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FEATURED AUTHOR - Stacy Hawkins Adams

SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the

Stacy Hawkins Adams:
I write Christian fiction, inspirational columns and stories to entertain readers but also to feed their souls. While my work isn't preachy, it's designed to help readers consider where they are in their personal journeys of faith and where they'd like to be. I'm now a full-time author and speaker. Until taking that leap of faith in early 2006, I worked as a newspaper reporter for 13 years, covering social issues and writing a column on spirituality for the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia. Along with my faith and my gift for writing, my other passion in life is my family. My husband and I have two young children.

I regularly blog for and work with a national nonprofit organization to help promote youth literacy in at-risk communities.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

"Nothing But the Right Thing" is the sequel to my debut novel "Speak To My Heart." It resumes the stories of Erika, Serena and Micah, a few years after they've experienced major life changes. Erika finds herself coming to grips with a violent marriage; Serena longs to have a baby; and Micah, a minister, struggles with church politics. In their own time and in their own ways, they realize that when they turn their lives over to the "one true thing" - God - everything else will fall into place.

SORMAG: What aspect of God do you most hope readers will take away after
reading your book?

I hope that readers will finish the book with the understanding that God loves us just like any other father loves his children. He wants what's best for us, He doesn't always give us what we want when we think we need it, and no matter how angry we become, He's remains nearby, reminding us of His abiding love.

SORMAG: Tell us about your publishing experience?

I was blessed to be contacted by an editor for Revell Books in early 2003 who wanted me to help a friend of mine complete a book proposal. During our discussions about that project, he asked me to send him some of my work. About four months later, he called and said they were interested in publishing the book.

When my first novel was released in October 2004, I had the honor of being the first African American novelist published by the company. The editors and marketing team have been great about soliciting my feedback and opinions during the publishing process. I don't get everything on my wish list, but they do a good job of working with me to reach the target readership for my book and introducing my work to a broader audience.

SORMAG: How do you feel about critique groups?

I don't participate in such a group at the moment, but I think they can be helpful as writers work to hone their skills and improve a book or poems. The
feedback can help you view your scenes, plots or characters from a perspective
you hadn't considered.

SORMAG: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would

That it is HARD WORK! :) It takes discipline and focus and often requires a sacrifice of leisure time to meet deadlines and to finish the book.

SORMAG: Do you have any promotional tips for writers?

My advice is to write the best book you can, a book that you are so passionate about that you don't mind telling others they need to buy it to be blessed. Once you've mastered that, it's easier to be successful at the tried-and-true promotion efforts - book signings, blogs, writing freelance articles and securing as much media coverage as you can. Once you've done all of that and the book is compelling, word of mouth will help you succeed.

SORMAG: What is a favorite book from your childhood?

What a great (but hard!) question. I loved "Heidi" for some reason when I was in elementary school. As I grew older, I fell in love with Judy Blume's books and all of Maya Angelou's works.

SORMAG: What was the last book to keep you up at night reading it?

That would have been J. California Cooper's "Some People, Some Other
Place." I love the symbolism she weaves into simple stories about characters with complex lives.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I love to hear from readers. They can contact me at, or P.O. Box
25985 Richmond, VA 23260.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy, i just read the excerpt to Nothing But The Right Thing and it sounds very interesting. In fact I visited your website and read about Speak To My Heart also. They both sound like good books that I look forward to reading.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

Congrats on your publishing success Stacy!

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