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When Souls Mate
Joylynn M. Jossel
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 0-312-32862-1
Published: February 2006
Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed By: Shelia Marie

After reading Joylynn M. Jossel’s drama-filled novel, The Root of All Evil, I didn’t think she could top it, but she did. The sequel When Souls Mate takes off where it left off. Klarke Taylor and Reo Laroque are back and so are a few other unforgettable characters.

When the story begins, Klarke is serving time for killing Reo’s son; however readers immediately find out that she sacrificed her freedom so that her daughter could remain free.

Since divorcing Klarke, Reo has married the ghetto fabulous Meka. Meka vows to hold on to Reo by any means necessary. When Klarke is released from prison, Meka’s insecurities are evident by the way she tries to hide the fact that Klarke has come by to see Reo. Meka knows that Reo and Klarke will always have a bond due to the son they share.

Although Klarke has conflicting emotions about Reo, her main concern are her kids. She is on a quest to save her daughter and to gain entry into the life of the son that Reo now raises.

As the story unfolds, lies from the past threaten to change the lives of all involved.
Eager to discover who will stand as victor or victim will keep you turning the pages.

Joylynn M Jossel did it again. With enough action to keep you on the edge and colorful characters to fill not only this book, but another sequel if the author deems so, When Souls Mate is a highly recommended read. Although not necessary, I do recommend reading The Root of All Evil first because it will help set the backdrop to the characters in When Souls Mate.

The Damned
L.A. Banks
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0-312-33624-1
Published: February 2006
Rating: 4+ Stars –EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewer: Kaia Alderson

L.A. Banks has done it again. This time, she releases disease and the living dead on our Guardians. A deadly infection floods out of Hell and infects the human race, one touch at a time. Now, people are succumbing to madness and committing horrible acts that they normally would not do. Even our Guardians are not immune to the infection or the madness. The dark energy eventually threatens team unity as Guardians turn on each other. Now, they have less than thirty days to work out their differences and find a cure or else all humanity will die.

Can y’all say “Drama”? This installment in the Vampire Huntress series oozes it like a slaughtered demon oozes green gook. The developing love triangles will have you flipping back pages to make sure that you read them right the first time. Umph, umph, umph! Let’s just say that they all knew better, especially the member of the team who normally drops the most wisdom. It would be a spoiler to get any more specific. Be prepared to scream at the book, “Oh no, no, no, they didn’t!” After one particular scene, I just had to put the book down and jump in a cold shower.

The Damned does not contain as much of the non-stop action and adrenaline rush of the previous books. But it’s still a page turner as Damali and Carlos turn within to battle their inner demons and their feelings for their all-too-near old flames. I am still in awe of how Banks seamlessly weaves in the insightful wisdom of so many diverse cultures without preaching. This sixth book in the Vampire Huntress series definitely requires re-reading and meditative reflection.

Single, Saved and Having Sex
Ty Adams
Warner Books
Published January 2006
Non-fiction Spiritual
Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Camellia Johnson

“Habits are birthed through discipline, so holiness has to become a habit.” Self-control in the body of Christ is what Ty Adams is teaching from her life and the wisdoms of God. She addresses the strongholds of the mind and thoughts on sexual sin. She shares her struggles with sexual sin in the past and candidly reveals the before and after conversations of her thoughts of how she got into situations. Ty makes the reader accountable for their choices to entertain sinful thoughts that turn into actions and then regrets.

I appreciate Ty’s wisdom to explain this process of deliverance from sexual sin is a daily choice to live for God instead of the sin. She encourages the reader to truly repent prostrate on the floor with moans, groans and tears that only God understands. This type of repentance gets God’s attention and true healing happens in our hearts. The internal bleeding of our souls stops when we surrender to God and love him more than the sex.

I applaud Ty for her testimony and attacking this stronghold in the body of Christ. All need to read it.

Make Me Hot
Marissa Monteilh
Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing
ISBN: 0758211201
Published: January 2006
Mainstream Fiction
Rating: 4 Stars – EXCELLENT
Reviewed by: Kaia Alderson

Morgan Bayley has lived almost forty years with a big hooked nose. She has endured countless cruel jokes and rude stares in that time. Even worse, the men that don’t ignore her usually wind up taking her for granted.

Her best friend Tyra secretly enters Morgan into a makeover contest that includes free plastic surgery. When Morgan wins the contest prize, she has her transformation showcased on television. Overnight, men go from ignoring Morgan to falling over themselves to get her attention. This new attention blows the lid off a lifetime of family secrets and bottled pain. Now, Morgan must deal with the social and emotional consequences of having been “made hot.”
Make Me Hot couldn’t appear at a better time. It provides insight into the life of a woman before and after her makeover experience on reality television.

Monteilh does an excellent job of reiterating the age old wisdom that in the end, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside but how you feel about yourself on the inside.

Dancing With Temptation
Barbara Joe-Williams
Amani Publishing
ISBN: 0-9752-8512-2
Publish Date: November 2005
Rating: 3+ Stars – Great
Reviewer: Kaia Alderson

Dancing With Temptation follows the disintegration of Marty and Antina “Tina” Carlisle’s marriage, the union that nobody thought would end. After seventeen years of marriage, the couple that used to pray together now barely speaks to each other. Tina entertains a younger man’s flirtations. Marty’s drinking increases and he’s returning home from work later and later. Then the real drama begins.

This book satisfies the hunger for stories that explore what happens after the “happily ever after.” Given the skyrocketing divorce rates in this society, this book should be recommended reading for those who are in pre-marital counseling and who are about to get married. However, the fairly hot and heavy love scenes break the “rules” of the obvious inspirational slant of the story. Those who prefer minimal physical contact in their inspirational fiction be advised.

The middle gets a little clunky to trudge through but keep on pushing. The story resolution is worth the effort.

Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
Subtitle: How to Avoid Heart Disease Naturally
Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
Health Myths Exposed LLC, 20006
ISBN: 0977207900
Published: November 2005
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Rating: 5 Stars SUPREME

For now, put aside your literary giants, your trashy novels, and--for heaven's sake--turn off the TV! At least until you've read this slim little volume, Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: How to Avoid Heart Disease Naturally by Shane Ellison, M.Sc.

I -- along with the rest of America -- have been getting whiffs lately of the news that Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs may do more harm than good and that there are other ways of handling it. Most of what I've read has come from medical giants like Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. David Williams (both with must-read newsletters). But here is the information you'll need for ammunition when your doctor says, "Your blood pressure is a little elevated; let's start you on a little of this." Especially when this means what the pharmaceutical companies have rigged up to rob your pockets and possibly even play havoc with your health.

The beauty of this book, of course, is that it has everything you need to know in one place, not scattered throughout the Web or in dozens of newsletters. Ellison is also not shy of scientific expertise. So, America! Let's all read this and do something about our diets, our exercise, our vitamins and well, you get the idea. And let's do it before we let anything play havoc with our health.

PS: Check out the chapter that begins on page 45: It tells you how to avoid the dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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