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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Savannah J. Frierson - More Than A Summer Love

Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction

It had only taken a month for Liam Malloy to fall in love with Ebony Devane during the summer before their senior year of high school, but fifteen years for him to do anything about it. Yet when they meet again at the state fair, he doesn't waste any time letting Ebony know they belong together.

Ebony had been prepared for Liam to be her "one who got away", but she hadn't expected him to boomerang back into her life wanting to pick up right where they'd left off. Though Ebony has beaten many odds to forge her own personal success, she is still the daughter of a teenage single mother while Liam is still the son of a prominent Charleston family. And as his father's mayoral race enters its final leg, the political intrigue has far-reaching consequences no one could have foreseen.

Can a summer love withstand the fall years later, or will past relationships shatter it all?

Savannah J. Frierson realized writing was her calling her junior year of high school. She completed her first original work, Reconstructing Jada Channing, as her senior thesis at Harvard University, earning the 2005 Dorothy Hicks Lee Prize for most outstanding thesis concerning African or African-American literature. In 2007, Savannah released her first novel, Being Plumville, which earned Savannah SORMAG Readers’ Choice Awards in 2007 and an Emma Award nomination for Debut Author of the Year at the 2008 Romance Slam Jam Conference. 

Savannah is dedicated to ensuring representations of Black womyn are as full of breadth, life, and vitality as they exist in the world.

Excerpt (Chapter 6)

Liam stripped off his shirt but didn’t shuck off his pants yet. He didn’t keep track of the time, either, as he gathered his belongings. Maybe it was a good thing Ebony wasn’t here. He’d finish packing tonight, get some sleep, and be well rested for the drive to Charleston. Then after a quick stop home, he would visit some work sites, maybe even get in a few hours at one or several—

The knock on his door broke his planning, and he wondered what Pierre and/or Ashton wanted. He opened the door without looking, immediately going back to his bed. The door closed, but no one spoke.

“Yeah?” Liam prompted. He didn’t have time for this. Well, he did, which was why he was so frustrated in the first place.

“I hope I’m not imposing…”

Liam’s movements slowed to a stop, and it felt like his heart did as well. He took his time turning around, as if quick movements would make everything unreal. But there she stood, his Ebony, a duffel bag in her hands and an unsure expression on her face. He didn’t move or say anything. She tightened her grip on the duffel’s handles.

Exhaling sharply, she asked. “Am I overstepping my bounds?”
Liam shook his head.

“Um, okay,” Ebony said, frowning. “You…don’t seem happy to see me.”
“That’s because I’m tryin’ not to jump you,” he said faintly.
She gave him a half smile. “Jump me?”
“Yeah,” Liam said. She wore exactly what she’d had on earlier, even the coat, despite the fact it was comfortable in the room without it. Liam sat on the edge of the bed, still gazing at her, still awed she was even here.
“I figure…um…” Ebony licked her lips and averted her eyes briefly before looking back at him. “I brought a change of clothes so I could—”
“Come here,” he interrupted. He didn’t need to know the hows and whys of her presence. He was just thankful she was here.

Ebony shuffled to him, as if he were a headmaster and she were a naughty child sent to his office; and then the image of Ebony wearing a short, Catholic schoolgirl uniform had him putting a pillow onto his lap.

Her coy, yet feminine grin made things even less helpful to willing away his current state.
“I came,” she told him unnecessarily.

“Not yet.” She began blushing and he grinned. “Come closer, sweetness.”

Still blushing, she did as told. And because his Ebony was a smart woman, she bent low enough so her lips could meet his. But it still wasn’t close enough for him, so he wrapped his arms around her waist and forced her to straddle his hips. Her ass was now on the pillow, but he didn’t care. He had his arms full of Ebony Devane, and he was a very happy man.

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