Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wish List Room

We all have a wishlist full of books, but we can always use more to add to it.

Here's the place to tell us all about your book, so we can add it to our list.

Give us the title, author and a short blurb.

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Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

My newest is for emerging women entitled...IS NO NOT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR Angelia Vernon Menchan

Sixteen year old Malaaka Green is a sassy, spiritual, fun-loving sixteen year old who knows that saying no to things she does not wish to do is saying yes to herself and her future...proving that dancing to your own drummer is beautiful thing...


Carol said...

I have one book out, PRIVY TO MURDER. One woman, one ghost, two murders--murder, magic and mayhem in Love, Texas.

FAIRY DUST will be released by in January '08. A fairy with fairy dust issues, an elf and a pissed off pixie, save the world and find love. Thans for having me at your party.
Carol Shenold

Carole McDonnell said...

My name is Carole McDonnell and my book WIND FOLLOWER is a christian multicultural fantasy. It's a Romance, a spiritual quest, a vendetta. Fantasy for those who like stories with ethnic or African characters and for those who don't mind a little spirituality with their romances and fantasy.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I read and reviewed WINDFOLLOWER, it's wonderful...


Unknown said...

Season's greetings to all:

Hot off the presses is my heartwarming, ultra romantic holiday love story, CHRISTMAS HEAT (Kimani Romance, December 2007).

Audrey Lamour was a successful artist and devoted mother, forever indebted to the heroic fireman who pulled her from a blaze twenty-five years ago on Christmas Day. She honored him by painting his portrait—never dreaming her picture would become a lifeline to love…

Conrad Pearson was driven to meet the woman whose emotional painting of his father seared his soul, even if it meant returning home to the Pacific Northwest, and painful memories. But Audrey's beauty, grace and unforgettable kiss ignited the kind of sensual fire that made a man glad to be alive. Now he was ready to confront all the ghosts of Christmas past to keep this angel in his arms forever.

Happy Reading!

Devon Vaughn Archer

Ann Christopher said...

Hello, friends!

In my next novel, SWEETER THAN REVENGE (Harlequin/Kimani Press 01/08), self-made millionaire David Hunt returns to town to exact revenge on Maria Johnson, the pretty princess who broke his heart four years ago, but he doesn’t count on falling for her again, or on discovering that forgiveness is sweeter than revenge…

Hope you'll pick it up next month!

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season--


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm Desiree Day author of ONE G-STRING SHORT OF CRAZY.

Felicia and Aisha Goodman need separate places. Aisha can’t settle on any one man, and night after night of loud hot sex in the room next door is driving Felicia crazy. But neither can imagine life without the other.

The solution: 1920 Peachtree, owned by their good friend Tarik. The twins can each have an apartment, yet still work together on the accounting firm they own. But for two crazy sistahs like Felicia and Aisha, life is never simple. Aisha’s eyeing Derrick upstairs, even after his pregnant ex-girlfriend from Chicago turns up. Felicia is having a secret affair that will shock even her sex-crazed sister and her life
takes even a crazier turn when she falls in love with her best friend.

And they’re both beginning to wonder if the business they started was the right choice.

It’s a bumpy ride, but the twins are set to prove that determined
women truly can have it all—careers, maybe marriage, and certainly lots of good hot sex.

ONE G-STRING SHORT OF CRAZY is currently in stores.

To read an excerpt go to or

Happy holidays to everybody.

Caridad Pineiro said...

My latest is HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE, a paranormal anthology with my friend and fellow author Maureen Child.

I know that Christmas and vampires are an unlikely combo, but I really love how the two came together to create an inspiriing holiday romance.

Here's some of the reviews:

Cataromance, 5 stars: “Caridad Pineiro breaths life into her engaging characters with sharp wit and an original story filled with creativity. . . Ms. Pineiro has created another memorable vampire story to stir the imagination of her readers. “Fate Calls” is a magical Christmas story with spirited characters and an enjoyable holiday romance.”

Library Journal: "A vampire from fourth-century Rome is annoyed by a bell-ringing "Santa" and then captivated by the sexy lawyer she turns out to be in PiƱeiro's slightly edgy, bondage-tinged Fate Calls. Spicy, violent, and passionate, these stories resolve the human-vampire conflict in different ways. While the tales may not be everyone's holiday mug of cider, more adventurous readers might find the offbeat, darker aspects both atypical and refreshing."

For more information, drop by either or

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Happy Holidays, everyone! My 2008 releases will be out later in the year: Protect and Serve , July 2008, Kimani Romance and Make it Hot , September 2008, Kimani Romance. They are the first two novels in my new series: Hightower Honors, four brothers on a mission to protect, serve and love. They are two cops and two firemen and they will be hot.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, these sound great! I already have Caridad and Maureen's book, got it as a present to me gift. Just in case Santa didn't get the clue (LOL).

But I am adding the rest to my "To Be Bought and Read" list.

May you all be blessed with joy and happiness, as well as great success this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year.


Unknown said...

Season's greetings!

Apart from my current Kimani Romance red hot release, CHRISTMAS HEAT, stay tuned for my next Kimani Romance coming in June 2008, DESTINED TO MEET.

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect...

Set in the picturesque town of Lake Berri, Colorado, children's book author and young widow Courtney Hudson and hunky police detective Lloyd Vance from Alaska are the heroine and hero of this love story

After a night of steamy passion is marred by a hit and run tragedy, Courtney and Lloyd must deal with loss while finding their way back to each other.

The journey is less than a smooth ride as a criminal investigation and trust issues threaten to ruin the strides made and what seems to be Courtney and Lloyd's destiny of a lifetime together in love.

But can anything truly stand in the way of two people who are meant to be together?

The inspiration for this novel was a desire to create a unique, compelling romance about two people who meet and fall in love against all odds and obstacles.

If you believe some things are simply destiny at work, then you will find this novel a heartwarming love story that stays with you well after reading the final page.

Have a great holiday and a healthy, prosperous New Year!

Devon Vaughn Archer

LaShaunda said...

On top of my wish list is for more money so I can buy all these books and for more time so I can read them.

Thanks for the posts.

Ms. B said...

Hey everybody. Beverly Jenkins here. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. My newest release of romantic suspense: Deadly/Sexy is in stores now. My wish for the new year is that all the new writers get a chance to shine. Please help make my wish come true and buy a book from an author you're not familiar with. They need our support. Peace. B

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
My name is Linda A. Haywood and my new book is titled, "Does God Really Hear Me When I Cry? A Life Transformed."

My book details my struggles and triumph over alcohol and drug addiction, toxic relationships and severe mental illness.

Anyone interested in my book may contact me at

Be Blessed,

Farrah Rochon said...

Oh, goodness. Way too many books are being added to my wish list. Is there any way I can wish for more reading time!

Copies of my debut novel, DELIVER ME (March 2007), are still available everywhere. In June, 2008, the second book in the series, RELEASE ME, will be in stores! The best way I can describe it is American Idol meets the Sanaa Lathan/Omar Epps movie, Love and Basketball.

Check out the hot, hot, HOT cover at my website,

Here's the blurb:

When NBA hopeful Tobias Holmes was injured in a car accident, he had to find a new passion. After a couple of false starts, Toby is making a name for himself in the music industry where he gives raw talent a star turn. When his most promising client is chosen to be on a reality TV show, Toby knows exactly where to turn for help.

Sienna Culpepper has spent years convincing herself that Toby will never be able to see her as a woman instead of a childhood friend, and working with him to bring success to his new star has all of those carefully buried feelings starting to surface. It seems almost too good to be true when Toby starts responding to the heat simmering between them. But can Sienna trust his heart to follow where his desire leads?

Happy reading, all!

-Farrah Rochon

bettye griffin said...

Hi, all!

So many great reads . . . so little time. Beverly, I absolutely love the cover of Deadly/Sexy. Farrah, I have Deliver Me but haven't had much time for reading.

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out my two 2007 releases: the contemporary romance A Love for All Seasons and the mainstream novel If These Walls Could Talk.

Coming April 29, 2008, is my next mainstream, Once Upon A Project. Here's the blurb:

Elyse, Susan, and Grace couldn't be happier when their friend Pat organizes a reunion for past residents of the Chicago housing project where they all grew up. It is, after all, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its opening, and like their long-ago home, the lifelong friends are also turning fifty. But none of them suspects the event will have life-altering changes . . .

ELYSE plans to attend with her husband, but as usual lately, he bows out, pleading fatigue. He's thirteen years her senior, and Elyse fears he's slowing down. But does that mean she has to?

SUSAN also arrives alone. Her marriage is faltering since her diagnosis of breast cancer. But when she runs into a former flame, it feels like time has stood still . . .

Twice divorced, GRACE needs a distraction, and she finds it in Eric. Once a cute kid four years Grace's junior, Eric is now a handsome man whose age doesn't matter - but their differences in financial status might . . . .

And forced by her parents to give up the love of her life after a family tragedy, PAT never again found love. When an old friend from law school sees a media report about the reunion and contacts her, will se at last find the love that's eluded her?

Now it's time for four friends to kick off a new chapter in each of their lives as past memories join with present temptations and future hopes . . . .

These characters will be guest blogging on my blog,, on the first of January, February, March, and April, so do stop by and get a feel for what they're all about.

Blessings of the season to all of you!

Bettye Griffin


Is this you? Confident, you walk without apology for the blessings bestowed upon you. You believe that you are ordained for greatness, but may need a bit of guidance to capture the true vision. You are a firm believer that a reader should not exit a book the way they entered. If so, then whether male or female, Business Unusual should be on your ‘Must Read’ list.

Business Unusual by Linda F. Beed – a novel about obedience, forgiveness and the option of choice.



I look forward to reading your book.



Is this you? Confident, you walk without apology for the blessings bestowed upon you. You believe that you are ordained for greatness, but may need a bit of guidance to capture the true vision. You are a firm believer that a reader should not exit a book the way they entered. If so, then whether male or female, Business Unusual should be on your ‘Must Read’ list.
Business Unusual by Linda F. Beed – a novel about obedience, forgiveness and the option of choice.


LaShaunda said...

Our next door prize winner is
Farrah Rochon. Farrah send me your mailing address for your goody bag.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Paperback Diva said...

Lashaunda, Merry Christmas!
Thank you once more for giving authors and readers a chance to come together.
I'd like to invite readers to sample my two most recent publications. WHO'S THAT LADY? is a contemporary light-hearted romance about friendship that turns to love. Can they have both? Crystal has always been the most practical support for her two flamboyant friends, Key and Shonte Emerson. They are attractive, exciting and welcoming her as part of their family. But now the siblings are having problems of their own. And Crystal has a makeover that is making men take notice! Will her friendship survive passion?

I've also written a fantasy romance with a sexy sizzling rating of Steamy! The anthology is called Merlicious 3. There are six stories by six different authors. My story, "Tails You Win" talkes you to the annual mermaid games, a combination of Fear Factor and the Bachelor. Will beautiful young mermaid Stella choose love or wealth as her prize?

The Paperback Diva said...

Oops! Iforgot to add my contact info. You can find out more at my website or my blog

Lyn Cote said...

Hi Lashaunda! Merry Christmas!
I always enjoy dropping by Sormag. My latest is BLESSED ASSURANCE, three stories in one book of two families--one white and one African-American whose lives become intertwined--from 1871 to 1920. Each generation is challenged by personal and societal and natural "disasters." It's my first book for the new Avon Inspire line and I LOVE THE COVER. Drop by and take a look. It's on my home page.

LaShaunda, thanks for inviting met to this open house. I hope that God will bless you and your family and all who read this over this sacred holiday and the coming year.

Count your blessings!
Lyn Cote

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Have you ever had a Boss From Hell? Not someone who's basically nice except on their off-peak days... we're talking about a Verbal Abuser who can't be sued or fired. Seduced by the heat of a South African summer, would you be tempted to tamper with his tea a little... just a little... ???

"Murder @ Work" by Yvonne Eve Walus is an office who-dunnit, set in South Africa at the end of the apartheid era. Although not a political thriller, it captures the flavour of the socio-political atmosphere. Apartheid in South Africa was not only about race, it was about gender, too. The book shows how people adapted to the new reality of a woman being allowed to walk into a bar or to purchase a house without her husband's permission.

Christine Chamberlain doesn't want much from life: a steady job, a baby, and a Fields Medal. Her
boss, however, wants money and he's willing to do anything to get his way, even if it means getting Christine involved in a project that not only jeopardises her dreams, but also her life.

You can get "Murder @ Work" from amazon in paperback ( or e-format from fictionwise ( Add it to your wishlist!

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

And another one from me for those who prefer it short and electronic: "Small Price to Pay".

When a woman overhears her husband planning a tryst with his lover, it isn't his infidelity that sets her on a course to rediscovery, but a simple comment, not meant for her ears…"She's too vain to have an affair when she's fat." In that moment, she decides to take her life back…no matter what the price!

"Loads of fun, and an absolutely witty take on the meanings of revenge and pleasure. Yvonne turns the conventions upside-down to make a wonderfully entertaining read! " ~Heather S. Ingemar

Damon + Maryam said...

My name is Maryam Diaab and my debut novel, Where I Want To Be, will be in stores January 2, 2008.

When Alexis, a stubborn but beautiful, teacher from Detroit finds out her boyfriend of six months has a wfie, two kids, and a little somethin'-somethin' on the side, her life is turned upside down. Sick and tired of being used and abused, Alexis decides to swear off men forever, until she meets Massai Taylor, forward for the New Orleans Hornets. Massai is fine, funny and everything Alexis would want in a man...if she wanted a man.

visit my blog, to read a page a day, view the book trailer and enter to win an autographed copy and a $15 Amazon gift card.

Unknown said...

Season's greetings to all:

Aside from my contemporary romance novels--CHRISTMAS HEAT (Harlequin/Kimani Romance, December 2007) and DESTINED TO MEET (Harlequin/Kimani Romance, June 2008), I'd also like to mention that I have an upcoming short story romance as part of a collection.

"The Sweet Thought of You" is my soulful love story that will appear in the SOUL LOVE: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION anthology, edited by Niobia Bryant and Kim Louise. It will be published by iUniverse in June 2008.

Have a Happy Holiday and great New Year!!!

Devon Vaughn Archer

Anonymous said...

Hi, Everyone! Happy Holidays!

My next release is January 1st: In Flames, published by Linden Bay Romance. Here's the blurb -
"Lady Sophia Donovan has everything a woman could wish for—a new-found family, the hard-earned respect of her peers in the corporate world, loyal friends, and an exciting lover.

Marco Willis is a spy. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-virile, he’s long been accustomed to bedding women and securing information while between the sheets. But Sophie is unlike any woman he’s ever known. With her open, warm, and loving nature she not only gains Marco’s trust, she captures his heart. But is there more to Lady Donovan than meets the eye?

When a series of terrifying events threatens Sophie’s life, things really begin to heat up. Marco, the man she’s grown to love, is determined to protect her at all costs. How can he hope to win, though, when his opponent is a dead man, and his only weapons are Sophie’s secret past and a bunch of buried memories? In Flames—a scorching hot read that you won’t be able to put down."

The best of the holiday season to you!


Anonymous said...


A local dance contest...a twisted scheme...and a long buried secret. Find out if Mataya Black Hawk and Jarek Thanos have got what it takes to be regulars on the hottest dance show in the Valley of the Sun!

Avail at
Visit YA author Celise Downs at

Anonymous said...

Start your New Year off right with FIRE ANDE DESIRE.

What would you do if you found yourself caught in the revenge you had planned for someone else?

Tiffany Hatcher’s life is hectic but predictable, until the Fireman, Trevor Lewis, shows up and sets her ablaze with passion. An impulsive decision binds her to a man full of lies and secrets. Is love enough to cure a deep-seated revenge from the past? Or will it destroy everything they desire?

Make your purchase at: or
Visit Monique Lamont at

Anonymous said...

THE MARRIAGE CLAUSE is an erotic romance, a marriage of convenience story that just keeps getting hotter by the page.

Business and passion...ooh, what bedfellows!

Chantal has been waiting for years to finally takeover her family’s hotel business. On the day she’s supposed to assume control her aunt drops a bombshell in her lap. She can’t lead the company unless she honors an agreement her deceased father made ten years ago when he signed a merger agreement with his best friend, stipulating she’d marry. Not just any man, but tall, mocha colored Stephan Lexington, soon to be head of his family’s jewelry business. Years ago, Stephan awakened her to passion, stole her heart and has become Mr. International Playboy ever since. Soon after the wedding, he leaves the country believing that her only interest lies in her company. Bound by family honor in a marriage of convenience, Chantal vows to win over her estranged husband and prove to him that the passion that runs in her veins is for him and him alone.

Pick up your copy today: or any online bookstore (Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble)

Find out about other story's by Yvette Hines

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