Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's Happening at SORMAG in April

The book is done, but you don’t feel it’s ready to submit. You need a little help to make it an even better book. Critique Groups just might be what you’re looking for, someone to look over your manuscript and give you some constructive criticism.

How can you find these groups? You can search the literary section of your local newspaper, they usually feature a listing of writer’s groups in your area. Or try online. Depending on your genre, you should be able to find an online group.

This month I’ve found a few online links to help you in finding the right critique group for you. If you’re in a critique group, tell us what you like about it and offer your suggestions to those looking for one. If you’re a group in need of new members, let us know.


April is one of my favorite months, the flowers are blooming, Easter is around the corner and you have the perfect excuse for eating chocolate. Enjoy the beginning of spring and stop by each week to see what’s happening with SORMAG.


Sabra Robinson
Tempie D. King
Stacy Hawkins Adams
Michelle Monkou

If this is your first visit to SORMAG, we welcome you and invite you to come again. Enjoy your time here and tell us what you think. We always welcome comments.

Thank you for your continued support.

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M Monkou said...

Hi Everyone

Glad to be here. I wanted to share my two cents on the subject of critiques.

I feel the process of finding a good critique group or partner is similar to finding a good friend. You can create all the checklists of a perfect match, but a lot of it still depends on that gut feeling.

I have had several critique groups where I participated. In the beginning of my writing career when I didn't have much confidence, I handed the group control over my creativity. I ended up revising the work for each person who gave an opinion.

The other group also didn't work for me because we were at different stages of our writing experience. I had moved on from treating this craft as a hobby to serious writer, then to published writer with set deadlines. In some cases, I was the only one producing, making the relationship a bit one-sided.

Now I have author buddies who help me with plotting and critiques on specific scenes rather than entire manuscripts.

Still many writers have very successfuly, close-knit critique groups that have woven into friendships.

My main advice to folks is to find people whom you can respect and trust and they can reciprocate. After all, your creativity is a special gift that you must protect and nurture. Let your instincts guide you.


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