Monday, November 06, 2023

Book Picks Of The Week - November 6, 2023

Finding Love is Timeless, is a sweet small-town romance in Allanville, Texas featuring two lovable grandparents who took their title and position in the family seriously. Dating was not their priority. Love, for them, was far-fetched and beyond their interest.

Allanville’s matchmakers had nothing to do with bringing Lawanda Morrison (widow) and Nipsey Wilkerson (widower) together. Un-uhn, it was their grandchildren’s Fall Festival, aching joints, tired feet, and the comfort of a haystack bench.

Despite a bit of family drama, these precious souls decide to give love a try. Note… Lawanda Morrison is the mother of Fletcher from the story. If you haven’t read "You’re The One For Me" Book 4; please do so for the background information. Believe me, Ms. Lawanda holds her own!

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Love In Space - Season 3 - Baila's Story 

Baila and her best friend, Quinn embark on a journey to a new planet. But their friendship faces an unexpected test when the ship's computer suggests Quinn as a potential suitor. Torn between love and friendship, Baila hesitates to pursue a romantic relationship, fearing it might ruin what they have. To protect their bond, she decides to explore other love connections, hoping to preserve their cherished friendship.

Will she find a husband or will her heart lead her back to Quinn?

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