Tuesday, June 29, 2021

5 Reasons To Join The Social Butterfly Promotion Membership



One of the hardest parts about book promotion is figuring out what to do to reach your readership.


I created the Social Butterfly Membership because I want to help authors become better book promoters.


I can't offer promotion training every day, so the membership is my way to do that.


Becoming a Social Butterfly is a commitment.  It doesn’t happen overnight.


Becoming a Social Butterfly means you have to be ready to kick fear off the couch because you will be doing a lot of things that scare you but you will do it anyway.


Becoming a Social Butterfly means you have to be ready to invest in you and your books.


Becoming a Social Butterfly is all about implementing.  You can’t get results if you aren’t implementing.


Are you ready to become a Social Butterfly?


Today I will share with you Five reasons to join the Social Butterfly Promotion membership 




The membership helps you to get ready for promotion  - this membership is for the new author who is ready to learn about book promotion. Inside the portal are all the videos and workshops I’ve created that focus on getting ready for book promotion are there for you to learn from.  I recommend you schedule your training time for one hour once or twice a week and learn something new.




Your book launched and you need help to keep it in front of readers.


Inside the membership I will give you monthly assignments or challenges to help you stay consistent with your book promotion. No more trying to figure out what to do next.




You need new ideas to stay consistent with your promotion.


Our monthly brainstorming sessions will keep you with fresh ideas to help you with your promotion.  The best part you receive my ideas and your fellow membership members ideas too.




You want accountability for your promotion.


Sometimes we need someone to keep us on track when it comes to our promotion.  The membership will help you stay on top of your book promotion with assignments, monthly meetings and a private FB group to help keep you motivated.




You want to work with LaShaunda


Each month in the brainstorm session you get to pick LaShaunda’s Brain.  Bring those promotion questions and let’s get you on the path to becoming a Social Butterfly.


Those are my five reasons to join the Social Butterfly Promotion Membership.


I love working with authors excited about their books.  Who show up for the training and start implementing the next day.  They are ready to showcase their wings with the fun promotion ideas we come up with together.


I don’t have time for promotion isn’t in their vocabulary.  They know they have to make time because they are serious about building their readership.  They love seeing their royalty checks show the results of their promotion.


Does this sound like you?


Are you ready to join the membership?


The membership is $97 a month.


It includes:


Access To


Social Butterfly Training Portal


A Monthly Promotion Brainstorming Chat


Monthly Promotion Assignments


A Private FB Group


Are you ready to become a Social Butterfly?

Join today - https://lashaunda.kartra.com/page/SBM2021




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