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1 Star - POOR

1 ½ Star - FAIR

2 Stars - OK

2 ½ Stars - GOOD

3 Stars - VERY GOOD

31/2 Stars- GREAT


41/2 Stars - EXCEPTIONAL

5 Stars – SUPREME


Goodbye Heartache
Doris Johnson

Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing Co.
ISBN: 0-7582-0900-2
Published: February, 2006

Contemporary romance
Rate: 4-1/2 stars – EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewer: Connie Quarles

I love a book that has both romance and suspense and “Goodbye Heartache” is just that type of book. Kudos to Doris Johnson on a sensational book which offers romance, suspense, pain, and family healing.

Ava Millington is a history professor who lives a quiet, sedate life at the end of a deserted street until the mysterious black SUV appears in the vacant house next door.

Cole Dumont has been running from his past all his adult life. But an injury forces him to reevaluate his career and his life. He returns to his childhood home to face the ghosts of his past.
Can two people face their past without losing something very special between them? What other secrets do their friends hold that can jeopardize their relationship? Will they face their demons or run. These questions can be answered when you pick up “Goodbye Heartache” and read it for yourself.

White Christmas
Marilyn Lee

Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1-4199-0483-3
Publish Date: December 2005

Interracial Erotica
Reviewer: Kaia Alderson

Seven years ago, Mark McCall promised Taylor Danford a very special “white” Christmas. That promise and a string of others fell to the wayside when Taylor’s rival announced she was carrying Mark’s baby and won the ultimate prize of wearing Mark’s ring on her finger. Now, Mark is divorced and Taylor is determined to re-claim the white Christmas “gift” that she had been denied all those years ago.

In this novella, Marilyn Lee continues to build on her reputation for writing the hottest erotic sex scenes. Along with her vivid “blow-by-blow” action sequences, she does a wonderful job of physically describing the small town to which Taylor returns. However, the sex is what made the story for me. I had to turn off the central heating despite the cold outside. But, I found her description of Taylor’s physical “attributes” rather limited and repetitive.

If you’re looking for a short, hot read to enjoy with your honey, this is the one for you.

The Flip Side of Money
Earl Sewell

BET Books/Sepia
ISBN: 1-58314-640-7
Month Published: November 2005

Mainstream Fiction
Rating: 4 Stars - EXCELLENT
Reviewed By: Shelia M. Goss

Earl Sewell is back with another page-turner: The Flip Side of Money. He cleverly uses the premises two’s company, three’s a crowd with the unforgettable characters Tabetha Murphy, Gilbert, and Marlon.

Tabetha’s love life was on a roller coaster ride until she met Gilbert. Gilbert showed her unconditional love and provided her with a stable home environment. He became a father figure to her son. All of that is jeopardized when a blast from her past comes back into the picture, Marlon. Marlon is the father of Tabetha’s son and bomb rushes his way back into Tabetha’s life. Their son uses his relationship with his father to get between Gilbert and Tabetha. Instead of Tabetha stepping in and communicating with her son about his new attitude towards Gilbert, she allows her son to continue disrespecting Gilbert.

Marlon purposely sets out to cause friction between Tabetha and Gilbert. Tabetha gets swept up in the “what ifs” and it leads to more problems in her now rocky relationship with Gilbert. On the surface, Marlon appears to be a changed man. He now spends quality time with his son and sets out on a course to win Tabetha’s trust and heart. During Tabetha’s confused state of mind, her and Marlon draw closer while things get worse between her and Gilbert.

Will Tabetha allow a man from her past destroy her future with Gilbert?

Mr. Sewell does a wonderful job of showing how one decision can affect multiple lives in the Flip Side of Money. I found myself engrossed in the story from the beginning.

Carmen Green

Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-0865-0
Published: October, 2005

Contemporary Romance
Rate: 4-1/2 stars – EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewer: Connie Quarles

I love reading about the Crawford Family. They are quite an interesting bunch of folks and whenever I read one of Carmen Green’s stories about one of them, I want to go back and re-read the couple I have and the ones I missed. “Flirt” is no exception.

Sydney Morris has spent her entire life pleasing her father even when that meant giving up the chance to know her mother.

But Merry Morris is determined to let Sydney know that she loves her and leaving a sex toy store for her in her will seems to be the perfect solution. But can shy and backward Sydney Morris be able to step outside of her comfort zone to become the owner of a sex toy store? Not if her father has anything to do with it and not her neighbor has any say in it either!

Drew Crawford has worked hard to prepare for the opening of his restaurant. He was told that the owner of the sex toy store had died and it would not be reopened. But to his dismay he finds the pretty stranger the new owner of the store. After one of his relatives observes the friction between the two he declares her to be Drew’s future wife. But all Drew wants his to make her shut down. Will he stoop to use their attraction to each other as a means to get her to do what he wants? This story stands on it own. But if you are wondering about the rest of the brood, don’t worry, you will see them helping Drew with the restaurant and his love life.

The Last Temptation
Gerald K. Malcom

Q-Boro Books
ISBN: 0-9753066-8-5
Published: August 2005

Rating: 4 Stars - EXCELLENT
Reviewed By: Shelia Marie

The Last Temptation is the debut novel by Gerald K. Malcom. The book focuses on the relationship of Traci Johnson and Jordan Styles.

Jordan is successful and doesn’t mind spoiling his woman. Although he feels that Traci is the woman he wants to commit to, he still finds himself in close encounters with other women. He puts himself into several situations that cause Traci not to trust him. His pride gets in the way and he allows her to think the worse. Will he be able to convince Traci that all is not what it seems?

Traci questions Jordan’s commitment to her. Her insecurities results in bad decisions. She finds herself torn between her love for Jordan and her love for an ex-boyfriend, Solomon Jackson. When Jordan finds out about Solomon, Traci attempts to reassure Jordan of her love and devotion are unsuccessful.

Solomon is determined to have Traci “any means necessary.” He feels that his money is enough to win Traci’s allegiance and heart. Traci is tempted by her past feelings for Solomon.

Jordan’s secretary, Deanna, uses the downward spiral of his relationship with Traci to get closer to him. With all of the problems him and Traci are having, Jordan is tempted to pursue a sexual relationship with Deanna.

Will Traci and Jordan be able to fight these last temptations to be with one another?

The plot held my attention and I was able to finish the book within a few days. The Last Temptation is urban fiction with a romantic twist.

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