. As she prayed over the shrimp alfrado, she also said a silent prayer that she had not made a mistake by allowing her boyfriend to treat her to this unexpected in-house date.

As they ate, Ronald wished over and over again that this night would not be a total disappointment. He loved Nevaeh so much that he would do anything for her, but this whole abstinence thing was getting old. Being almost eighteen and still a virgin was not something he liked to brag about.

“Living Consequences” Excerpt #2

Nevaeh sat in the living room as Ronald washed their dinner dishes. What are you doing here? Nevaeh’s conscience reprimanded her. You know nothing good can come from this. You need to go home.

“Nothing’s going to happen,” she whispered aloud, trying to believe that she was right, but the knotting in her stomach told her otherwise. She jumped as she heard the soft, sensual melodies of Brian McKnight replace the less polished voice of Tevin Campbell.

“Are you okay?” Ronald asked as he noticed the expression on her face.

She tried to smile. “Yes.”

He reached for her hand and led her to the middle of the room. Gently pulling her into his chest, Ronald inhaled her perfume. He loved the way she held onto his neck as they danced; it seemed as if she’d fall if she released the hold she had on him; he liked that. He was her protection and he kept her from all harm and danger. If someone wanted to get to her, they’d have to go through him first. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life protecting and loving her.

“Nevaeh?” Ronald said as he pulled back slightly.

“Yes?” Nevaeh said as she looked into his eyes.

“I love you so much.”

She could see the passion in his eyes and the level of it made her want to run out of the font door. When he leaned down to kiss her, she pulled away. “Ronald, I—”

He gently pulled her to him and caressed her mouth with his. When she didn’t offer resistance, he released all the passion that was built up inside of him. Nevaeh gave into the feeling. She knew where she was headed, but she didn’t want to stop. Before she knew it, she was lying on the couch and Ronald was on top of her. While he kissed her, he fumbled with her bra strap.

Marriage is honorable, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

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Risky Pleasures
Brenda Jackson
Kimani Romance
Kimani Press
ISBN: 0373860129
Published: May 2007

Rating: 4 ½ Stars
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Vanessa Steele is the only female family member working with her male cousins in the family business. She’s also the only member of the family who seems to hold a grudge for life.

Cameron Cody is a highly successful, corporate business raider, who was unsuccessful in taking over the Steele family business. He has now set his sights on taking over Vanessa’s heart.

Vanessa has been avoiding Cameron like the plague since his failed attempt to take over the family business. When she learns that Cameron is coming to Charlotte, she decides to house sit for her cousin, Cheyenne, in Jamaica. Cameron is warned by Vanessa cousin, Morgan, that she has flown the coop. So, he decides on an impromptu trip to Jamaica to capture his hearts desire. After an encounter on the beach, Vanessa is drawn to Cameron like a moth to a flame and decides to play with fire on her own terms. She soon discovers how deeply certain fires can burn.

Mrs. Jackson has done an excellent job with this latest addition to the Steele family saga. She highlighted the romance of Jamaica while helping Vanessa and Cameron come to terms with their emotional baggage from previous relationships. The way some members the Steele family help Cameron in his quest to win Vanessa’s heart is touching. This one is a real page turner.

Shattered Souls
Dywane Birch
Strebor BooksPress
ISBN: 1-59309-110-9
May 2007

Reviewed by: Michelle Alexander
Rating: 4 Stars - EXELLENT

Zane presents this book featuring four friends, Britton and Damascus (males) and Chyna and Indera (females) which makes for an interesting combination, not often seen in romance books. But there is a secret in their pasts that links them all together.

Britton now lives in the Dominican Republic, committment free. His mother shot his abusive father and he is now plagued by his dying father's request to come see him one last time.

Damascus nicknamed Tee is a male stripper whose sexcapades with women go beyond
crazy, but inside his doggish heart, he has a secret love for one of his friends.

Chyna is the consummate suburban wife, married to a mortician and mother to a rebellious teen whose problems link to a secret in Chyna's past.

Indera "Hates Men," but has more sex than most women but always by her rules. Because of a trauma in her past she has no boundaries and exacts meticulous revenge.

This book is really interesting and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Indy is the most interesting and funny character, but her criminal propensities as well the romantic ending make her one to watch in future novels.

Golden Night
Candice Poarch
Dafina Contemporary Romance
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1977-6
Published: April 2007
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 2 ½ Stars – Good
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Upon her aunt’s death, Gabrielle inherits her B & B and an eclectic cast of characters who keep hounding her as to the whereabouts of an heirloom golden bowl. Gabrielle hires Cornell to prepare the meals at the B & B, so she can help clean rooms, do paperwork, and hire a new housekeeper (since her cousin only shows up when she’s in the mood). Her grandmother keeps warning her not to get involved with that “Price boy”, but neither Gabby nor Cornell can deny the sparks that fly when they are in the same room together. Murder and mayhem become the order of the day when the islanders are suddenly faced with a series of break-ins along with an unsolved murder.

GOLDEN NIGHT is a good book with an interesting storyline, but it seems contrived at times. There were too many characters running around; many of whom I felt were just there as “fillers”. There are a host of cousins milling about, but two of them, Alyssa and Skeeter, are introduced in the beginning of the book and not heard from again until the end. Skeeter, the cousin who disappears around the time of the first murder, and Alyssa, the police detective who is out of town for the majority of the story, seem unnecessary. I felt that Alyssa was just there for as an introduction for a future story. Her probable love interest popped up at the end of the story with a “tidy” explanation for his absence as well. I found myself wondering what the story of he and Alyssa will be like. The historical accounts of Abiola and the other women who originally settled on the island are the best part of this story for me.

Sylvia Lett
Dafina- Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1979-2
Published: April 2007
Fictional Romance

Rating: 4 Stars – Excellent
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Samantha Taylor and Alex Carlisle have been leading comfortable but safe lives since the deaths of their spouses. Sam was widowed when her husband and sister where killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. The shock of losing them at the same time sent her into premature labor, which gives Sam her only reason to live. Sam is a stay at home mom who takes care of her two children as well as Alex’s. They eat dinner as a family several times a week and generally spend the majority of their free time together. Sam is grateful for the emotional support that Alex has given her, but Alex is looking for more. The good doctor comes up with a plan to get Sam to marry him, but he risks losing her by keeping a secret that could change their lives.

PERFECT FOR YOU is a moderately paced, well written, and interesting story; it’s a love story with a whodunit twist. I enjoyed the closeness of the two single parent families and the way the main characters supported each other in raising their children. The plot twists grab your attention, and the supporting characters make sure that you don’t forget that there is a time bomb waiting to disrupt everyone’s lives. I feel that the children were a little too good to be true, and there were times when Sam and Alex acted like children. But, this is still a story that people will be able to relate to.

Ms. Lett has done a great job exploring the lives of two people who have suffered such great losses at the hands of a stranger, only to discover years later that someone who claims to love them has done the unthinkable.

Love vs. Pain and Secrets
Tiffany Collins
RoseDog Books
Published: April 2007

Rating: 2.5 Stars -GOOD
Review By: Tamika Johnson

Love vs. Pain and Secrets is a poetry collection about personal issues author Tiffany Collins has worked through. Tiffany is to be commended on being very open and honest in this collection as many of the poems are very revealing such as "I Still Love You" where the author writes about a woman who is married but still in love with another, and "Our Baby is Not Your Child," which speaks of the inner turmoil a woman goes through
knowing that the child she has does not belong to the man she is with.

Though the poetry deals mostly with pain and secrets than it does the redemptive power of love as the title suggests, it is a collection that with deals with many life issues that anyone can relate to.

Rhonda Jackson Joseph
Tea and a Tome Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Published: March 2007

Rating: 2 stars - OK
Reviewer: Patricia Woodside

CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT is an admirable debut romance novel from Rhonda Jackson Joseph. Cishawn “Shawn” Simpson and Tonzell “TJ” Jones have dating history back to a failed blind date when they were in college. Now both budding entrepreneurs, they reunite at the wedding of mutual friends. When Shawn takes ill and collapses following the ceremony, TJ comes to her rescue. As he nurses her back to health, the two explore whether a romance is in their future.

Shawn doesn’t trust herself to seek happiness in a committed relationship, afraid she’ll have to choose between her career goals and a family. TJ likes to rescue people, especially women, even ones he knows are not in his best interest. Can Shawn concede some of her independence and TJ give up his need to be in charge so that a long-term relationship might have a chance?

Ms. Joseph’s characters are interesting. Shawn’s got fire in her belly. She wants to make something of herself beyond simply working at her job and she wants to do it on her terms. TJ is ready to stop rescuing folks, and he’s willing to put up with a lot, but he has his limits and Shawn puts them to the test. However, the story seems to rest largely on the need for these characters to get out of their own way. I believe CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT has the bones of a good contemporary romance. However, with little external conflict to help keep the plot moving, the characters seem to go over the same ground again and again, stopping only for sexual interludes. Also, the story is written in first person point of view, which can be difficult for many writers. In this case, that viewpoint contributes to the passive storytelling. Replacing some of the introspection with a bit more dialogue, in addition to more conflict, would give the story more flesh on those bones. I look forward to Ms. Joseph’s next work.

A Hire Love
Candice Dow
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1938-5
Publish Date: February 2007

Rating: 4 Stars – Excellent
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Fatima Mayo a widow of three years decides to get back into the dating game. She goes on a few dates and realizes it’s really rough out there. Her husband was just about perfect and had spoiled her rotten. Fatima’s best friend is a casting director and Fatima talks her into finding her the perfect man.

Rashad Watkins is chosen for the role of perfect man to Fatima. Rashad feels an instant attraction to Fatima from pictures alone. He’s a struggling actor waiting for his big break at his Mama’s house.

The couple hit it off but the relationship was one sided. Fatima only received but never truly gave of herself. Rashad wasn’t sure if she loved him for himself or the role he played. The rubber meets the road when Rashad’s big break comes and he has to leave New York. Will Fatima follow him?

It took me a minute to take the plot seriously but once I did, the story was very enjoyable. I would love to see a sequel to this story; Fatima still has a lot of issues she needs to work through.

Ann Christopher
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1434-0
Publish Date: February 2007

Rating: 4 Stars – Excellent
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Risk is about a couple who share an instant attraction. Angela and Justus share a dance at a wedding where his brother marries her sister. Angela is 7 years older than the 17 year old Justus. She feels the attraction but doesn’t take it seriously because of the age difference.

Fast forward 10 years, the couple come face to face with their attraction while fighting for custody of the niece their perspective siblings left behind when they were killed in a car crash. Justus is a playa who owns a gym and Angela is an uptight lawyer who works too much. Justus works hard to have Angela take him seriously, while Angela works hard not to succumb to the attraction.

This book has renewed my faith in romance novels. The book was engaging, captivating and exciting. The author took the time to have the characters work through their flaws individually as well as a couple. The story was realistic, risky and cutting edge drama. There weren’t any perfect solutions which only made the story more probable. Two thumbs up to Ms. Christopher on her sophomore book.

Dyanne Davis
Parker Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-60043-004-6
Published: February 2007
Fictional Romance

Rating: 2 ½ Stars - GOOD
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Torrie and Jake are childhood friends from different sides of the track. A misunderstanding from when they were teens has driven a wedge between them that neither is sure how to overcome. When Hurricane Katrina brings Torrie’s dreams to fruition, Jake risks his life driving to New Orleans, as the storm moves in, to save her. But Torrie and Jake’s reunion is bittersweet; Torrie can’t move forward until she knows that her family is safe, but they are still trying to keep her and Jake apart. Her family wants to protect her, but they should simply mind their own business.

FOREVER AND A DAY is a journey through the devastation and the hopelessness that so many families felt after one of the worst natural disasters of our time. However, Ms. Davis has managed to show the spirit of survival, the renewal of relationships, and the uncompromising love that no hurricane, or breeched levee, can kill.

Now, with that said, I became bored with Torrie. She has a successful business and her own home, but she is uncharacteristically immature. She allows her family to interfere and control her life and she expects more of Jake than she herself is willing to give. Her family’s overly dramatic reaction to her relationship with Jake is irritating. I realize part of their problem with Jake is New Orleans’ underlying “class” system, and the corruption between the wealthy families and the politicians. However, Jake left town over a decade before the storm to build a life without his family’s influence, but Torrie’s family continued to blame him for the sins of his father and his one mistake with Torrie. Her sister Kimmie and cousin Trey couldn’t let go of the past and allow Torrie to make her own decisions where Jake was concerned.

The pacing flows well until the main characters are reunited. Once the storms end and the family settles down everything slows to a crawl. I didn’t like Kimmie and Trey, even after the reason for their reaction is explained. I would have preferred more background on both sets of parents and their respective relationships.

Forever and a Day gives readers some incite into the lives of the Katrina survivors and what it will take for them to completely recover from this disaster. It’s a good book, but I didn’t care for the behavior exhibited by certain characters.


The First Lady
Carl Webber
Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1575-4
Published: January 2007
Mainstream Fiction

Rating: 4 ½ Stars - EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Charlene Wilson decides upon her deathbed, to choose several women from the church her husband pastor’s as candidates to take her place as First Lady. She, along with the church secretary, pens several letters to be given to each person at certain intervals beginning six months after her death.

Bishop T. K. Wilson, is surprised to receive a letter from his deceased wife six months after her death telling him that it is time for him to remarry, and to his chagrin, the members of the church agree.

The delivery of the first letters sets off a chain reaction of events that no one could have imagined. The members of First Jamaica Ministries have their minds made up as to which of the women should be first lady. However, the pastor is not ready to let go of his deceased wife and start a new relationship. So, he allows the members and his best-friend to determine who he should date instead of following his heart. When he discovers that his deceased wife in manipulating lives from the grave, he is angry and hurt. However, he realizes that the time has come for him to make a decision about his life, as well as, what’s best for his church.

Mr. Webber managed to juggle the stories of five different characters with a legion of extras, and come up with a serious, funny and romantic story. He allows you to become a part of the characters lives and experience their fears, pain and joy. However, there was couple of times when I felt it was time to move on with a couple of the characters, but I read this one in a day. It is an enjoyable read.

Ladies Night Out
Electra Rome Parks
New American Library
ISBN: 9780451220257
January 2007

Rating: 4 Stars EXCELLENT
Reviewed by: Michelle Alexander

Lexie, Meshell, Tonya and Tracee ask each other, "What is the freakiest thing you have ever done?" and their answers take the reader into the deepest secrets of their lives. Lexie the least experienced, looks online for her first major encounter and finds what
she least expected. Meshell the least inhibited finds herself at a swingers party and finds that it’s a slippery slope to sex addiction. Tonya the exhibitionist learns that everyone doesn't always just want to look and narrowly escapes and Tracee the golddigger ends up in an affair with a married man who just happens to be her boss. Ultimately they all have
a showdown with each other.

Set in Atlanta, Ladies Night Out is well written with spicy details, this book will stay on your shelf to read again and again. Everyone will find someone in this book to identify with and also understand the love that friends have in order to save each other.

Big Girls Don’t Die
Crystal Jordan
Cobblestone Press
Publication 2006
ISBN: 978-1-60088-104-6
Paranormal/Erotic/Multicultural Romance

Rating: 2 ½ stars - GOOD
Reviewed by: Tonni

Cynthiana Trent is a plus sized model turned clothing designer, who was turned into a Vampire by a Frenchman name Andre St. James who owns a hotel in Las Vegas.

The story takes place on Valentines Day. Cynthiana gets a surprise visit from Andre who she hasn’t seen for a month. And she is not happy to see him. A misphrased greeting leads to them having hot passionate sex. It’s not ‘til its all over she realized she is still mad at him for turning her into the “undead”. So she spends the rest of Valentine’s Day with her friend Candy a werewolf but it gets cut short because of a family emergency.

In the past, Cynthiana has been denying her feelings for Andre. Will she be able to resist his charm and allure? Or will she give into her longing and feelings for Andre.

This book was a short read for me. Crystal’s description of the sex scenes between Andre and Cynthiana was outstanding because you can form a picture of the two having hot passionate sex. I had to grab my hand fan and a cold cup water to cool off.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about hot sex.

The Street Life Series – Is It Suicide or Murder?
Kevin M. Weeks
Publisher: Xlibris Books
Publication Date: December 2006
ISBN: 1-4257-1104-9
Genre: Urban Lit/Street Fiction

Rating: 2 ½ -GOOD
Reviewed by: Danni Jackson

The Street Life Series – Is It Suicide or Murder? Follows the life of car thief and West Philadelphia native Teco Jackson. Teco is handsome and smooth when it comes to the ladies. A dangerous, high speed car chase convinced him that his life had to change but after trying the religious path, he realized that crime was in his blood. So he returns to a life of petty thievery and car thefts. Sleeping at different women houses and having just enough to get by has become his lifestyle for as long as he can remember. But a chance encounter with Mujaheed Bashi Firen of the Strictly Business Crew (SB) presents him with the opportunity to step his game up and prove he’s more than just a small time thug.

Even though Teco isn’t into the drug game he takes Bashi up on his offer and quickly becomes entrenched in the drug dealing world. Teco is a good earner and earns the nickname of “Homicide”. As a result, Bashi promotes him to his right hand man. Homicide is seen as fearless along with the fact he doesn’t back down from anyone, garners him the respect of the all the members of SB Crew but one – Gail Indigo Que aka GQ who is the only female in SB. GQ is understandably upset because she was the enforcer/right hand before Homicide took her position. There is a major power struggle between Homicide and GQ amidst dissention with the SB Crew as Homicide is promoted. Homicide is busy enjoying his life filled with money, cars and women. But a major takedown cuts his lifestyle short for a stint. And after getting out of jail, Homicide learns that Bashi has disappeared and makes it his mission to find out what’s going on. The tension between GQ and Homicide escalates and when the dust clears and the duo appear to have called a truce, Bashi turns up dead. And all the evidence and clues point to Homicide. Homicide goes after the truth and the question will be is the killer – an enemy or a friend? And will GQ help or hinder Homicide’s quest for the truth?

One problem is that the book has several minor and insignificant characters that bog down the plot and stop the story from flowing as easily and effortless as it could. Also, there is some irrelevant information that does little more than pad the book. A good final editing would eliminate some of these errors as well as help focus the plot, provide deeper characterizations plus smooth and tighten the dialogue.

The Street Life Series – Is It Suicide or Murder is fast-paced, full of drama and captivating. The writing is sharp and the storyline will hold reader’s attentions. Teco aka Homicide is a likeable character despite his lifestyle.

If Love Is Good to Me
Francine Craft
Kimani Press
ISBN: 1-58314-783-7
Publish Date: October 2006

Rating: 2 Stars – OK
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Dosha Steele meets millionaire Christian Montero on a trip to Spain to heal a broken heart. Both are trying to recover from relationships gone bad. The book picks up with the couple already engaged and planning their wedding. If you're a fan of Ms. Crafts Steele family this book continues the saga.

As the couple is planning their wedding they go through all types of drama, some of it unbelievable in today’s times. Christian is very moody and can't seem to get over the things his ex-wife did before she died. Dosha is more patient than any woman I ever read about. Who would be able to handle their fiancĂ©e constantly lamenting their past relationship????

I was disappointed with this book and I am a fan of Francine Craft. The book had no real point of reference, one minute the couple is stuck in the past, the next minute someone's threatening Dosha, the next they're living in fear of things learned from a Tarot card reading. It felt like being in a screeching car, it kept starting and stopping. The cover had a great looking couple on the front.

Every Thug Needs A Lady
Wahida Clark
Publisher: Dafina Books/Kensington
Publication Date: October 2006

ISBN: 0-7582-1288-7
Genre: Urban Lit/Street Fiction

Rating: 2 Stars -OK
Reviewed by: Danni Jackson

Every Thug Needs a Lady follows the lives of four friends – Jaz, Kyra, Angel and Roz – and their quest to turn their lives around despite being from the hood.

All four ladies are graduating college and on the verge of a new life. Roz is going to be a physical and respiratory therapist, Angel to be a corporate lawyer, Kyra plans are graduation, grad school and then becoming a doctor of psychology and Jaz is about to graduate and go to medical school.

Every Thug Needs a Lady revolves around the dramas that unfold in their lives along with their thug boyfriends. Roz who is also known as Tasha is infatuated with Trae who also happens to be a good friend of her former boyfriend of five years who is incarcerated. Trae wants Roz but she doesn’t want to date another thug. Also Angel who is about to embark on her career post law school, is intrigued by Trae’s best friend Kaylin but she doesn’t want to give in to the feelings and plays hard to get.

Every Thug Needs a Lady is raw and richly detailed. It contains all the elements that are popular with the urban/street lit genre. So the common elements of thugs, money, drugs, bling, drug dealers, prison, designer clothes and sex is rampant throughout the book.

The character are trying to grow up but don’t seem to be succeeding. The actions and their words do not match. The girls say they want one thing but don’t appear to have the focus or determination or know how to achieve their goals. It’s apparent these women are lacking in some very common life skills in order to move past their current life status and truly leave the ghetto/inner city behind.

Every Thug Needs a Lady also suffers from a bevy of editing issues including many typographical and grammatical errors.

I found this book to be somewhat contradictory in the character goals and motivations but it did make you think – every character is well educated but on the flip side has a thug/playa persona. And it appears that the thuggish side wins out for a while. The question that came to my mind is - How strong is the pull of the street/criminal lifestyle? Is the lure of the street life and being a hustler so powerful and why?

I would definitely recommend that readers read the first book before this one, though it is not required, it may help in understanding parts of it.

Every Thug Needs a Lady took a while for me to get into. The usual fast pace of street fiction books’ was missing from the first third of this book. It took to long for me to become engaged in the book and with the characters. It was, in my opinion, unsurprising in the plot and the perfect “hood” fairytale.

The first book was better because the characters were more diversely drawn and easier to differentiate. It seems that all the ladies end up in the exact same or very similar situations in their lives and haven’t learned anything from witnessing the drama that their “friends” go through. So in essence, it becomes the same or a very similar story which is tedious and predictable. The characters lack a clear growth and in some parts are not very developed.

The ending and subsequent epilogue was confusing but everything wrapped up and everyone’s lives turned around so there is the Happily Ever After. There was enough left unfinished as a teaser to tempt readers to purchase the third book in this series to see what else happens in the lives of these friends.

Your First Novel
By Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb
Writer's Digest
ISBN: 9781582973883, 2007
Nonfiction/How-To (Writing)
Published: September 2006

Guest Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Publisher's Site:

Pay No Attention to the Title

Your First Novel Is for All Novelists, from Would-Be to Seasoned

When I teach my writing students, I urge them to keep reading, keep writing, keep taking classes. Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb, the agent and author combination who have cobbled together a definitive first book of reading for novelists, urge writers to do the same thing. Having said that, this may very well be the place for a would-be novelist to start.

It's also a great place for a seasoned writer to refresh, pick up a few new hints, get inspired and get some understanding—some real understanding—of what it is agents do.

The reason this book is so important is that both authors come from a place of experience and both have researched their lesson plans. Not only that, Dennis Lehane's foreword will inspire any writer—any writer!—to dig into their craft and the business of publishing by reading farther.

Whitcomb doesn't just give good advice; she illustrates her points liberally with quotations from the classics and newer writers who have perfected their craft. The visuals she provides for, say, "Accents and Dialect" are as clear as if they had been diagrammed for you by the sternest of English-teaching nuns. Only Whitcomb isn't at all stern. Rather her voice (another subject she discusses) will convince writers of her warmth, that she cares about writing, both her own and that of others.

Rittenberg is equally engaging. The most jaded of novelists will come away from her section of the book (publishing, queries, marketing and more!) with a sense that to know an agent may—after all—be to love one.

This book is one that should be grabbed, read, and kept reference-handy by writers at most any stage in their careers. Okay, I'll exempt Stephen King and Barbara Kingsolver, but you get the idea.

Two Loves, One Heart
Carrie J. Keaton
Author House
ISBN: 1-4259-3017-4 (sc)
Published: June 2006
Mainstream Fiction

Rating: 1 Star – Poor
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Lynette Thomas gives up the opportunity to finish her college education in order to marry her high school sweetheart and move with him to South Carolina. Her fairytale life soon becomes a nightmare when her loving husband becomes emotionally detached and abusive.

Steven Montgomery is a successful attorney and the former class nerd, in his and Lynette’s high school. Steven becomes Lynette’s night in shining armor when he rescues her from a hopeless situation.

Two Loves, One Heart is a story about a woman who is given a second chance to live and love after surviving an abusive marriage. I found the characters boring, the plot predictable and story poorly written.

I had a hard time reading this book. It was full of typographical and grammatical errors, and there were parts that were completely out of sequence. In one chapter she’s seven months pregnant, and in the next she’s three or four. I was really ready to give up when I read about a child in one chapter that had yet to be conceived let alone born until several chapters later.

Ms. Keaton, I applaud the effort you put into writing your story and getting it printed, but your proof-reader and editor did not serve you well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Waking the Muse
A Collection of Poems

by Melanie Simms

Melanie Simms is an internationally published poet who employs the written language much like an artist wields a brush. As former Poet Laureate of Perry County, Pennsylvania and the Founder and President of the Association of Pennsylvania Poets Laureate, her talent is clearly heralded by many and matched only by the spirit of the muse, lighting a beacon for the soul, much the way a light house provides light for lost ships. Waking the Muse is the first in a series of recent poetic pursuits, with new works progressing quickly on the follow-up.

Melanie Simms' poems transcend international boundaries; as her poetry regularly sees publication in countries such as Wales, Canada, England and Australia.

You will enjoy her poems best with your heart open, allowing her muses to take you on a journey of wonder that you will not soon forget.

Outskirts Press
ISBN-10: 1598006533

Monday, June 18, 2007

JUN07 FEATURED AUTHOR: AlTonya Washington

SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

AlTonya Washington:
AlTonya released her first novel with BET/Arabesque in 2003. Since then, she's released titles in the contemporary and historical romance genres. The award-winning author celebrated the release of her 9th novel "A Lover's Mask" with Harlequin/Kimani. This SC native now resides in NC where she works as a Senior Assistant for a college library. She's a huge movie buff who loves to cook (and eat!!) and read. She will release her 10th novel "Pride and Consequence" in November this year.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

"A Lover's Mask" is Book 3 in the Ramsey Series. In this installment, we get to know Fernando Ramsey and Contessa Warren. Fernando is the middle son of Marc and Josephine Ramsey. Those who've read the first 2 books ("A Lover's Dream" and "A Lover's Pretense") know that Marc is the resident "bad guy" of the family. Fernando is something of a black sheep as well having spent time in both a juvenile facility and correctional institute during his younger wilder days. Contessa, the Chicago publisher introduced in Book 1, is intrigued by the gorgeous bad boy and ignores every order she gives herself to stay away. Her publishing house is in the process of producing the long-awaited Ramsey biography and Contessa is on the brink of uncovering yet another scandal involving the powerful clan. While bringing down Marc Ramsey is a definite possibility, will she also bring down Fernando- the man she's falling in love with?

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

For this series I like for readers to take away a sense of satisfaction from every Ramsey novel they read. I want them to take with them the fact that they've become inter-woven with the characters and their dramas. I'd also like for them to leave with their curiosity peaked-what will happen next? And how will it happen?

SORMAG: What led you to the idea of writing this book, and then to the actual writing of it?

My relatives always tease me about writing a book on our family. An intriguing idea-but I'd rather focus on the dramas I could conjure in a fictional family. I was captivated by the relationship between the twins in Karen Moning's Highlander novels and then the idea came to me for Quest and Quaysar (the twins from Books 1 and 2 of the Ramseys) From there, I got the idea for a family filled with beautiful men and deadly secrets-the Ramsey series was born.

SORMAG: Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

I have a VERY hard time letting go. These people are so real to me it's scary. This is what I've enjoyed about writing the series-I have the chance to revisit them-find out what's going on in their lives. In the Ramsey series past characters play large roles in the progression of the storyline.

SORMAG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That strong characters actually drive the story-the author thinks he or she is in control, but it's the characters that push the plot, the actions and the twists. It's difficult to describe and something I never believed when other authors spoke of it, but it is very true.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

That it's not as easy as it seems. So much goes into creating a story that's not only interesting and sexy for the readers, but for the writer as well. These intriguing characters don't come to mind over night (not always). Developing them, the way they talk, look, think...these must be people you want to think about every day and night. Readers only see the finished product-I did before I actually became a writer. It's incredible and beautiful-how involved the entire process is.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

I've started reading the "In Death" series by Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb. Currently, I'm on Book 12 "Betrayal In Death".

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Watching movies, taking bubbles baths, reading...

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

My email address is: and they can visit my website at

JUN07 EXCERPT: A Lover's Mask

A Lover's Mask
By AlTonya Washington

Pulling his hands from his pockets, Fernando braced them on either side of her. “You really believe you’ll never sleep with me again?”

County felt her heart flutter and ordered her lashes not to do the same. “I really believe that,” she said, scanning his eyes, the slop of his nose, wide mouth and the lightly bearded square jaw.

Fernando seemed to consider her words before standing straight. “I guess I can buy that. After all, we didn’t get much sleep then, did we?”

County moved off the arm of the chair. Her cheeks burned as images of them together flashed before her eyes. The things he did to her, the things they did to each other. She thought about it everyday. Pleasure swirled through her at the mere memory of the delight she’d experienced. “What we did was a mistake-careless and immature. You must think I’m some sort of-“

“Stop,” he ordered then, his voice brooking no argument. “Don’t do that. I won’t let you do that.”

County raked shaking fingers across her dark cropped hair and turned. “Good night Ramsey,” she sang, preparing to head for the door.

He blocked her path, his size easily allowing him to do so.

Resist him, resist him, she sang, focusing on the breadth of his chest as she dared not look him in the eyes. Her lips parted when his hand settled to the curve of her hip. The massive expanse of his palm massaged her there before angling around the generous swell of her bottom. She moaned when one light tug brought her into his incredible frame. A tiny hiss of a curse rose from her tongue as a wealth of sensation flooded her senses.

For several torturous moments, Fernando cupped her derriere, squeezing and grinding her into the powerful stiffness below his waist. His lips brushed her brow, temple and the line of her cheek. Choosing to forget her resistance, Contessa sought his mouth with her own. His tongue thrust hot and masterfully and she welcomed the power of the act. Whimpering amidst the passionate lunges inside her mouth, County’s fingers curved weakly into his unyielding chest. When his tongue stroked the roof of her mouth and a low growl rose in his throat, Contessa felt her legs weaken. Fernando held her high to prevent her from slipping to the floor. His kiss was deep and branding-possession personified.

County scarcely noticed that he’d carried her with him to the front door. Her fingers were buried in the beautiful silk of his curly dark brown hair and she relished the power lying untapped within his magnificent frame.

“No going to that office of yours tomorrow. I’ll be here by nine A.M.,” he said.

“Okay,” she agreed, sounding every bit the obedient little girl while arching closer for just another taste of his kiss.

Fernando obliged, plying her with a few more sultry probes of his persuasive tongue. County’s eagerness and helpless murmurs into his mouth were almost his undoing, but he managed to ease away and set her to her feet.

“Goodnight,” he said, brushing a smudge of lipstick from her cheek before he walked out the door.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

JUN07 FEATURED AUTHOR: Camellia M. Johnson

SORMAG: Give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Camellia M. Johnson
is a member of the Potter’s House where Bishop T.D. Jakes is founder and Pastor. She is a faithful member of the Golden Vessels Ministry where she prays and helps lead the elderly into praise and worship services monthly. She’s the author of the riveting and inspiring testimonial book entitled “What Now?” Camellia is an inspirational speaker and conference host, inspiring her brothers and sisters not to compromise their lifestyle for self, but for God. Visit Camellia’s website: Feel free to email her:

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

JOHNSON: Brothers and Sisters, have you made a choice to love God more in your life? Love him more than, the pre-marital sex, more than the drugs, more than the lies or the adultery? This book takes you on a journey of choices that will reflect your sincere love for god. This love is shown in our everyday choices. So often-Christian singles don't get the unadulterated talks about abstaining from sex until marriage. Again Promiscuous Grace takes you on a single woman's season of decisions that show God's grace and love even in the dark hours of denial. This book will put you in the front seat of a woman's life only for you to evaluate your life choices. You can slip, fall and God will still love you and pull you back on the right road to recovery. You will also learn that God's grace is not to be taken advantage of or misused. You will see God's goodness propel you to be faithful to him. Are you ready to be honest with yourself? Let's begin the journey.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

To not get stuck in condemnation and that God is a forgiving God who loves us dearly. This book is not a license to sin but to show the compassion of God to come get you...right where you are and clean you up to be used for his glory.

SORMAG: What led you to the idea of writing this book, and then to the actual writing of it?

First, God said to write it for his children to know they are not alone. Secondly, it's not talked about in the church. Not about the real issues that saved single people go through.

SORMAG: Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

No, because my characters are mixed with some many people it's easy.

SORMAG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Because mine are non-fiction mostly, it was healing and deliverance to me. A release of the old.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

It starts with a decision to do it and write.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

Holy Ghost Corner by Michele Brown!

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Massages, manicures, pedicures...anything that has to do with pampering.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

P.O.BOX 382853
Duncanville, TX 75138

I can send autographed copies to those who send your requests through the mail. Books are $13.99 please include $2.00 for shipping and handling.

JUN 07 EXCERPT: Again Promiscuous Grace

Again Promiscuous Grace

by Camellia Johnson

Re-Birth of Old Issues

Memory Verse: “…for He (God) himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down (relax my hold on you!) Assuredly not!” Hebrews 13:5 (AMP)
After her husband died, leaving Camellia a widow and a single mother at the age of 29, Camellia experienced God’s love like never before. But in the midst of recovery and trying to re-establish her life, Camellia had to battle sexual desires and loneliness – two things she thought she would never have to face again after saying “I do.” Below is an excerpt from her latest release, Again Promiscuous Grace.

U R Not Alone!

Being single, I had to often remind myself that I am not alone. Sometimes I found my own entertainment, instead of getting in God’s presence. When I made those decisions it was like trying to take sugar out of a whip battered cake mix. That would be impossible, right? Satisfying my own loneliness is impossible because loneliness is a feeling. Feelings will come and go and they are based on your circumstances. Why go through that emotional roller coaster of wanting company, getting the wrong company and entertaining the wrong company. I hungered for communication, affection, security and fun from a male companion when the spirit of loneliness came on me. Only to realize satisfying the feeling still didn’t take away the loneliness permanently. Only temporarily.

When I tried to satisfy myself, the plan always failed. God is the only one who can talk and touch you like no other. I’ve found that talk and touch is just what I needed to get rid of that loneliness. God created us to commune with him. Be secure in him and show thanksgiving to his name. This is our reasonable service. We’re expected to worship, praise and commune with God. We must know that God is with us. We must know that we know that we know that God is always with us. Believe God is with you so that even when you feel lonely, you can experience God’s presence. The feeling is not the truth, but God’s love is the truth. Knowing the truth that God is with you can help you overcome feeling lonely. How? Get your mind off yourself and back on God. Think and meditate on God’s goodness. Think about what he has done in your life and will do. Get out your Bible and read the promises of God. Practice channeling your thoughts on God and doing his business. When you get busy doing this you will not have time or the desire to entertain loneliness. Besides, when loneliness does come, it’s an attack to get you off focus and detour you from the perfect will of God.

When it happens to me, I quickly think about the assignments, my sowing, meetings and prayer requests that need to be done. I take a mental note and give God glory for what has been completed and get to work on the un-completed tasks. What happened to the loneliness? While channeling my thoughts on the work I still needed to do for God that loneliness had to flee. Refuse to have a pity party due to loneliness. Don’t respond to the invitation to any pity party. Respond to God’s Holy Ghost party and have a good time glorifying God for his grace and mercy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's Happening at SORMAG - JUNE

The summer is finally here and SORMAG is ready to introduce you to your summer reads.

We have some great new authors this month. Stop by and meet them.

Meisha Camm – Urban Fiction - June 11th

Camellia Johnson – Christian Fiction - June 13th

AlTonya Washington – Romance Author - June 18th

Brittney Holmes – New Debut Author - June 25th

June Reviews will be posted on June 14th

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JUNE 07 EXCERPT - Mistress

by Meisha J. Camm

"The material things mean nothing to me. I stopped being materialistic a long time ago. What matters to me is that I have Jarrad by my side. Cravings for him run deep, sometimes to the point where I feel suffocated.

You want to know what's funny? I truly believed in my heart and soul Jarrad was going to leave his wife for me. I watch Oprah and Maury daily. I should've known better. Each time he says, "Baby, I'm going to ask her for the divorce soon," I roll my eyes and mumble to myself, "I'll believe that shit when I see it."

Monday, June 11, 2007


SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Meisha Camm:
I’m twenty seven and currently live in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Since the year 2003, I’ve been writing. Hidden Intentions and Mistress are two published books of mine.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

Mistress is a story about a woman named Alexis. She’s strong, feisty and has a good head on her shoulders. All throughout her childhood, her parents fought which at times got violent because of her father’s cheating ways. Her mother, Vivian accepted her father, Robert back almost every time.

When Alexis grows up, she meets a man named Jarrad Simmons, an executive producer who reluctantly fails to tell her that he is married. By the time, she does find out the devastating news Alexis is already in love with Jarrad. She has a choice to make stick it with Jarrad who claims to be in the process of getting a divorce or cut her losses short and find someone else who’s available one hundred percent.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

I would like my readers to take away from the book that despite people may get into bad situations, we have choices to stay or get out. Each day, a person has the choice to change their life around for the good or bad. What choice will you choose? It’s not just in relationships, I look at every aspect of my life.

SORMAG: What led you to the idea of writing this book, and then to the actual writing of it?

At the time, one of my friends was seeing a married man. I saw the hurt and pain that she was going through so I decided to write a book about it.

SORMAG: Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

No I don’t have a hard time letting go of a character. I want to write more books. If I get stuck on one character, it will be difficult to create a new character.

SORMAG: Why did you choose to write urban fiction?

I chose urban fiction because it’s my favorite to read. Plus, I have a lot of fun writing these books.

SORMAG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write a book. Scared and not knowing where to turn to, I was discouraged. Back in 2003, I emailed Michael Baisden, who at the time just released, God’s Gift to Women. His marketing team emailed me with the basics of writing a book. Contacting the authors is a great way to get your questions answered.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

Writing requires a lot of time and plenty of patience. It’s not easy writing a book but when someone has read something I created and enjoyed it, the feeling is priceless.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

The last book which kept me up all night is a book entitled, Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger.

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Prioritizing my time is the best way I can get things finished. When writing a book, I set personal deadlines to get it done.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

My mailing address is P.O. Box 41380

Norfolk VA 23541 (email) (website) (my space)

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JUN 07 E-tour -Hawkins, Jossel, Catrell

Keeping Up With The Joneses
by P. R. Hawkins

Risa James had everything except a love life.

When she meets JD Jones instant fireworks!

But he had five over protective sisters.

Does Risa have what it takes to Keep Up With The Jonses?


by Joylynn M. Jossel

Tye and Wade are inseparable identical twin brothers,

but will their love for the same woman break their bond?

Rhain Garett becomes the number one suspect

in a murder case involving an unusual love triangle.

Sex on the 2nd Floor:
or anywhere else you can get it!

by Jazz Catrell

When Jessica met Travis her mundane sex life

went to a full escalation of hot heated passion.

Was the sex real or does Jessica have a vivid imagination?

Will she succumb to the heated passion that lies deep in her soul?

The book can be purchased wherever books are sold!

Jazz Catrell lives in St. Louis with her family

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