Monday, June 26, 2006

EXCERPT: Silent Wager


"Unexpected twists add excitement, danger, and shock -- elements of a true winner." Romantic Times magazine --4 ½ starred review

From the banks of Houston's Buffalo Bayou, to the blue waters of Hawaii, to the flashy, sexy world of Hollywood, SILENT WAGER is the story of one feisty woman's struggle to uncover a deadly truth, keep what is rightfully hers, and recapture the trust of her wayward daughter.

Sexy -- Risky -- Compelling to the end -- SILENT WAGER, captures the passion, danger, and emotional turmoil of a contemporary family in crisis. (Dafina Books/ )

Excerpt from SILENT WAGER

Ten years ago. The woman's sweet voice on the phone. Max's shameful admission that he had indulged in a one-night stand with an old college flame. The shock of his confession. The devastation that followed. Camille could still see Max's tear-stained face and frightened eyes, when she told him she was leaving. And what had hurt most was the dark shadow of Jaiden's face at her bedroom window as she watched her mother drive away. The image haunted Camille to this day, and she still felt a shiver of guilt whenever she thought of how selfish she had been during that painful time.

She had never told Jaiden the truth: that her father had committed adultery and that was why Camille walked out. Why burden her daughter with adult problems, Camille had thought, regretting having left Jaiden behind when she walked out on Max.

Camille had fled to her sister, Rochelle's house, only to be reminded that she had never been one to give up on anything and her commitment to her marriage had to take precedence over pride. Remember what their mother, Annie Ivors, had done? Rochelle prodded. Remember the sacrifice that Annie had made by taking Rochelle into her home to accept her as a daughter, knowing that the infant was her husband's illegitimate child? That ought to serve as an inspiration for Camille to try harder to patch things up at home. Annie had set aside her pride in order to give Rochelle a home, a loving mother, a sister, and a sense of belonging that she never would have found in a series of foster homes. If Annie Ivors could forgive an errant husband in order to hold her family together, so could Camille.

Camille's thoughts spun out in an uncertain path. What if Max did not get the loan? What if the bank foreclosed on Vendora? They could plunge into that frightening downward spiral that often led to bankruptcy. What about their custom built home, their cabin at the lake, and how could they send Jaiden to an Ivy League university? How would they manage? Their mortgage was a killer, and her salary and commissions from the travel agency were barely enough to support the family's current lifestyle. Holding her breath to keep from crying aloud, Camille squeezed her eyes tightly closed. A tear slipped out. She had once vowed never to allow Max to make her cry again, and she had managed to keep that promise for ten long years. She was not about to break down tonight.


Stuff Happens! Event Planning said...

This sounds like a very juicy novel. I love your works, and look forward to reading this one.

Renee Williams
Huntsville, Texas

KimW said...

Waving "hi" to you, Anita. Love the excerpt! Makes me want to read more.

What is your favorite scene in Silent Wager?

What is the most interesting thing you have learned while doing research for your book?

ReadinDiva said...

The excerpt was just enough to make me want to get the book. It is definitely on my shopping list!
It sounds like it is going to be a good read. Is this book a sequel or will there be a sequel?

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