Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Fast Writing/BIAW ROOM

Lets discuss how you use fast writing or Books In A Week with your writing.


Shelia said...

I use it as a motivator to get me to jumpstart a new manuscript. I find once I really start and stop letting distractions get in the way, it doesn't take me long to write the first draft.

Shelia (Badge#16)

angeleque said...

I use my fast draft/BIAW as a way of getting the bare bones of the story done, the first draft.

I can just write and mostly turn off the internal editor/doubtor/naysayer in my mind.

Danielle - 21

LaShaunda said...

I like BIAW they make me write. I like making the goals for the week and actually going over the goals.

It motivates me to write. It also makes you liable to others, who are participating with you. They feel motivated to write too, because everyone is trying to reach their goals for the week.

LaShaunda -OO

Leah Mullen said...

Hi Everybody,

I **was** able to write a lot real fast on a novel, then about a year ago I slowed down to like a page a day.

I can however write a 20 page short story in about two days. I'm not sure why I can't do this with longer fiction (write 10 pages in a day) anymore. Has anyone else out there experienced this?

I have a new novel I'm going to start on 11/1/05 so I'll try to write 5 pages a day and see what happens.

Leah Mullen (badge 25)

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the NaNoMoWri challenge (50 K novel in a month). I'm hoping it will inspire me to keep writing, even though the holidays and personal crises seem to flood me this time of the year!

Cindy #19

Unknown said...

I've attempted Fast Draft twice - got a lot of writing done, but not a completion.

I've done the WriMo program 3 times and been successful every time. I think it's the longer deadline, and the support I received at www.nanowrimo.org and www.nanopubye.org

For those looking for romance specific support during NaNo 05 check out the Romance Diva's forum - we have a NaNo room - and the Write Stuff community of eHarlequin. I'm hosting a NaNo forum there.

Fast drafting does work - my NaNo 04 will be released my Mills & Boon Modern Extra Sensual in May 2004. Just One Spark

Jenna - Agent 08

Shelia said...

Leah, I usually try to give myself a "Chapter" goal instead of page count. My goal is to write at least 20 pages a day, but that doesn't always happen, but if I write at least one to two chapters a day, I'm doing good.

Shelia said...


I will try those and see what happens. I've done the BIW and got so much writing done.

Shelia (Badge#16)

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