Friday, May 21, 2021

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Self publishing assistance packages include: formatting, editing, proofreading, cover creation, isbn, uploading everything to Kindle Direct Publishing, sending the author a proof for their approval and the final step of sending the book to Amazon to go on sale. 


My fee depends on page count. For specific information please go to

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Friday, May 07, 2021

Book Of The Day - Iron Wolf's Bride by Karen Kay



Iron Wolf's Bride

I will return to you, my love…

Jane Glenforest's father believed she was too young to marry, so he’d stolen her and her newborn son away from the handsome Assiniboine Indian she’d wed and taken her to Surrey, England. In spite of divorce papers and rumors he’s wed another, Jane’s never forgotten the man who’d stolen her heart and given her son legitimacy. When Buffalo Bill's Wild West show comes to England—bringing her ex-husband with it—Jane’s curious to see her lost love, in spite of her new fiancĂ©. 

Although Iron Wolf's purpose in working for Bill Cody's Wild West show is to fulfill his father's vision to find and stop a deceiver, he fell in love with and married Jane Glenforest. But, no sooner had Jane given birth than her father stole her away. Now, a few years later, Iron Wolf is arriving in England with the hope of rekindling the love he once shared with Jane. However, instead of love, he finds his wife loathes him, believing he has married another. And, when he discovers she is engaged to another man, he declares war on both her and the fiancĂ©. 

But when their son is kidnapped, Jane and Iron Wolf must work together to rescue him. And, as danger escalates, they discover trusting each other might be the only way to save their son. Will Jane and Iron Wolf learn to forgive one another, to reignite the embers of a passion that never died, or will the lies of a deceiver destroy their love forever?

Warning: Rediscovered love might cause sleepless nights spent in the arms of one's true love.



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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Have You Read - Love can Come Softly by W Parks Brigham




Renae Armstrong and Stanley Malone are two mature adults who are living life to its fullest and quite satisfied with how they are doing so.

Nevertheless, family and friends feel their lives are too predictable and complacent. And what’s wrong with that? Family and friends also feel a special love would add that extra element to make life that much more rewarding and fulfilling. Okay, that’s a great idea, whenever that special person comes along. Until then, they are very satisfied and consider themselves fortunate and blessed for so many wonderful reasons. For instance, health and strength, job, security, and most importantly, they have experienced enough of life’s pain and heartaches to say, ‘I’m good’.

As far as Renae Armstrong and Stanley Malone are concerned, life is great until a horrific tragedy brings unforeseen life changes for them both.



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