Thursday, October 27, 2005

PANEL: I got the call now what?


YOUR PANEL TODAY IS: Shirley Hailstock, Sophfronia Scott, Lyn Cote

Have you ever wondered what happens after you receive the call you've been waiting for?

Learn what you need to do after you receive The CALL.

Post your questions in the comments section.

Please read the previous comments before you post, so we don’t have duplicate questions.

Please address your questions to a panel member or all panel members.


Unknown said...

I got the call (email :) ) in September. Now what? My book is in copyedits and I've passed another full mss to the editor. Built a website and started a new story targeting the line.

1. How many ideas can I throw at an editor at once?

2. What do I present to an editor as an idea? full mss? short syno & 3 chapters? blurb and first chapter?

3. What about tax issues? Is there something I should be doing to get ready for the write offs?

Jenna (agent 08)

Shelia said...

Question to all: What if you have several publishers all of a sudden interested in ONE manuscript? How do you decide which is the best publisher for that manuscript?

Shelia (Badge#16)

Shirley Hailstock said...


You have been busy if you got the call just last month. Good for you. To answer your questions, having a good relationship with your editor is key.

Discuss your ideas with her/him and see which ones she would like you to develop. You seems like a person who works fast. Editors may not work that fast. Ask your editor how many ideas you should present. I would think one or two is enough. If you send in too many, decision making is hard and you have the feeling that they rejected the other ideas when this is not the case.

What you present to your editor depends on your contract or your relationship with her. If the contract specifies synopsis and three chaptes, then that is what you present, but you can talk to your editor and give her several verbal ideas that you will develop based on your conversation. She probably wants only one at a time.

For tax issues, save all your receipts and keep them in order for an accountant or whomever will do your taxes. You can deduct all expenses related to your writing, conferences, contests entry fees, books, CD's, movie rentals, clothes and hair care for public appearances, your wwebsite expenses, etc. If you have an accountant, talk to him/her about what they need so you pay the least amount of legal taxes.

Your last question really needs an agent. If you don't have an agent, get one. Have the agent handle the several publishers interested in one manuscript. This is a great place to be and a scary place to be. You don't want to alienate anyone for future submissions. The agent will do the deliciate work of finding the best deal and getting you away from the other publishers with the least amount of damage.

If you don't have an agent, call one and explain your situation. Be sure to call an agent you WANT to work with. And let them handle the situation.

Shirley Hailstock #82

Shelia said...

Thanks Shirley.

Shelia (#16)

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