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SORMAG: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Kathy J Marsh:
Kathy J Marsh, the person, was born and grew up in Wilmington, NC. I attended several NC universities and graduated from Johnson C Smith University in Charlotte, where I now live.

Kathy J Marsh, the writer, was born only four years ago, and I’m still growing. I came into being because a friend convinced me—by convinced, I mean harassed me to a deathlike state—I should write because I have a good sense of story, quite the imagination, and a serious love affair with words. I laughed (English Comp and I had hated one another during every phase of school) and she yapped, and yapped, and yapped until, fed up, I fictionalized a personal airplane mishap. To my chagrin and her most vocal gloating, I discovered I loved writing.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

My current book, The Aura of Love, is a paranormal romantic suspense that tells of a woman so powerfully attracted to a man it threatens to destroy everything vital to her, including her fashion design business. While Remy is fighting her attraction to Jace, someone unknown is revealing everything about her community, especially the secrets they want kept. But the secrets are out, and when the couple discovers the traitor is someone they know, they feel compelled to take action. Do their actions succeed, and do they bring the two closer or rip them apart?

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

The most important thing I’d like my readers to take away from my book is racism and prejudice cause harm, even where none is intended. Secondly, I think it’s important to consider others’ opinions, but keep them in perspective; don’t let those opinions immobilize you.

SORMAG: Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

No, that’s never been a problem for me. My characters, though alive and lively when I interact with them, become past friends when my stories are complete.

SORMAG: What do you feel is the key to writing convincing characters?

It’s important, I think, to layer characters. They have to have several character traits, and they have to be true to those traits throughout the story. If the character changes, and sometimes that’s necessary to the story, there has to be a viable reason. It’s necessary for the reader to see the characters’ actions in various situations, and to see them in various roles.

SORMAG: What makes your writing style unique?

I try to make everything fresh and lively and to infuse every page with issues people relate to and understand. If readers are nodding and uttering “um-huhs,” I’ve succeeded. In addition, I banish long, descriptive passages to keep the characters and events in high gear, and I’ve been told my sense of humor keeps the reader cackling.

SORMAG: What are you doing to promote your book?

I’m doing book signings, radio interviews, promoting to book clubs, promoting my website, interacting with online readers and writing groups, and sending books out for reviews. By the way, I’m getting some great reviews!

SORMAG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I think the most surprising thing was that I actually love writing. And not only the writing, I love creating the characters, outlining the plot, deciding on the theme; I love it all and that was truly surprising (because of the English Comp thing).

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Well, I’m single and my son is grown, so once I leave work, it’s all about me.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I’d love for readers to contact me. Give me tons of feedback, good and bad; it’ll help make my next book better.

Mail: PO Box 7874

Charlotte, NC 28241-7874




LaShaunda said...


Thanks so much for this interview. I read your excerpt and it really intrigued me. I was wondering how you came up with this idea?

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Great Interview and excerpt, Kathy! I love paranormal novels so I'm gonna have to check this one out. Can't wait to read it.

All the best,


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