Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot Summer Reads

What are you reading this summer?

Tell us for a chance to win a new book for your summer reading list.

Authors this is your chance to plug your book.

Tell us why we should add your book to our summer reading list.

Check back each Wednesday for a new book to win.

This week’s book to win

Diva Diaries by Janine A. Morris

Janine A. Morris bursts onto the fiction scene with a page-turning novel featuring three smart, sexy African American divas: Dakota, Chrasey, and Jordan. Best friends since college, these thirty-something native New Yorkers have seen it all—or so they think. Because as they’re discovering, their wild school days have nothing on the dramas of adulthood… Do the thrills of youth have to end after a certain age? With her thirty-first birthday around the corner, Dakota doesn’t think so. She’s a successful marketing executive who still believes in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Tyreek, her on-and-off man, is successful in his own right, making his money in the music industry. The idea of settling down has come up once or twice between them, but Dakota isn’t sure Tyreek is quite ready for that—although she’s beginning to think that she finally is. The challenge will be getting her lifestyle to line up with her dreams…

Chrasey has been happily married to Keith for nine years. They have two children and a house in Queens, but lately Chrasey senses problems. Keith’s not himself, and she’s feeling neglected. Chrasey is a firm believer in upholding her wedding vows, but after months of temptation from a handsome younger man, she finds herself becoming something she never thought she’d be: married and unfaithful. As much as Chrasey wants her old life back, some messes are easier to get into than out of... Jordan, the most sensible of the trio, has adopted the mother role, although even good girls have their demons. Jordan lives with her husband and son on Long Island and has worked hard for her success as a lawyer. But with a husband who didn’t sign up for glitz and glamour, Jordan has to walk a fine line to balance her personal and professional lives…a line that’s blurred when she begins spending too much time with a male colleague. Ultimately, Jordan must decide what her priorities are—but the wrong choice could cost more than she wants to pay. From the sweet to the bittersweet, life’s dramas will play out one way or another. And one way or another, the secrets these women share will strengthen the bonds of sisterhood that help them survive it all…

Doesn't that sound like a hot book to read this summer? You could be the lucky winner.

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LaShaunda said...

I'll be the first to tell you what I'm reading this summer. I have two books I'm enjoying.

Winds of the Storm by Beverly Jenkins

Best Kept Secrets by Rochelle Alers

Both of these books are hot and keeping me up at night.


Anonymous said...

Right now I'm reading "Baby Brother's Blues" by Pearl Cleage, an amazing author who writes rich, earthy stories set right here in my hometown, Atlanta, GA.

Stuff Happens! Event Planning said...

I just finished reading A Sin and A Shame by Victoria Christopher Murray and that was a great book! I'm now reading Other Men's Wives by Freddie Lee Johnson III, and can't wait to finish it. Juicy and drama filled! Both books get 4/4.5 stars from me.

Renee Williams

Anonymous said...

woo hoo thanks for the contest!

linda bass

Sylvia Hubbard said...

I'LL be using the summer to catch up on all my Johanna Lindsey and Beverly Jenkins Novels. I've just started gettting Anne Perry Novels as well and then I know I have to do my Erica Martin Novel 2nd Time Shame on Me and I've been meaning to sit down and read the Painted Picture by Sheila P Miller.

All the while I'll be getting ready to push my I/R novel out called Tanner's Devil at the end of this year, while promoting my novel, Mistaken Identity.

Sylvia Hubbard

Shelia said...

I just finished reading NoWhere is a Place by Bernice McFadden (very good was a mixture of the present mixed with the past) and Chocolate Kisses an anthology with Francis Ray and 2 other authors. (It took me only a day to read it...some of the stories I wish were On my TBR list is Faking It by Angel Hunter...What Goes Around by Parry Brown (which is supposed to be a sequel to another book of hers I read), With this Ring by Sean D Young and

ReadinDiva said...

I have already been doing a lot of reading. A few of my favorites, that I will most likely read again are,Truth or Dare by Delilah Dawson, That Summer at American Beach by Janice Sims,
Hidden Sins by Selena Montgomery Obsession 101 by Michelle McGriff ( which I won from sormag)
Solid Soul by Brenda Jackson and Never too Late a shortstory also
by Brenda Jackson
A Time to Keep by Rochelle Alers and Through the Fire by Seressia Glass. I am getting ready to read Winds of the Storm by Beverly Jenkins. This blog along with Romance in Color keeps me up on all the good books out there. Thanks Lashaunda.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of reading some books for review... As soon as I get them out of the way, I plan on whittling down that big pile of books on my shelf in the TBR stack!

Waving from the Heart by Ann Clay stand out... :)

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Someone said win free books. Then I'm Johnny on the spot....I sure would love to read Diva Diaries by Janine A. Morris after reading the synopsis posted....

I'm working through my TBR pile. I just finished When Souls Mate by Joylynn Jossel and this was a good read. It has characters you love to hate and characters you hate to love....

Love & Peace,

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Ooo free book I would love to win this book. It sounds really good and the cover looks great.

I just finished reading Liquid Dreams By: Cathryn Fox (Loved It)

I am now reading My Favorite Mistake By: Beth Kendrick
GoodLuck everyone


Anonymous said...

I currently have a ton of books to finish for the summer. I just finished If Only You Knew by Gwyneth Bolton, and I am currently reading the lastest by Rochelle Alers, A Time to Love

Anonymous said...

yeah baby i love contests! thanks for having it!

linda bass

PatriciaW said...

Just blew through the Ballantyne Trilogy by Kimberly White (Only In My Dreams, To Love a Ballantyne, and Ballantyne's Destiny. Kept me up way past my bedtime and as soon as I finished one, I had to dive right into the next.

Patricia W

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I have been reading like crazy trying to trim down my to-be-read pile. I read Sharon Cullar's Again and loved it. And I also read Joy King's Dirty Little Secrets and Mia Edwards' Ghetto Princess. Both were nice. I'd been saving L.A. Banks' The Damned as a treat for when I finish my writing deadlines and what a treat it was. All I can say is, WOW. And I'm glad I waited to read it because now I don't have too long to wait for the next installment in July. For readers looking for a sensuous and emotional love story, check out my July release, If Only You Knew. It's one of the Kimani Romance launch books.

Gwyneth Bolton

Unknown said...

After Hours by Jodi Lynn Copeland

D.S. White said...

Janet come lately here. I would love to win that book and also suggest my book, Age is Just a Number, as a hot summer read:

It is two books in one:

Book One is the introduction to the internet, the blogosphere and the world of online dating.

Book two is the first installment of the serial memoir: Age is Just a Number, Adventures in Online Dating.


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