Friday, February 08, 2008

FEATURED AUTHOR: Valerie Belgrave

Valerie Belgrave lives and works in her native Trinidad and Tobago. In addition to a play, she has written four Romance novels. Ti Marie is a West Indian popular Classic re-edited for this first American Edition. Valerie is also a full-time artist, her art work can be seen on this book cover. Her artist’s eye informs all of her writing making for the striking visual imagery in her novels.



PUBLISHER: iUniverse

ISBN:978 0 595 44042 9

In 1796, the Caribbean is rife with war and tension which threaten to cut deep into the sleepy island of Trinidad where the Santa Clara cocoa estate remains a peaceful haven. When the mixed-race beauty, Eléna (Ti Marie) meets young impetuous aristocrat, Barry Wingate, passion flares into forbidden love. Amid the violence of revolt, torture and conquest, the two must defy the savage times as they challenge slavery and racism on both sides of the war-torn Atlantic.


Unknown said...

Ti Marie is such a wonderful novel. It was so refreshing to read about people of colour being heros and heroines in a real historical romance which features real history and introduces such a wonderful part of the world. the author's humanistic philosophy is also very welcomed. I wish everyone could read this remarkable book. it's fast paced and a real "can't put downer"

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to see this novel being featured on your site. Ti Marie is one novel that really should be made into a movie! It reminds me of Rice's "Feast of all Saints" except here the mixed race heroine didn't have to go into concubinage - she was too well protected - a testimony to the wholesomeness of the novel and the writer's understanding of giving us gals a break for once! but also to the cleverness of the author who found other ways of exploring the horrors of slavery effectively illustrating that even in the very best of circumstances, 18th Century slavery was horrible! Even more than the beautiful Ti Mare and the aristocrat, I loved the black couple, Fist, the freeman and Tessa, the slave girl, whose love story moved me so much...their personalities, their struggles, Fist's power, passion and gentleness; Tessa's...well, you have to go READ the book to find out any more! I won't tell you!

Unknown said...

Indeed, I too am happy to see that your readers have found this novel. And, I agree wholeheartedly with the second comment. This novel should be made into a movie. It's a real gem!

Unknown said...

Ti Marie isa stirring reminder that there is only one race and that there is only one struggle - for the triumph of humanistic values.This is a novel with universal appeal and a must, must read!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

All I want to say is that this novel is not only romance for the ladies. I think anyone can enjoyed the action, the history and the great characters too.

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