Monday, December 10, 2007

AUTHOR INTRO: Francine Craft

Francine Craft is the pen name of Washington, D.C. based writer who has enjoyed writing for many years. A native Mississippian, Francine has lived in New Orleans and found it to be one of the most fascinating places imaginable.

A veteran of many interesting careers, Francine has been a research assistant for a large psychiatric organization, an elementary school teacher, a business school instructor and a federal government legal secretary.

She is constantly on the bestseller list for's multicultural romance writers and receives rave reviews from reviewers and readers. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America.

Ms. Craft's hobbies are prodigious reading, photography, and songwriting. She deeply enjoys time spent with friends.


How can I forget our past?...

Theda Coles wondered as Hunter 'Brave Wolf' Davis once again grabbed hold of her heart and refused to let go. Hunter was back in town and back in her life. And the fire that had seared both their hearts a decade ago flared hotter than ever. Theda now struggled to uphold her daytime reputation as a small-town high school principal, even as she secretly reveled in the passionate loving only Hunter could give her at night. Each time they were together, Theda vowed it would be their last. But she couldn't stop seeing him. Even though their relationship meant risking her career…

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THANK YOU for this wonderful promotion and coverage of Francine Craft this week. SORMag is such a wonderful resource for all writers!


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