Thursday, December 13, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Shake What Your Momma Gave U!

The Frederick Douglass High Dancing Divas are the most popular girls at school. Every girl wants to dance like them and be them. The school year is going as planned until the new principal sees their dance routines and calls it vulgar. Believing the way they dance is who there are, so the girls fight back when the principal try to change them. The Divas soon find out the principal is not the only thing standing in their way of making the dreams of come.

Nia, Cammy, Latisha, and Perri are members of the hottest dance squad in Atlanta, Georgia, The Frederick Douglass High Dancing Divas. The girls are on top of the world until the new principal disapproves of their sexy dance routines. Drama at school and at home is threatening to destroy their year. Can the girls overcome their personal problems and take on their city rivals? The girls must fight to keep and find their own self-image on and off the dance floor. It seems the school, their parents, and the whole world are against them, but all they want to do is dance and follow their dreams: Nia wants to go to college and dance, Cammy wants everyone to see her for the talented dancer she really is and not the token white girl on the team, Perri just wants to sing the type of music she wants, and Latisha wants to get over the pain of a horrific incident.

About the Author

L. L. Turner has a M.A. in Creative Writing from Kennesaw State University. Shake What Your Momma Gave U! is her first Young Adult novel. She resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. An avid reader, she enjoys reading different genres.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Of The Day - From Sagging to Success: The Story of Emery Franklin

Some people, especially young people, sag physically in the way they wear their pants. Others, old and young, sag mentally in the way they think about themselves. Raised in public housing, Emery Franklin sagged not in his clothing but in his thinking. He dreamed of making a living as a fine artist but saw no way out. He searched for the key to success and found it in reading the right books and connecting with positive influences. When he changed the way he thought, his life changed. Now a successful and prolific artist, Emery turns his thoughts, hopes, dreams and visions into paintings. His paintings tell stories. In his 2011 “Crossroads: From Sagging to Success” art series of 15 paintings, he highlights sagging pants and changing mindsets as he takes his viewers on a short journey through African American history and into the life of his main character in the paintings. The main character in many of the paintings (Derrick) is a young man who sags physically for the sake of fashion and mentally because of low self-esteem. Like Emery, he searches for the key to success and finds it in reading. Written by Florence M. Howard, “From Sagging to Success: The Story of Emery Franklin” is a mixture of biography, history and storytelling based on the paintings in his Crossroads series. The book contains 15, 8”x10” full-color prints of paintings by the artist. Readers will be inspired to examine their attitudes and to follow the steps used by Emery in becoming successful. Highlights in the book include an original portrait of President Barack Obama by Emery Franklin and bonus section on black inventors.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Holiday Book Drive

African American on the Move Book Club and Write on Promotions will be collecting used books and distributing pajamas, along with signing copies of their novels at the Boys and Girls Club Cobb County, 785 Fontaine Rd. Austell, GA .30126 to benefit their reading program. The focus of the reading program is to gain involvement from the community of Marietta, Georiga. This Reading Club is striving to promote stability, dignity, and self-reliance for these children. Collection of books has begun and will last until the duration of the drive.

What: Collecting Children Books, Pajamas and Signing Books

When: Friday, December 14, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Where: Boys and Girls Club, 785 Fontaine Rd. Austell, GA 30126.

Why: To provide reading material for the Boys and Girls Club Cobb County and provide the homeless children with clean and comfortable bedtime clothing.

This event is sponsored by: African American on the Move Book Club, Write on Promotions, Charm Kommunications, Urbania Magazine, To find out how to become a sponsor email or

We will be there taking photos and conducting live author interviews during the duration of the drive. Come out and support this great and worthy cause!

If you would like to send books and or pajamas, please send to: Holiday Book Drive C/O AAMBC and Write on Promotions Po Box 80883 Atlanta, GA 30366.

For more information regarding this press release, please contact Kolonda Scott, Publicist 702-541-5642or email at

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Monday, December 03, 2012

FEATURED AUTHOR: Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan, wife, mother, mentor, budget officer and former Job Corps Counselor, born and raised in Ocala Florida, resides in Jacksonville,

The Blacks: Love's Politics

In Mrs. Black? Cinnamon Brown finally divorced her husband, William Brown, who had flagrantly disrespected their vows for decades. Cinnamon, however is not without sin, she had an affair with Malcolm Black and was set to become his wife. Does Cinnamon and Black get married? And if they do marry will they be able to withstand their comeuppance, because one must always pay for their transgressions. Not only that what could possibly occur if politics enter the already volatile mix? To find out, delve into the pages of, The Black's: LOVE'S POLITICS - New Beginnings and find out. You will not be disappointed as Angelia Vernon Menchan plunges you into a story filled with love, family, retribution, revenge, politics, and ultimately love.



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