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Hello, LaShaunda and other friends and fans of romance fiction:

I am delighted to be the guest blogger this day as part of the MEN IN FICTION discussion.

To be sure, men are a big part of the fiction scene today with some of the hottest names in the business being James Patterson, John Lescroart, Nicholas Sparks, Eric Dickey, David Baldacci , and Carl Weber just to name a few.

I happen to be one of the men making a name for himself as a novelist. I write contemporary romances, mysteries, and mainstream fiction, and having a great time in this fascinating world of fiction.

How did you get started writing fiction?

I actually got started by writing short stories for magazines—including romance, mysteries and sci fi.

From there I became a bestselling nonfiction writer before returning to fiction, my true love. Since childhood I have had an active imagination, which has served me well in writing creative and complex stories with three dimensional characters.

Tell us about your latest book?

It is a contemporary romance under the pseudonym, Devon Vaughn Archer, published by Harlequin/Kimani, entitled, DESTINED TO MEET.

When children’s book author and widow, Courtney Hudson, agrees to go out to a club with her cousin Phoebe, little did she imagine a night of passion with a sexy Alaskan detective, Lloyd Vance.

Only the night is also marked by tragedy when Phoebe is killed by a hit and run driver. Further, Courtney learns that Lloyd dated Phoebe, making Courtney leery as to whether he can be trusted.

As she comes to know Lloyd better, Courtney begins to believe he is the real deal, but with the cloud of Phoebe’s death hanging over their heads, Courtney wants to see justice served first and foremost, and fears that the distraction of romance and passion could impact Lloyd’s ability to do his job.

Lloyd Vance came to Lake Berri to work for the city’s police department and escape his own past marked by child abandonment and unfulfilling relationships.

When he happened upon the gorgeous woman named Courtney at club, he never knew she was the cousin of Phoebe, whom he’d gone out with a couple of times. Phoebe never affected him the way Courtney has.

Now he was investigating Phoebe’s death and searching for the hit and run driver. At the same time, Lloyd is falling in love with Courtney and hoping that a serious relationship doesn’t hinge on his ability to solve the case.

Well-meaning family and friends are only too happy to give advice and/or try to steer them in other directions.

In the end, Courtney and Lloyd discover what it means when early lust gives way to all consuming love and desire to give in to their destiny.

What do you have published as a mystery and mainstream novelist?

My mystery novels include STATE’S EVIDENCE (Dorchester, 2006), JUSTICE SERVED (Dorchester, 2005), and PERSUASIVE EVIDENCE (Dorchester, 2004).

JUSTICE SERVED was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award.

On the mainstream front, I have written a novel titled, THE STREETS OF PARADISE BAY that I am working on placing with a publisher.

How do you managed to move back and forth between various genres?

It’s not difficult at all. Each genre requires only knowing what it is all about in terms of plotting and characterization. Also helps to be an avid reader of all types of fiction, which makes for excellent training ground as a writer.

Which genre do you most enjoy writing?

I honestly can say that I love writing in every genre that I am currently involved in. each brings something different to the table.

If pressed, I would probably lean toward romance fiction as it allows me to tear down stereotypes that men cannot write romance fiction, though it has often been proven otherwise with such well regarded male authored romances as LOVE STORY, BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.

Besides that, as a married man who gives undivided attention to the love of my own life, I am only too happy to pass some of my own romantic vibes onto the characters in my romance novels.

How have your life experiences helped you as a writer?

My experiences in life have helped me as a writer mainly through the maturity process that comes with age; along with observing human nature all around me to draw upon in creating entertaining tales with vibrant, realistic characters.

How do you promote yourself as an author?

I promote myself as a novelist through TV, radio, the Internet, book conferences, conventions, and signings, along with a strong website. In this day and age with so much competition in writing fiction, it is more important than ever to utilize every avenue to build on your brand and increase exposure.

With respect to TV, in February 2008, I appeared on the Biography Channel’s Crime Stories, to talk about serial killers and police procedures.

I have also just taped a TV interview for the Investigation Discovery channel’s new crime series, Wicked Attraction. I discuss the dynamics of killer couples and what makes them tick. The episode will premiere during the Fall 2008 season.

On radio, I recently gave an interview to iRock Talk Radio ( It can be heard online at:

What upcoming books can we expect from you?

I am the editor of a collection of mystery short stories from bestselling, award winning members of the American Crime Writers League, titled, MURDER PAST, MURDER PRESENT. The anthology will be published by Twilight Times Books in the summer of 2009.

I also just signed with Harlequin/Kimani for two new romances, IT HAD TO BE HIM and CHRISTMAS DIAMONDS, to be published in May 2009 and December 2009, respectively.

I am currently working on a procedural mystery, A KILLER IN PARADISE, and a crime thriller, DEATH CRIES.

How can readers learn more about you and your writings?

I am always happy to have readers contact me, join my newsletter, and learn more about my current and upcoming books, signings, and more.

Check me out at these online sites:

Official Website of R. Barri Flowers:

Devon Vaughn Archer’s web page:

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