Wednesday, October 26, 2005

DISCUSSION: E Books-the pros, the cons, the successes

DISCUSSION: E Books-the pros, the cons, the successes

Everyone has an opinion about e-books. What's yours?


Shelia said...

I have a question for those who have e-books. What is the best way to market it?

I did an e-book--Love UnExpected and used it as a "buy this book and get a free ebook free" type thing. I didn't spend too much time promoting it to make sales; although, I have had a few people purchase it from my website.

Shelia (Badge#16)

Dr Bob Rich said...

The best way to market an e-book is the same as for marketing a paper book. You do everything to let people know it exists, find reviews, talk about it.
I have 13 published books although one is out of print. 11 of the other 12 are available as e-books. Some are through publishers. Others became orphaned when their publishers folded, so I have continued to self-publish them. This is easy with e-books, expensive with paper. It's gone well enough that I have self-published the last one without seeking a publisher.
Bob Rich #24

Anisa Damien, romance author said...

Hi Sheila,
My name is Anisa Damien. I recently started writing for the ebook market, writing sensual romance (multicultural romances). I'm currently published with Liquid Silver Books. I also write for Venus Press and Ocean's Mist Press.

I agree with Bob, the key is to market yourself. I have a promotion coordinator who handles a lot of my promotion, but it is also up to the author to get out there and find author/reader loops, post reviews, book releases and to chat with other writers.

A good promotion tool is developing your own author blog. What I do like about epublishing is : the turnaround, the direct connection to readers and the freedom to mix genres.

Hope this helps :)

Anisa Damien

Unknown said...

A writer can spend a lot of time doing promo for their book, and have very few sales to show for it. Chats, reviews, forums, blogs, websites, yahoo groups - what do you think is the most effective?

Unknown said...

crikey - forgot to say 08

Anisa Damien, romance author said...


I think blogs are first choice because they are easy to update and accessible to readers for Updated information, reviews help. I think chats are important, I'm set up to do 1 a month and I also have 2 yahoo groups; one for my newsletter and another, which was set up for chats and open communication with readers. I have since made that second yahoo group a reader/writer community. (Seductive Notes for Readers).

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Anonymous said...

Wow... Great ideas on ebook promotion here! ;)

I'm still trying to figure out what's the most effective, less time consuming way to promote ebooks. One thing I've learned is that advertising in a print publication isn't a very good use of scarce marketing funds... To promote ebooks you need to be online where the ebook readers are.

Chats, conferences like this one, newsletters, email loops, etc., are all places to advertise your book. Having a web site that's linked from other similar web sites is good, too.

But I think the best way to promote an ebook is by word of mouth. (Or I should say by word of email!) If you write a darn good book--whatever format it's in--it will sell and continue to sell.

The nicest things about ebooks is that authors generally have more control over how long they are for sale. My books from 2001 are "still in print" (both literally and figuratively) since I published them via a small press/epublisher. Whenever someone picks up my latest book and asks "Do you have others?" I can say, "Yes, and here's where you can purchase them."

Not many category romance writers can say that! (30 days and it's taken off the shelf and remaindered at the local bookstore.)

Cindy #19

PS You can sign up for my e-newsletter at my web site. I'm having a contest, too, and my newsletter members are automatically entered. :)

Shelia said...

Thanks Bob and Anisa. I'm thinking about releasing a short story in e-book. You've given me some ideas.

Cindy, I'm on my way to sign up for your newsletter now :)

Shelia (Badge#16)

Institute of Africana Cosmology said...


this is a great thread on ebooks.

i'm inclined to publish this way first and foremost. i think it's the rapid results i'm enticed by.

thanks for all of the great information regarding ebook publishing. although i think it's still in its early infancy, i believe that holds the seed to a new way of publishing with more accessibility to all.

thanks again,

meri #129

Tempie said...

Good Morning...any member of the panel may answer...

I appreciate all of the above comments regarding ebooks. I am very interested in going this route as well, especially in reaching an international internet reader market.

My question is...given that this is a relatively new concept as is blogging and many other internet features what do you feel is the longevity of it all? Do you feel it may just be a trend in the literary market?

*You can see,I'm somewhat of the old school, I started writing with old fashioned typewriters and paper and I love the new features such as this conference,I just want it to last forever, I'm sold on

Thanks Tempie
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