Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pat G’Orge-Walker Virtual Book Tour

Tell us about Holy Mayhem.

"Holy Mayhem"...Two church-ladies-turned-sleuths who are sure to raise more than a little hell when they decide to make crime-solving miracles.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

Several influences: the political climate of today. The prospect of getting a second chance to do what you really love if lay off. And what could possibly go wrong when a prophecy is taken out of context, by of all folks; church folks. Did you have to do quite a bit of research for this book? I didn't have to do much. The character Percy, the famous detective godson of Joy and Patience's was based partially upon the investigative/law enforcement career of my husband. He is a highly decorative JTTF/Justice Department veteran.

What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading Holy Mayhem?

I want the reader to take away that the power of prayer, faith and ones perceived reality differs from God's. I want the reader to understand that all they have NOT done is just as real as all that they HAVE. Faith is what pleases God. Obedience will always be better than sacrifice. The characters in my book find this out as they travel several very different paths.

Okay, a not-so-fun question.

How important are reviews to you as a writer? Initially, when I began writing, reviews were very important. At this junction, reviews are still important but in a different context. There are professional reviews such as Essence, PW or Romantic Times, etc., that are not as important to me as those I received from the everyday reader or book clubs. I pray when I write. When I've done what I believe is what God wants me to write about...then I'm good with the good and the bad reviews.

About the Book

They'd been laid off, they're broke, and their faith is really being tried. But dedicated Mount Kneel Down Church members Patience Kash and Joy Karry figure now is the perfect time to pursue their other true calling--becoming private detectives. And if that means putting up with their thug-wannabe cousin Porky's delusions while hilariously interfering with their famous detective godson Percy's investigations, it's still a heaven-sent opportunity to hear all the town dirt and find customers... When a thief steals the prized family Bible right out from under Porky's nose and church funds are missing on Patience's watch, these sisters-in-God find themselves sleuthing out the strangest family and church secrets--and up against someone more than ready to send them to their heavenly reward. Now, they'll need their most inspired hunches, their not-real-fierce dog Felony, and their license-to-missionary to uncover the truth and crack this holy case...

They don't have a clue but they've got plenty of faith!!!

About the Author

Pat G’Orge-Walker is in a league of her own. This accomplished Christian author and comedienne has an amazing mind and talent for turning her observations of church life into gems of sidesplitting humor. It is her own special gift from God that enables her to depict the often ridiculous antics of church folk without subverting the Good News or watering down the potency of its message.

Pat’s comedic gifts range from a southern folk humor laden with parables to an intelligent wit that appeals to a wide-variety of audiences. Her gift as a storyteller has attracted a diverse and loyal fan base. Moreover, she is a captivating speaker who is as every bit as poignant as she is funny.

Pat G’Orge-Walker has paid a high price for the ever-present smile on her face. This Mt. Vernon, New York PK (preacher’s kid) has survived a raging house fire; a violent assault; a car crash that mangled her body and a viral infection that left her temporarily blinded. Through it all, Pat quietly soaked in material from her father’s Baptist congregation and her mother’s Pentecostal assembly to create the stories that keep readers and audiences howling with laughter.

The First Lady of Gospel Comedy is a national and Essence Best Seller, multi-award winner forged a successful career, as author and comedian; and has paved the way for many in both fields. Pat’s storytelling has been likened to Zora Neale Hurston’s folklore—a documentation of American culture and church life in literature.

Book Trailer:


Visit Pat at:



Twitter: @pgorgewalker


View the blog tour schedule at:

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Monday, October 29, 2012


Harmony Evans is no stranger to the writing world.

When she was in college, two of her poems were published in her college literary journal and her writing professor urged her to “continue writing…no matter what happens in your life.” Of course, she didn’t listen and instead decided to shuck the muse for married life and corporate strife.

For many years, writing compelling and informative web content, press releases and sales collateral for various dot-bombs, junk mailers and crazy ad agencies gave her a reason to get up in the morning…and climb into bed with a satisfied smile at night. And hey, she was living in New York City. Life couldn’t get any better.

Or so she thought…until one day, while tossing out photos of her ex-husband, she unearthed her old poems and her professor’s advice. Two years later, a notebook of ideas and a firm belief in happy endings beget a dozen storylines and a new dream….to write sexy, emotional, contemporary love stories for women who love romance.

A former jazz and classical pianist, she is currently a single mom with an overactive imagination who is still searching for her own “happily-ever-after”.

Cara Williams has three days to teach Alex Dovington, an illiterate, world-famous jazz saxophonist how to read, or she’ll lose a donation that will prevent the Harlem literacy center she owns from shutting its doors forever. Someone Alex has become a successful musician without knowing how to read. But his secret could be revealed sooner vs. later. While he was on a European tour, his record company arranged book readings at local schools. They don’t know he can’t read. Neither do his fans. If anyone finds out he’s illiterate, it could ruin his reputation and kill his career. A high-school dropout, learning to read is frightening for Alex. It’s up to Cara to help him achieve his goal. Although he has a reputation as being a “player”, it’s really a persona on his part to prevent anyone from getting too close. He may want a woman in his bed, but his heart is his own. As the lines between teacher and student begin to blur and intense attraction blossoms into love, Alex and Cara must look deep within themselves to discover the most important lesson of all is learning how to forgive.

How did you start out your writing career?

I was a latch-key kid and when I came home from school, I’d sit at the piano and compose songs. I always wrote lyrics to those songs and I guess that’s how I started writing. I have notebooks filled with song lyrics that will likely never see the light of day. Although if you read LESSON IN ROMANCE, you might just find one of them in there!

Writing lyrics brought me a lot of peace and comfort. In college, I took a poetry class and ended up getting my poems published in the college literary journal which was pretty cool. My professor told me to never stop writing, but of course, life got in the way, and I did stop writing – anything – for a number of years.

So “Lesson In Romance” started out as a challenge to myself: could I write, edit and complete a full-length romance novel? Ten years later…here I am!

What did you hope to accomplish with this book?

I hope to open up a lot of eyes to the issue of illiteracy. And I’ll tell you why. The ability to read is something many of us take for granted. Especially those of us who love to read. I think we just assume that most people can do it. Illiteracy was something I hadn’t really thought about until one day I was sitting at work, on a break, and listening to jazz and reading. And suddenly I was struck with the horrifying notion of what would I do if I couldn’t read. And the idea for LESSON IN ROMANCE spawned from there.

What did you learn about yourself in terms of your strong points and weak points while writing your manuscript?

I think my strong points are that I always try to drive the story forward, while creating characters that I hope my readers can relate too. The secret to doing this is that I try to make every word count. Both in terms of the story and the characters. However, there’s a downside to this approach, which on some days I consider one of my weaker points in terms of writing, and that’s perfectionism. Why? Because perfectionism takes time. And I wish I had more of it!

What was your biggest obstacle in regards to getting published? How did you overcome it?

I would say dealing with rejection, but everyone who wants to get published deals with that. For me, it was keeping the momentum going, after I’d be rejected. To overcome it, I learned to just keep writing. To keep approaching agents and publishers. One day and with one call, my persistence and incurable perfectionism paid off.

What is the best lesson you have learned from another writer?

The real writing comes in the re-writing. That’s so true. I really hate writing a first draft, or what I call a “first dump”. I find that now it’s easier for me to simply jot down an outline for a chapter and the scenes, and start word-building from there. So rather than worry about getting everything dumped on paper and then trying to rewrite it, I just start to write and if what I’m writing doesn’t carry the story forward, then I stop, and try another approach.

Five questions about books:

One book that you have read more than once.
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

One book you loved as a child
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess

One book that made you laugh
The Stand by Stephen King

One book that made you cry
Separate Beds by LaVryle Spencer

One book you wish you'd written
The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Anything you'd like to say to the readers of SORMAG?

Be authentic to yourself and your dreams. No matter what they are and no matter how long it takes – never give up!

How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I love to hear from readers. Contact me via my website at
Twitter: @harmonyannevans

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Right Before My Eyes Virtual Book Tour

About the Book
Journee and Jordyn are thirty-something year old twins with two totally different lifestyles. Journee is in love with Drew, her high school sweetheart that’s in prison. A phone call from him changes everything. After a fight, she decides to end their relationship and tries to move on but she has unfinished business with Jason, another ex-boyfriend. As she moves forward, she meets Jules who appears to be Mr. Right until all his baggage shows up.
Now Jordyn is living by her own rules but the problem is she hasn’t told anyone, but the drama begins when her secret is leaked on Facebook. She finds herself in a battle with her love life, family, friends and herself.
Follow these two as they take their family and friends on a turbulent ride into their lives as they discover they are worlds apart but are forever connected.

About the Author
Michelle Robinson was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Oakland’s rich culture has laid the fabric for this story. She’s been doing hair for two decades. As a hairstylist, it’s safe to say she has also served as a therapist to her clients. She has heard and witnessed it all right behind her styling chair. From her experiences, she’s given advice to many and has watched people’s lives transition. With this driving force, she has finally penned her first novel.
Michelle can be reached at:
Twitter: @BooksbyMichelle
Fan Page:

Order Your Copy:

Author Interview

Q. Welcome Michelle tell our readers about yourself?
A. I love music. Compassionate. I’m a great friend, daughter, cousin, girlfriend, hairstylist, poet & thinker. I am a humanitarian. My belief is you owe it to life to give to others. I have a high moral background. I am a dreamer. As long as you have a dream, life should keep you busy. I am a believer that all things are possible. I’m also an artist so I creatively think outside the box. I’m a go-getter so I don’t take no as an option for me. I’m organized to the point that I can’t function in confusion. I can be the life of the party & also like spending time alone. I also love taking naps.

Q. What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned since being in the game?

A. It’s important to have a great editor.

Q. What was your path towards publication like?
A. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had 2 friends that were writing books who I could call on for help, referrals and advice. So I literally had to learn the steps along the way.  I prayed a lot, developed more patience & had to lean on my own understand through this process. I had bad luck with 2 different editors. I learned that your editor should have a degree in English not Journalism. I ended up having to proofread my own book twice before I submitted it to my publisher because my 2nd editor couldn’t spell or take criticism. But he fell in love with the story, gave a lot of compliments about my writing and gave me advice to write in past tense. I had to figure out that in order to get my book cover the way I dreamt of it, I had to hire a photographer & the models, so I did and my vision came to life.

Q. How do you balance your life as an author with your duties as a business person, employee, parent and/or spouse?

A. I go to bed at a reasonable hour. That allows me to wake up a little earlier than I need to so that I have time to myself. I start my day praying and reflecting and then head to the gym or go for a walk. I take a day off during the week dedicated to writing. I run my business on the other 4 days. Weekends are for church, family, friends and fun and if not, then I write!

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. More books, maybe a movie.

Q. What is your best advice for getting past writer's block?

A.  Don’t end your writing at the end of a chapter. Stop in the middle of the sentence. That gives you a good jump start and get the creative juices flowing on the next time you begin writing.

Q. What was the best writing-related advice you ever received?

A. To just keep writing.

Author Interview

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your book, Right Before My Eyes?

A. I used some past relationships that were either my own or ones that I’ve experienced with others.  I’m a hairstylist, so I hear lots of interesting stories. My creativity just added to them. 

Q. What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book? 

A. Developing the characters. They each had to have different personalities. I had to weave many characters into one story and make sure they all had a beginning and an ending.

Q. Did you have to do any special research for your book? 

A. Yes. I had to research the California State Prison system.

Q. What’s ahead for your writing? 

A. The squeal to this book is as far as I can see right now. But I can also see a movie being produced.

Q. What opportunities have opened up because of your writing? 

A. The book has been released for 2 months now and people love the book. I think I have another career now.

Q. Where can readers purchase copies of your books?

A., &, Author website

Q. What specific situation prompted you to write?

A.  I was telling 2 people a story at different times on the same day and they both said that I needed to write a book.

Q. Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way? 

A. Life’s experiences. Whether my own or those around me.

Q.  How can people connect with you?

Q.  Please give us your website? 

Character Interview About Right Before My Eyes

Q. Please tell the readers who are the main characters?

A. Journee Bell, Jordyn Bell, Derrick Long, Chelsea Hendricks, Najah Joseph and Kalena Martin.

Q.  What is the conflict in the story?

A. Relationships

Q. Which characters in “are you most like?

A. Journee, her mother, Derrick, Pops & Chelsea.

Q. Take us inside “Right Before My Eyes” What are two major events
taking place?

A. A wedding & Journee discovering who really is her Mr. Right

Q. Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?

A. Two of them are & some are a combination of many people in one character.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where Did We Go Wrong? by Monica Mathis-Stowe

Best friends Gabby, Maxine and Joy protect each other at all costs, even if it means keeping secrets that turn their lives upside down. Gabby has no boundaries when it comes to getting what she wants. She pulls out every trick in the book to keep her daughter’s married father out of their lives but keep his money in her bank account…Maxine lives for her family but when her husband’s excessive spending lands them in more debt than they can handle, the stress takes a toll on their perfect marriage…After Joy’s loyalty to her controlling mother causes her to lose the only man she’s ever loved, she marries a man she barely knows. After her wedding, she quickly realizes she made the biggest mistake of her life and it puts everybody she loves in danger. Unfortunately, someone will have to pay the ultimate price with their life.


The bond between girlfriends, best friends, is unbreakable, Joy thought as she zigzagged and weaved through the Beltway traffic. She drove as fast and as calmly as she could with Gabby huffing and puffing through her labor pains in the passenger seat. Her normally light-skinned complexion turned a pale shade of red with each contraction, but she still managed to look beautiful through all her pain.

Joy glanced through her rear-view mirror at Maxine, who had decided to follow Joy and Gabby to the hospital in her minivan, in case she needed to leave to tend to her family. She had already let three cars jump between her minivan and Joy’s car. Since her friend didn’t know how to get to the hospital, Joy thought Maxine would have attempted to follow her more closely. Drivers were definitely taking advantage of her careful driving, with the many “Caution-Baby on Board” stickers plastered to her bumper. She was so far behind, Joy couldn’t see her anymore.

When Joy arrived at the hospital’s emergency room entrance, she jumped out of her Toyota Corolla and ran inside the hospital to get help. Within seconds, she returned to the car with a nurse and an orderly pushing a wheelchair. She assisted Gabby into the hospital and left to find Maxine.

Back in her car, Joy pulled out her cell phone, and called Maxine. “Girl, where are you?” Joy asked, trying to sound calm. She didn’t want to make timid Maxine more nervous than she already was.

“I’m lost. You were driving so fast, I couldn’t keep up,” Maxine whined. Joy shook her head. “What exit are you near?” “I see a hospital sign. Should I take that exit?” Maxine asked anxiously. Joy sighed in frustration. “Yeah, follow the signs to the hospital. I’m gonna park my car in the garage and meet you in the lobby.” “Okay. Bye.” Maxine hit the End Call button on her steering wheel as she took the exit.

Joy hung up and sped toward the parking garage. She turned into the first available spot and ran back to the hospital. She didn’t want Gabby to be alone when she delivered.

Monica is a native of Washington, D.C., and a graduate of Nyack College with a degree in Organizational Management. When she’s not pounding the keyboard crafting her next novel, she works as an investigator in the metropolitan Washington area. She currently lives in Prince George’s County, Maryland, with her brave, sexy firefighter husband and their loving, handsome son.

Get to Know Monica:

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I always enjoyed reading novels, but decided I wanted to became a writer in my mid-teens after reading a chapter where the author described a scene so vividly, I actually thought I was there. I wanted that power-the ability to make people feel and experience life through my stories.

Tell me about your book.

Where Did We Go Wrong? is my newly released romantic suspense novel. It is about best friends Gabby, Maxine and Joy who protect each other at all costs, even if it means keeping secrets that turn their lives upside down. Gabby has no boundaries when it comes to getting what she wants. She pulls out every trick in the book to keep her daughter’s married father out of their lives but keep his money in her bank account, while Maxine lives for her family but when her husband’s excessive spending lands them in more debt than they can handle, the stress takes a toll on their perfect marriage. After Joy’s loyalty to her controlling mother causes her to lose the only man she’s ever loved, she marries a man she barely knows. When the wedding is over, she quickly realizes she made the biggest mistake of her life and it puts everybody she loves in danger. Unfortunately, someone will have to pay the ultimate price with their life.

What would you like your readers to get out of your book?

I want readers to experience the bond and the connection between these three women. They support each other as they deal with the challenges in their lives and relationships. No matter what they’re going through and no matter how wrong they are, they stick together and support each other through it. Their bond is admirable and I think every woman should have a friendships like theirs. Question 4: Where did you get the inspiration to write your book?

The relationships I have with my girlfriends inspired me to write this book. I wanted to tell a story about everyday women going through issues and difficulties in their lives and how their girlfriends helped them through it. I read so many novels and hear about reality television shows that focus on creating chaos and conflict between women and that’s not good. I wrote this book to show the positive side of true friendship between women.

What sets your book apart from other books in the same genre?

If you love African-American romance novels or urban fiction in general, then this one should be on your must read list! The three main characters are strong, independent and educated women who go through enough conflict and drama to keep you turning the pages. Reading Where Did We Go Wrong? will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. This novel is a combination of drama, comedy, suspense and romance with enough sizzling sex scenes to keep you wanting more. It’s definitely in a genre of its own.

As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish your book?

I try to write every day. I would love to write every day, but it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes life gets in the way. Before I start writing, I listen to music to arrange my thoughts for the scene. Sometimes I listen to the same song over and over until I can create the scene in my head. Once I have it, I turn the music off and start pecking at the keyboard until the chapter is done or until my family needs me. It took me four months to write the first draft of Where Did We Go Wrong? and a year of rewrites and edits to complete it.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently finishing the sequel to Where Did We Go Wrong? and I just completed an outline for a new novel, The Firefighters’ Wives. I have a lot of stories inside of me and I’m just getting started. This won’t be the last you’ve heard from me.

Web-links: Facebook:
Author Site:
Email address for readers to contact me:
Links to where book can be purchased: eBook purchase – paperback purchase – and
Book Trailer:
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If I Were Your Woman Virtual Tour with LaConnie Taylor-Jones

Having Fun with LaConnie

1. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? 

A grown-up! And if I knew then what I know now, I'd give anything to be 12 years old, again.

2. What is your worst quality?

 I tend to be worry-wart.

3. Where do you go to get away? 

Santa Cruz, California

4. What makes you laugh? 

Hearing about the stupid things my teenagers do that they think I don't know about. What they don’t realize is that I did the exact same thing they're doing when I was their age and could give them a few tips on how to do it even better.

5. If you were given you one million dollars how would you spend it? 

Hmmm...I wouldn't spend it. I'd invest it instead.

Follow the tour all week, leaving a comment at each stop, and be entered to win a new Kindle Fire HD courtesy of LaConnie!

October 15 – Written Voices
October 16 – Literary Wonders
October 17 – SORMAG
October 18 – Readin & Writin with Patricia
October 19 – APOOO

About the Author

Award-winning author, LaConnie Taylor-Jones, a native Memphian, is a health educator consultant and holds advanced degrees in community public health and business administration. The mother of four and resides with her family in Northern California.

For over twenty-five years, Ms. Taylor-Jones has been an avid romance reader. In the summer of 2003 a challenge from her husband made her seize the opportunity to blend her enthusiasm for teaching health, social responsibility and social justice with her love for reading the genre. Her experience as a health educator sparked a multitude of storylines and her romance, which she defines as the spirit of adventure, played a pivotal part in her road to publication. In a little over four years, she’s authored three full-length novels. In 2008, Ms. Taylor-Jones was the recipient of the 2008 Romance Slam Jam Emma Award for Debut Author of the Year for When I’m With You. Ms. Taylor-Jones is an active member of the Contra Costa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the African American Community Health Advisory Committee and the Black Women Organized for Political Action.

Website –

Facebook -

About the Book

Tinsel Town is about to learn a few lessons from a Southern doctor with the courage to win the heart of a man who swore no woman ever would. If it doesn’t have a scientific basis, Dr. Laney Olivia Houston doesn’t believe in it —and that includes love at first sight. But she meets Raphael Baptiste. One encounter is all it takes; and she realizes her life is changed forever. Jazz musician, Raphael Baptiste is no stranger to women or their beds. When an illness strikes, his life is thrown into turmoil. But the quiet Southern belle sees beyond his past and bitterness. She sees a man who could love. . .

Purchase link -

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Loving Memory Davidae Y. Stewart

Davidae Y. Stewart AKA Miranda Parker

I'm Free

Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free.
I'm following the path God laid for me.
I took His hand when I heard him call.
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day.
To laugh, to love, to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way.
I found that place at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss.
Ah yes, these things I, too, will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow.
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full, I savored much.
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.

Perhaps my time seems all too brief.
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your heart and share with me.
God wanted me now. He set me free.   

When I opened up Facebook last Saturday, I was informed that a dear online friend had passed. Tears fell from my eyes as I remembered her posting on facebook she would have a pacemaker implanted on Monday, two days away. I was sadden she wasn't able to have this surgery and be with us a little longer. 

I never had the pleasure of meeting Dee in person our relationship was online only. However the friendship we shared you would have never known it. She was a loyal supporter of SORMAG from day one. Anytime I needed a workshop presenter she was volunteering her time. I loved that she was willing to give back. Last year she and Shelia Goss offered a writing workshop. After the workshop was over the members were asked to stay in the group and they continued to mentor us in our writing.  Dee believed in our dreams and wanted to see us all published.
When you heard about Christian Fiction, Dee's name came up as a loyal supporter and author. I was truly excited to see her writing dream come true with the publication of her first book. I believed she was on her way to be a favorite author among the Christian fiction readers. 

She was a big fan of Shemar Moore and created the Shemar Moore Show Viewing Party group on face book. We would meet up on Wednesday night and watch Criminal minds together. This was a drama series, and she turned it into a fun hot show. I don't think Criminal Minds will ever be the same for the members of this group.
I know I'm a better person and writer from having Dee in my life. Her legacy will live forever in her daughter Selah and in her books.  

Thank you Dee for your friendship. You will be missed.

 Your Are Free My Friend
LaShaunda C. Hoffman

PICTURE MEMORIAL SERVICE: A Pictorial Memorial Service for Dee Stewart, will be held Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM. There will not be a public viewing at this time. Join the family, friends and fans of at Saint Phillip AME Church, 240 Candler Road SE, Decatur, GA 30317. Guests are invited to wear red in honor of Dee's dedication to the Go Red movement. 
FUNERAL:  Dee Stewart will be laid to rest Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM. There will be a public viewing at the official funeral service held at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 5009 Skipper Bridge Rd/Hwy 122, Hahira, GA 31632. Felecia Williams will officiate the funeral service. 
Scott & Roberts Mortuary Inc. will be handling the homegoing service, located at 312 E Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Valdosta, GA 31601-5714, Phone: (229) 242-6633.

Click on the link to read about Miranda's books

Please leave your memories or condolences for Dee.

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BLOG TOUR: Losing Hope Virtuall Book Tour

Leslie J. Sherrod, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, is a wife, mother of three, and a licensed social worker providing therapy to children and families. Her novels include her newest release, Losing Hope; Secret Place, which was featured in Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Library Writer’s LIVE! Series as well as local CBS and NBC affiliates; and Like Sheep Gone Astray, which was featured on AOL’s Black Voices and received a starred review from Booklist. She has also contributed to the bestselling A Cup of Comfort devotional series and has a short story, “The Jericho Band” available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Losing Hope is the first book in a series that follows a social worker who comes to the rescue of the most vulnerable on her caseload, all while trying to come to terms with the regrets of her past. In this first book, Sienna St. James goes rogue trying to find a little girl who may or may not exist, and at the same time tries to track the whereabouts of her estranged husband. All she has to go with for both missions is a new foster child client who thinks someone is trying to kill her and a package from Portugal that delivers more questions than answers. Before she knows it, Sienna finds herself in the middle of a city-wide scandal. At center are two suspicious foster parents, a mega-church ministry leader, and Sienna's own fragile emotions over a man who changed the direction of her life. It's a test of her professional and moral will as Sienna seeks closure from a love she never understood and answers about whether a little girl named Hope ever existed. And if she did, where is she now?

How did you start out your writing career?

I began writing my first novel shortly after the birth of my first child. I’m not sure that I was actually picturing it as a finished book when I started; I never imagined I would actually get published. However, about halfway through that first manuscript, something in me clicked. The idea, the notion that maybe I really could finish an entire book, and that this was not just a fun, personal exercise. The Lord began working in me, giving me both signs and encouragement that writing for Him was not just a hobby, but a ministry, a calling. After really seeking His will and praying, doors began to open. It has not been an easy road, but God still has me on the path. For that I am honored, grateful, and excited to keep the pen (well, computer keyboard) moving!

What did you hope to accomplish with this book?

I want to establish Sienna St. James as a memorable character with a story to tell. I am hopeful that readers will be intrigued enough about her past to care about her future so that the series can continue… at least until I feel like her story has been fully told. I want to establish her adventures as both suspenseful and meaningful as it addresses such issues as hope, identity, and purpose; relationships, life-changing choices, and disappointment.

What came first with this story, the characters or the plot? Why?

Sienna St. James came to me with her story intact, i.e. I could not separate the character from the plot. She was a package deal. The premise of the series greeted me one day while I was finishing my Masters degree in Social Work. I’ve always loved a good suspense novel, and the idea of a social worker, who works with the whole gamut of humanity, playing a mock detective with her caseload, immediately appealed to me. Her personal story line – the mystery surrounding her estranged husband – made sense as it gave her character depth and an opportunity to share life lessons beyond the novel’s central plot.

What was your biggest obstacle in regards to getting published? How did you overcome it?

My first novel was published by a major publisher without the assistance of an agent and without a single rejection letter. I did not know at that time how much of a rarity and blessing that was. Following that initial release in 2006, so many aspects of the publishing industry changed. When I shopped around my second novel, I began receiving letters from publishers who liked my story, but were themselves closing up shop and are not even around anymore. There was a five year gap between my first and second novel, and there were many moments when I questioned whether I was supposed to keep at it. However, every time I was close to giving up, God would crack open a door just enough for me to know I had some more steps to take, that I was still on the right path. He is faithful. I have learned to trust His timing. What is the best lesson you have learned from another writer? A fellow author who is also a dear friend of mine has taught me the value of dreaming big. One of my “issues” that comes from some of the challenges I’ve faced in my life is my tendency to set low expectations and constantly prepare myself for the worse outcome. However, as simple as it sounds, listening to this writer express her dreams and expectations from God ignited something in me. Whether it’s about a story plot, a book signing, or even another detail in my life outside of writing, it’s okay to dream big, because I serve a big God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or imagine!

Five questions about books:

One book that you have read more than once: Abraham’s Well by Sharon Ewell Foster One book you loved as a child: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor One book that made you laugh: Church Folk by Michele Andrea Bowen One book that made you cry: The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve One book you wish you'd written: Jubilee by Margaret Walker

Anything you'd like to say to the readers of SORMAG?

I want to thank everyone who helps make up SORMAG. It is because of you that writers like me have a chance to share our work. Your presence is affirming as you are a visible reminder that there really is an audience who receives what we do. Writing can be a very solitary exercise. When it’s just me, my computer and Microsoft Word blinking on my screen, it can be difficult to believe that anyone outside of my personal writing space will even care what words are being typed out on my screen at 10 p.m. or 2 in the morning. Seeing dedicated readers like those who make up SORMAG reminds me why I will be up late once again, even tonight. You are not just readers. You are supporters and the very foundation that holds up the writing industry. Thank you.

How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

Facebook Page:
Twitter: @lesliejsherrod

You can also find me on Goodreads, and more information about all of my literary works is available on my

Amazon author page: Finally, I started a blog where I post some of my poetry from time to time. Check it out if you want:

I love to hear from readers, so please do contact me!
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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Lights Out by George Sherman Hudson

It all started under the City Lights of Atlanta but now it’s Lights Out.

Real, with his first lady Constance by his side was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Just as things were looking up, it all came to a halt. Friends turned to foes and an all out Cartel war ensued. The results were hard times in a down south Georgia prison and the death of a loved one. Now Real is released and back in the city with only one thing on his mind…REVENGE!

With a list, Real hits the streets and hunts down those responsible, saving the Cartel bosses for last. He sets his sites on B-Low, his one time right-hand man and now a major player in the game, who is going to be hard to touch.

Cash, his other partner-in-crime turned snitch, sits next to B-Low on the list. From Atlanta to Miami, Real leaves no stone unturned as he takes the city by storm, in search of the ultimate payback.


Back at B-Low’s crib, Ranjan and Jack were backing the van up in front of the garage door.

Jack jumped out of the truck and pulled the door open and was surprised to see the trash they’d been called to clean up was a woman.

Angela lay in the middle of the garage floor, all taped up and squirming around like a rodent.

Jack walked up and stood over her, trying his best to keep his excitement under wraps as he looked down at the thick, fine, completely naked dime-piece looking up at him with teary doe eyes, red and swollen. “Damn, lady! Who you piss off?” Jack asked jokingly, taken by Angela’s beauty.

“The wrong muthafucker,” Ranjan answered, stepping around the van to inspect the trash for himself.

Angela tried to plead with both men, but the tape had her words muffled.

Jack knelt down and pulled the tape from her mouth.

“Please help me! Please! I don’t wanna die!” she cried.

Jack and Ranjan looked down at her then at one another.

“Can’t spare her, bro, no matter what. We got a job to do, and we sticking to it,” Jack said firmly.

Angela cried softly, and Jack could tell her sobbing was bothering Ranjan quite a bit.

“Man, you know I don’t do no women or kids. Look at her, man. She ain’t no fuckin’ threat. What this li’l bitch gonna do?” Ranjan spat, looking down at the seemingly helpless girl, naked and bloodied and bound on the cold cement.

George Sherman Hudson, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, was continuously rejected by different publishers because of the subject matter contained in his books. This father of two did some research and while serving time, started G Street Chronicles, the urban book company based in College Park, Georgia. While George is determined to make G Street Chronicles a recognized name in the literary industry, he’s also working hard on his ninth novel.

Get to Know George:

1) Can you please tell us a little something about yourself?

My name is George Sherman Hudson, born and raised in Atlanta Ga. I’m 37 years old and the CEO of G Street Chronicles which is a subsidiary company of G Street Entertainment, which me and the hardest working V.P. in the business Shawna A. just made official. The parent company will incubate all facets of our upcoming businesses; G Street Chronicles, G Street Cinema and G Street Music. My days as an author are limited or should I say my writings will be far and few between. I hope my 10 titles will keep my supporters entertained until I’m able to come with another 5 star plot.

2) What inspired this particular novel?

Time… Doing time in prison and seeing the game from the other side was my inspiration. This novel has a lot of factual events, even down to the…just check it out. This is a sequel to City Lights which also has a lot of factual occurrences.

3) What motivated your writing career?

My struggle… This whole idea came to me while sitting in prison, in the hole, for a disciplinary infraction. The 110 degree weather, limited ventilation and a Triple Crown book gave me the idea. With the short stubby pencil and old crumbled up paper, I brought my vision to life.

4) Who are some people in the game that influenced you?

There was only one, Vickie Stringer. She brought this genre to the forefront and made her company a household name. I have never read one of her books but I have read some of her author’s titles. The writing isn’t what influenced me, it was how she nurtured a genre that wasn’t embraced by the masses. I hate how it all ended up but you know things happen to the best of us.

5) What’s next from George Sherman Hudson?

Hackin & Stackin, a novel based on white collar crimes with a splash of street.

6) How has the game changed since your inception?

One word…ebooks! Now everybody is putting a book out, which is cool because in the past a lot of stores and vendors wouldn’t give the indie authors a chance. Now they don’t need them. Now you see it’s a hell of a lot more talent out there than just the veteran writers. Ebooks opened the flood gates for new talent.

7) What advice would you give to someone getting into this game?

Stay focused on YOU and don’t get caught up in the competition stuff. Just do you and let your work speak for itself. Don’t think that since you signed with a publisher, it means instant success. You still have to promote and get the word out about your book. Don’t let the speed bumps, which could be people or situations, stop you. Perseverance and determination is a must.


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